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Want To Promote Your Content Successfully? — Here Are 5 Ways

by Jay | Updated on August 29th, 2019

Creating the right content does not necessarily mean your business will get the highest traffic. Well, as much as content creation is a critical stage that set the pace for other content marketing phases, it is important to note that just publishing your content won’t pay off.

So, what do you need to do leverage content you create? The answer is very simple. You need to promote your content in the right manner. Fortunately, there are many content marketing strategies you can bet on for a positive outcome.

Want To Promote Your Content Successfully? — Here Are 5 Ways

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Setting expectations

Knowing which strategies will pay off is very important. You can as well decide to try one approach after the other until you see which one works best for you. But if you are looking to see real results within a short period, then it is wise to concentrate only on what is working for you.

Having complete knowledge of what works for you and what does is one way of winning in content marketing. But again, you must be ready to deal with promotion challenges that in many ways, hurt the efforts of content marketers.

Having unrealistic expectations is one thing likely to hurt your efforts if you set the bar too high. If you are making progress, that is good, and eventually, you will get where you want to be. But if planning to get there overnight, without a doubt, you will get frustrated from day one. You also need to make you have enough resources. The worst mistake some marketers make is comparing content marketing to irrelevant projects that need fewer resources. Typically, if you want your promotions strategies to work, be ready to allocate enough resources.

Understanding you are not the only one creating content is crucial. There are other brands putting the same efforts as you, and some putting more effort. Continuously creating engaging content should be the way if you want to remain above the competition. Otherwise, the moment you start to see yourself as the only content marketer in your niche, that is when your efforts start to frustrate.

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When promoting content marketers are facing some common challenges such as:

1. Ever increasing competition which is high.

2. A problem with resources.

3. Creating content which is unique, powerful, and engaging.

4. Having expectations that are unrealistic.

5. Creating and maintaining publishing schedules of the effective kind.

Promotion of your content does not begin after it has been completed. The moment you begin creating content to have it published is the time for you to begin considering content promotion. It is also essential for you to understand how people are sharing content. Rarely has it been observed that an influential share witnesses a cascade of shares from others. Therefore, if you intend to witness your goals of content drive marketing serving its purpose you need to indulge in some promotion.

There are a number of ways your content can be attractive to your audience. We are however talking about the top five methods which you can use to derive maximum results.

1. Get in touch with influencers who are sharing similar content.

One of the most effective methods to promote your content would be to get in touch with influencers that are sharing content similar to the one you have published. It is a sure shot method of promoting your content.

It is simple as it sounds. Get out there and find those influencers helping your competitors stay on top of the game. The best things with such influencers are that they already have what you are looking for. That is, they have a set of skills your business need. You may have not used their influence before, but the fact they support your competitor is a bonus.

Conducting research on the topics you are regularly writing about by using tools such as BuzzSumo will expose you to a significant number of popular articles that are shared on the subject you are writing.

You will find an option to view sharers in the search results of BuzzSumo. Clicking on this link will give you access to a list of influencers who shared the content. These are the people you should extend your hand to if you want to encourage them to share your content. The chances of getting the people interested in your content will be high as they have already shared content similar to what you have created.

Strategizing on contacting other influencers — do not overlook the following:

Making the first contact

Make a list of influencers who shared content similar to yours. They could still be interested in the topic and may enjoy going through your creation.

How you first reach out to influencers in your niche means a lot. The most important thing to make sure you look professional and committed to start a healthy relationship. Initially, you can start by commenting and liking the work of the influencer in mind. This helps the influencer to notice you even before you make formal contact. Besides, this is a way of showing you are appreciating what the influencer does.

The easiest way is to write them a simple email detailing why you are reaching out and how your content will appeal to their audience. Remember, the main idea is to get your content to the massive audience influencers control. So, make sure to be convincing enough when drafting your email.

Writing a follow-up email in case you don’t get a response after one to three days is very important. Again, remember to draft a good follow-up email. If you have a phone number you can use to reach the influencer; you may also want to try cold calling. Although not all the time cold calling works, but it may be your lucky day.

It is extremely essential that the influencers you choose have relevancy to your brand. You will have an opportunity to search for influencers that are effective by using tools such as Hypr, Grin, TapInfluence Or InSightPool without concerning yourselves. The unique filter options of these tools will allow you to filter influencers by social networks, engagement rates, as well as location to help you zero in on the best.


2. Use content syndicators for promoting your content.

Want to expand the reach of your content? Begin collaborating with a website with an authoritative audience because you will also be able to reach a larger number of people. This process is known as content syndication and involves re-publishing your existing content on other websites. Content that is syndicated can expand its reach and also bring traffic.

You should not be concentrating on the process of creating content with the intention to maximize results. You should rather consider promoting not just your existing content but also the new content you create.

