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8 Different Types of Digital Marketing to Promote Your Business

by Jay | Updated on August 29th, 2019


Promoting a business has never been easier. Sometimes you have to go through tough times to promote your business. Advertising online is much easier compared to the most traditional approaches. But as much it is easier to market your business online does not mean you relax and wait for a miracle to happen. Your effort counts. You need to work equally smart to market your business online to rise above the competition.

8 Different Types of Digital Marketing to Promote Your Business

Nothing comes on a silver platter in marketing. Every single result you want to see, your effort counts. With that in mind, what are the best digital marketing approaches to consider to promote your digital business online? This post has wrapped up some types of digital marketing you may want to consider. Without further ado, let’s quickly go through them. Shall we?

1. Affiliate marketing

This is a business model where you partner with established businesses in your niche and ask them to promote your products. In other words, you are leveraging the customers of other eCommerce entrepreneurs while paying a fraction of profit from each sale they make.

What affiliate marketing does is reducing your marketing workload by outsourcing it to external services providers. By doing this, affiliate marketers handle a considerable workload, especially those tasks related to marketing, and you have the freedom to decide on the terms and rates you pay to the affiliates.

If you come up with an excellent affiliate marketing program for your affiliates, promoting your business should not give you sleepless nights anymore.

2. Content marketing

Without a doubt, content marketing pays off. If you do everything right, you will always have a reason to smile. The idea of using content to promote your business is very simple. You simply have to create and share compelling content your audience can interact with by reading, commenting and sharing.

Showing your expertise through rich content in different fields is yet another excellent way to persuade more and more audience. You can even hire a freelance copywriter if you find it challenging to create engaging content. Luckily today hiring freelance copywriters is not an uphill task.

3. Smartphone marketing (Mobile Marketing)

There are many smartphones user today than before, and the number keeps growing. Tapping into this growing community of smartphone users is a big bonus. Fortunately, there are many ways you and your bonus can leverage opportunities smartphones offer.

First, you can take advantage of text messages. A report by Esendex business communication provider, says text messages had a 94% global average open rate in 2018. This is a good reason why you need to leverage text messaging.

Other options you can bet on is developing an app which your prospects can use to reach you. If you decide to build apps, make sure to get someone good at doing it.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have a digital footprint, you have probably heard about SEO. SEO is all about optimizing the content. You do this by including specific keywords or search terms in every piece you create. The primary reason for doing this to attract noteworthy organic traffic to your website. The other reasons why SEO is a big plus is that it determines your rank on search engines. Ideally, SEO is broad, so feel free to dive deeper if you need more information.

Spicing up your SEO with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) even make your promotion work easier. The best thing with SEM is that it makes it possible to promote a product in search engines and make it appear among paid search results.

5. Social media marketing

Without a doubt, today, businesses cannot make it without leveraging social media platforms. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram present various ways for businesses to promote their services and products. If you position your brand well on social media by creating compelling content and as well as moving further to promote your content, expanding your digital printing and rising above competition becomes a simple task.

Note, you don’t need to leverage all social media to excel in digital marketing. Only make the best use of all channels you find most relevant.

6. Landing Page Marketing

Landing pages have been used widely and for a couple of years now and never disappoint. In simple terms, a landing page is a web page on which visitors first land when they get to your website. Oftentimes, the homepage is used as a landing page. The primary reason for this page is for promotional purpose and commonly used to promote marketing campaigns.

Having a stunning and responsive landing page designed for your website not only play a significant role in digital marketing but also in conversion.

7. Email marketing

This is probably one of the oldest types of digital marketing that still pays off. The best thing with email marketing is that of offering various ways to communicate with your customers. For example, you can send you customers thank-you message after purchase, newsletters, products update, and so on.

Tools like newsletter plugins and MailChimp can make your work even easier by integrating them into your IT infrastructure. Again, if you engage your customers with the right content, the chances of growing your business through email marketing are very high.

8. Online advertising (Search Engine Marketing: SEM)

This is yet another straightforward and affordable way to promote your business. This works by displaying ads on other websites you share the same niche. You can as well platforms like Google AdSense to serve your ads and banners on other content platforms.

9. Viral marketing

Viral marketing is an excellent option when contemplating promoting across various platforms. If you also like repurposing your content, this approach is a bonus. The best thing with viral marketing is that it allows leveraging all opportunities presented by various marketing channels.


Growing a digital business is never an easy task, but by following the right approaches, you can be sure to smile every day. Would you not be happy to see your online business grow every day? Of course, yes. The above tips make your work even easier. Make sure to consider them next time when contemplating growing your business online.



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No need to hire SEO experts anymore to fix your site technical SEO issues