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100 Million From Email Marketing: Secrets To Copy

by Jay | Updated on August 29th, 2019

There is no doubt that Agora Publishing is the Google of email marketing. No competitor comes even close. This is the $100 million company founded by Michael Masterson that stands tall and way above the rest.

It is telling that most of Agora’s revenue is generated through email marketing free newsletters and exceptional copywriting.

But what exactly does Agora do that other people do not do? What are the real secrets behind the tons of cash the company has been generating for years?

Giving Away Information That Prospects Quickly Realize They Are Lucky To Get For Free

The first thing that stands out about Agora Publishing is the quality of free information that the company keeps on giving away for free. It is always the kind of high quality information that people would easily pay good money for. The company keeps on churning out newsletters packed with actionable tips that are highly targeted and actually address the prospects’ most pressing problems directly. And when the information is put to use, it works. But Agora gives it all away for free.

Everybody knows what an email newsletter is supposed to do. If you do not, you came to the right place (check out my other articles).

It is the ultimate tool to build a relationship with a prospect so that you are able to sell later.

But what most of us do is try to hold off as much of the information with the real value as we can. We save it all for the paid product or eBook that we will ultimately sell to the prospect that we are trying to build a relationship with. Of course the prospect quickly sees through our selfish approach and rather than build the relationship they unsubscribe to all that “trash” we bombard their inbox with. Bottom line the typical Internet marketer is always in a terrible hurry to sell.


In sharp contrast Agora focuses on building a solid relationship first ad they do this by giving away lots of high value information for free without appearing to be in any hurry to get at the prospects’ wallet. The result is that a strong emotional tie is developed as the giver of valuable information quickly establishes themselves as an authority in the field. So when something is finally offered for sale it is quickly purchased.

That neatly explains the fact that you will rarely see one off reports in Agora marketing. Instead, the focus is constantly on regular valuable email newsletters that deliver value.

The kind of value that wows even the most discerning of prospects.

Is it any wonder that the company gets the kind of response rates the rest of us can only dream of? In one example Agora generated a staggering $6 million from one $27 eBook. Most Internet marketers would be over the moon if they generated just half of that in an entire year from an array of different products.

Intimate Direct Response Marketing Learned From The Best

Another aspect that clearly stands out in Agora are the copywriting skills employed. Clearly the company has carefully studied and replicated the approach and formats of even offline direct response gurus and giants like Clayton Makepeace, Weiss International and Boardroom.

Successful direct response folks understand their prospect extremely well so much so that they can think like their customer and are therefore able to effortlessly produce the copy that will touch all the hot buttons and get people to do exactly what they want. Agora seems to have picked up all this from mostly offline companies that have been in the direct response business for many decades. The results can clearly be seen in Agora’s bulging balance sheet.

The foundation of its’ bond with the prospect starts with the copy used to convince the would-be customers that they can get exactly what they are looking for by subscribing and staying subscribed to the email newsletter.

The More Frequently You Communicate The More Receptive The Other Person In The Relationship Becomes


Best friends are always together, always doing things together and interacting. This is a principal at the very heart of the Agora strategy. It is interesting how the rest of us are even terrified at times about sending off our email newsletters too frequently because our list (built at great cost) may end up rapidly shrink with too many unsubscribing from it.


The writing is clearly on the wall here.

Frequent communication using only high quality value works in building relationships with lists and will ultimately deliver amazing results.

In other words you do not know when the prospect will be ready to make a purchase but more frequent communication dramatically increases the chances that they will hear from you just when they need you.

In a way this is the same concept behind the success of Google advertising response and revenue. Right from the beginning the search giant went to great pains to ensure that displayed ads were always closely relevant to the keywords searched for by the prospect. Highly relevant information delivered via email to a carefully targeted audience will hardly provoke folks to unsubscribe. Rather, it will draw them closer and prepare them for that offer to buy when it comes.

There Is Absolutely No Substitute For Great Content And Great Copywriting

Agora invests very heavily in in-house staff and expertise to generate an endless supply of quality content. Both for the website used to build the email opt in list and in the newsletters themselves.

When you really think about it, there is no substitute to great content and great copywriting in successful email and Internet marketing. This is really where the war is quickly won or lost. The message here is that for your email marketing to succeed you will need to spend a lot of time and resources on your content. Without it, nothing else will pan out.


The real message here and the ultimate Agora secret is that although they do the same things everybody else does, they do it very differently. With more passion and focus on human nature and the customer. Everything is about the prospect and customer and about doing what will please and amaze the owner of the wallet with the money. And that is one of the key secrets that makes the difference between this 100 million behemoth and the rest of the struggling brigade.



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No need to hire SEO experts anymore to fix your site technical SEO issues