If you want to maximize the results from content syndication we suggest that you follow all of the steps mentioned below:

Locate syndication partners. After you have established your goals you will have a better indication of the kind of content you should promote.

Establish goals. You must have objectives in terms of traffic, backlinks, awareness, and leads.

Guest post. A great way to promote your content would be to use guest posts. You should be searching for and contacting websites that are accepting guest posts in the specific niche you are following.

An email pitch will also help. You can create an email pitch for people you need to connect to for syndicating your content after you have identified your audience. The email should be short and precise with the information you want to exchange.

Remaining proactive will prove beneficial. When promoting your content you should never believe a single person or website. Do not be disappointed if certain websites or authorities do not want to feature your content on their website. You can find a number of opportunities if you are determined to find them elsewhere.

Prepare for a long-term relationship. Content syndication is not a one-time job because you will have to maintain relationships with host websites regularly and must be prepared to provide them high-quality content.

3. Social media groups and communities are also helpful for promoting your content.

If you are looking to gain targeted exposure you can begin sharing your content to communities or groups on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These platforms will provide you high exposure than from your existing connections. However, in order to derive maximum benefits you should follow the rules mentioned below:

Self-promotion should not be your objective. Joining a community or forum simply to share your content and promote it should not be an objective in your mind. You should rather actively participate in the discussions of the group and ensure you comment on and share content prepared by other people. You are likely to be considered as a waste of time if you indulge in self-promotion which will prove detrimental for you. Often sharing content haphazardly may result in spamming and eventually hurt your participation.  To you, it may seem a good idea to share content every day, but to other members of the community, it may be annoying.

Commenting and starting a discussion in any group you join is a bonus. Doing so increase your visibility and within a short period, you may find your audience balloon, and thirsting for your content. In fact, this is a trick that has worked for many, why not work for you? 

Reserve your best content for social media. Social media sites are not a dump yard and therefore you only need to share the best content you have created, confident that it will be noticed by others. Stay away from sharing all the content which you may have created over time.

One thing to keep in mind when posting your content is to share your best work. Consider even reviewing all your work if not sure what articles will paint a good picture of your business.

This is by far the easiest strategy that can gain you targeted exposure in just a few days. The idea here is to join social media communities or groups on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other channels you are confident of meeting your audience. Fortunately, most of the social media platforms have large groups which you can target.

4. Using forums to promote your content.

Successfully promoting your content via popular forums such as Quora and Reddit is also possible. However, it is also essential for you to understand they have specific rules which need to be followed. They do not approve self-promotion but it does not mean that you are prohibited from using these sites.


If you consider using Reddit for promotional purposes you should understand that promotional content on this platform is disliked by other users. You will, therefore, be required to crack the Reddit code to understand what other users are preferring in order to reap some benefits.

You can find Reddit communities to engage with readers who may be interested in the information you want to share. However, before you begin promoting your own content you are advised to engage with the content you prefer on the platforms by providing insightful comments and even upvoting them. This will prove helpful for you to become a trustful partner with other members of Reddit.

You should only begin sharing relevant branded content after you are confident you have become a trustworthy entity on the platform. The chances of your content being accepted by a major portion for the users increases dramatically after you have gained the trust of other users.

quora desktop view


Quora is another platform which can be helpful to you for sharing your knowledge on topics you are an expert in. However, you still need to establish a presence within the community if you want to succeed on Quora just like Reddit.

Begin by creating a profile on Quora and answer the questions you are required to. Do not forget to upvote and share answers which you like. These actions will portray you as an individual with knowledge in a particular field. You can consider adding links to relevant articles created by you to help Quora users learn more about the topic.

You can also come across experts such as Neil Patel who has highlighted mistakes beginners are making in content writing. You should be looking forward to learning from Neil Patel and understand how you can promote your content even when you are showcasing your expertise on another subject. This will help you provide more information to your readers and give your content the exposure it needs.

Learn how to do Quora marketing.

5. Do not overlook content curation platforms for promoting your content.

This is yet another simpler way to promote your content. Content curation platforms allow your content to be shared and used as many times as possible. Promoting your content through these platforms means you get noticed by companies searching for quality and reliable content to share. So, again remember to share your best work on this platform and maintain a good schedule of sharing your best articles.

It can be a challenging task manually to locate the most relevant content in any industry for broadcasting it on multiple channels.

If you want access to hundreds of companies there are looking for high quality and relevant content to share, an excellent platform which you must be using is Curata and Zest. This platform will allow you to publish and promote valuable content through all their social channels seamlessly. You will also receive recommendations for content relevant to your brand for sharing and engaging effectively with your audience.


Adopt the tactics suggested in this article with your content promotion strategy because it can generate better exposure, stronger leads, and conversion rates that will be beneficial. The above strategies are a plus when used in the right manner. Don’t wait for a miracle to happen if you don’t put enough effort. You need to be proactive and use all the necessary resources to see real results. That is all for now. 


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