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No more worrying about technical SEO, we’ve got you covered. Speed optimization? It’s done! All the tools you need to build the perfect affiliate website. All you need is high-quality content!

Save Thousands of Dollars with our Theme!

Maybe you decided to audit your website and found a lot of technical SEO issues and don’t know what to do?

Instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for an SEO expert to fix your site issues, why not use a WordPress theme, developed by an SEO expert and never have to worry about it again?

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Most demo sites show with no ads, and with no plugins. Our WordPress theme does not need a lot of plugins, and the results are with and without ads.

  • Site with no ads
  • Gif moving image on the homepage (lower performance)
  • Logo on the left
  • No CDN
  • No WP Rocket
  • No plugin installed
  • Brand new domain – indexed in 2 months
  • Fully functional sites with Google Adsense
  • Logo location = middle
  • Yes CDN
  • With WP Rocket
  • Cheap hosting plan
  • 6 Plugins installed
  • Old domain – ranking better after theme was installed


The problem with most themes out there is that they are built for general purposes. That means 80% of all the features that are included in your theme aren’t being used and a waste of space and reduce the overall performance. 

If you’re using only 10-20% of all the features built into a all purpose theme, that means 80-90% of the time search engines has to crawl all the HTML. CSS and Javascript, therefore, lagging your site from being indexed!

SEO RANK SERP WordPress Theme is built for affiliate and product review sites. Anyone who wants to start their own blog journey, or even sell online courses. 

And… we take care of your performance and SEO! All you have to do is write the best article and that’s it!

Built-in Sitemap.xml

Core Web Vital Optimization

Table of Content

Customizable Font Size, Height, Type

Built-in Robots.txt

AD Placements

International SEO


Schema Markup


Have questions? Contact Us Today Or check out frequently asked questions down below:

Unlike other WordPress themes out there that is a blank canvases, we decided to add everything that you need to have your site optimized with SEO, and page speed and built for an affiliate website. We’ve achieved a PageSpeed Insight Score of 97-99. However, if you are running ads, then you won’t achieve a higher score. 

We wanted to remove the need for you to use an SEO plugin that has too many bloats. No one needs all the “features” that they provide, you only need clean coded with a few essentials. A caching plugin, security or Linkilo with other plugins that can enhance your experience will work with SEO RANK SERP theme.

Once you purchased, you have 30-days to decide if you want to keep it or cancel and get a full refund.

When you purchase our theme, you are getting years of SEO experience but also, ongoing SEO implementation. There is no need to hire an SEO expert to fix any technical issues with our theme.

You will save a HUGE cost on hiring an SEO expert to fix your site!

The only thing you need to worry about is adding alt text, doing proper internal linking, and writing quality content.

No we do not. You will either need to compress it before you upload or use a plugin to help with the image optimizations.

No, we do not. You can use Wordfence, Sucuri and other security plugins for that.

SEO plugins come with a lot of garbage. SEO score, auditing, readability. Things you shouldn’t need! SEO RANK SERP theme has all the right SEO implementation, so you don’t have to use your server resources to identify any issues.

We’ve built it so that there will be no issues to deal with! Plugins and installing multiple plugins can cause conflicts and take up all your server resources, so the lighter your website is, the more your readers can enjoy your site.

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