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5 Steps to Optimize Your Lead Generation Landing Page

by Jay | Updated on December 17th, 2018

Generating lead is the most important objective for Marketers. In my book “Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing” I reveal the reasons why you should get into email marketing and how you can make incredible income with this business.

There are few moving parts in lead generation and I wanted to go over just 5 of them today.  Before we get into it. You want to make sure that you have the essential in place:

Table Of Contents

An Offer
Landing Page
Call to Action
Thank You Page

It does not take a genius to create one. Even a simple Landing Page with the offer, CTA, TYP would do the trick. It is not about the design, though important. But what the message is and how your audience react to them.

lp21. What is the Offer?

Whatever the offer is, in this case a Video explaining a case study. It is important how you deliver the message. It can be a book or any other content materials, such as, Infographic, Slide Presentation, and more.

You need to decided on what the message is saying to the audience and have them react to it. In this particular landing page, I have provided the material, and what the material is. The incentive is to tell my prospect that with few steps they can copy and paste, they can follow with ease and duplicate the success.

2. What Do You Want Them to Do?

When you define what the product is and what you want them to react. You need to provide the benefits and reveal something for them to react to. In this case, it is a method where they can copy and paste this particular business. With few words, I have provided my prospect that this is an easy program to follow. Nothing hard and its a quick system.

Instead of telling them all of what I wrote, with few sentences, you want to provide those ideas to them. Your words needs to tell them what you have and what you want them to do.

This landing page is telling my prospect that I have a video if they opted in. A video that they might want. At this point, they will need to decide if they are interested or not.

3. Call-to-Action

Call to action is a form where you want them to take action. It can be a button or a link. Prefer using buttons so that it is obvious and they know exactly what to do after they read what I wrote. Your Prospect sees the message, they see what they need to do (enter name and email) and click to receive this information.

In this case, As I have revealed what this landing page will do for them. I also told them they need to do something for me in return. That is, to enter their name and email to get started.

4. Words

If your prospect enters your name and address, they need to feel something. Instead of having them stop and ask why? Or what it is in for them. You need to take the responsibility to let them know what they should think. This is why it is important for your call to action to be action oriented, words they will see and click. In this landing page, once they enter their information, the call to action button shows “Give Me Access Now”

When you write as if they are saying it, it helps me take that particular action. Instead of saying Get Your Exclusive Access, you are having them read “Give Me Access Now”, and if they either read it out loud or see it, that is going to be their own action.

You can play around with the Call-To-Action words and can use either one. But understand that there is a different method and approaches you can use to get your prospects to take action.

5. Split Test

In order for you to split test your landing pages. You need to understand the difference between what you wrote and put in your landing pages. Creating a habit that each word you use within your landing pages will help your prospect react a certain way. Don’t skip out on analyzing what you wrote.

If you wrote “VIDEO explaining how you can copy and paste” you need to see how people might react to those words. How is this perceived? What reactions will you get from your prospects? Is it convincing? What is in it for them? What are the benefits? The more you think about the words you write on your lead generation page, the better results and structure you will provide yourself. Testing is going to be lot easier and less painful.

For Best Practice:

Your Thank Your Page should remind them that they have subscribed and let them know to check their spam folder if your email ends up there.

If you do not have a website and do not know how to build a landing page like this to start offering your own product or affiliate product. Check our Sendlane or Aweber and get started. If you have any questions, please feel to leave a comment.



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No need to hire SEO experts anymore to fix your site technical SEO issues