Why You Need to Go Animated for Your Video Marketing

Video increases your views and sales.

It’s based on fact that people rather watch than read. We have more tv, movie, ad viewers than book readers. We grew up watching tv and enjoying them. We also know what makes videos interesting and when to turn to a different channel.

Because of this, making your video animated is the best way to provide your viewers the best viewing pleasure.

Doing a presentation where your face and body is in the video might not be a good idea. In fact, it does not convert well. Just look at the videos, unless you provide dynamic, enthusiasm and credibility, you won’t get those views you were expecting.

People will always judge the book by its cover. They are thinking about if they should trust you or how you look. Rather than, hearing the words that come out of your mouth. This creates barriers and your message gets lost in translation.

If that did not convince you, just how many of you will say how bad an animated character looks like? Can you blame the cartoon tell you about a product? Do you really hate the characters nose? eyes?

There is something about animated videos that draws people. We all can watch it, at any age. You can check out some of the animated video making softwares here.

Take your marketing to a whole new level and go animated!

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