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17 Tips and Tricks to Create Evergreen Content That Lasts

by Jay | Updated on October 21st, 2019


You must be aware that content marketing is an effective strategy if you want to market a business, website or an online store. Do you, however, believe that all types of content will be considered as valuable by your audience? It is well known that some of your most valuable pieces of content will age and at some point become obsolete and irrelevant.

17 Tips and Tricks For Creating Evergreen Content That Lasts

When facing such challenges what are the best solutions at your disposal? The best option available to you would be to create evergreen content. You need articles that will not diminish in value over some time, continue to attract organic traffic even after a decade at the same rate or maybe even higher than you presently observe. Before we discuss the primary topic let’s have a short discussion about content marketing.

Why Is Content Marketing Effective?

Visual or written content has remained a fantastic way of marketing products even before the advent of the Internet. Over the television, we remember viewing many eye-catching commercials, retained informative brochures that arrived as free inserts in magazines, Etc. The Internet simply facilitated access to information by making it available to millions but did it change any facts marketers were already aware of?

Let’s understand why content is considered as a powerful marketing tool, especially over the Internet and why it is unlikely to be replaced by other strategies.

  1. Information is always sought after by people and this trend is unlikely to diminish

I will provide a couple of theoretical examples to prove my point but request you to pause for a moment to consider what I’m saying. What would you do if you encountered a question but did not have an answer for the same? It would be a conundrum because you may not always find specialists or professionals to help you out unless you decide to use the electronic devices such as your computer or your mobile device to search for the answer. Your devices by themselves won’t be able to provide the answers you want unless the content has been uploaded on them.

Alternatively, consider the numerous websites or blogs you visit daily or even when you have the time. You may not be aware of their existence but may have read something of note on one webpage and visited the site again for more. Perhaps you even bookmarked the site or subscribed to a newsletter. Do you know the reason why? The answer is pretty simple because you do not know everything. Good information regardless of whether it is theoretical, entertaining, or just practical will always be valuable.

  1. Ad blockers are being used by more people every day

At the end of 2016, there were around 615 million devices with ad blockers throughout the globe and the numbers were growing significantly. The iOS platform has a built-in ad blocker but users of Android devices can use third-party apps. Apps for Android developed by third parties are usually available for free and facilitate better use of the device by ensuring annoying ads are kept away. Presently Google is also testing a built-in ad blocker for their web browser Chrome.

Valuable content, on the other hand, remains unblocked. Content which is valuable and informative will encourage users not to block it but prefer to interact with it and return to the website for additional information.

Devices using ad blockers (Img src: Business Insider Inc)

Devices using ad blockers (Img src: Business Insider Inc)

  1. Content marketing costs fewer than other strategies but provides a better return on investment

There are significantly lower costs associated with hiring content writers than purchasing ads on websites, television, and radio. The return on investments is also higher because of the facts already discussed in the two paragraphs earlier. Your costs diminish even further if you have a website of your own and learn to write articles by yourself.

Studies conducted by researchers have revealed that approximately 70% of Internet users are looking forward to learning about products through content as compared to traditional advertisements.

Who benefits from content marketing?

Speaking plainly, everyone can be considered a beneficiary of content marketing. You could be an aspiring artist, entrepreneur or simply a blogger. Your niche, industry or professional orientation wouldn’t matter. You need an effective marketing strategy to expand your brand and continue to develop your influence or business irrespective of who you are or where you are located. Valuable content can be considered as your shortcut to the top.

Can content marketing strategy be merged with other types of marketing?

Yes, it is indeed possible. Many marketers are integrating with content marketing strategy, different types of marketing apart from content publishing which may include paid advertising, direct marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and others.

Tips for creating evergreen content for your blog or website

Content of different types will never carry the same value over a while. Therefore you must create evergreen content to ensure your marketing strategy remains effective tomorrow or the day after just as it is today. At this stage, it is essential to understand what is evergreen content. Quality content developed and customized to be SEO friendly while being extremely relevant and qualitative can be identified as evergreen content. Content of this type encourages better rankings, generates leads as well as loads of social engagement. In short, the content is timeless.

Here are some tips that will be helpful for you to create your content.

  1. Choose your topics to ensure they qualify as evergreen content

Assuming that you have an e-commerce website selling home furniture. This is a lucrative business but you may be attempting to expand the awareness of your brand and therefore have decided to attach a blog to your website. You may consider writing about specific designs or models of the furniture you are offering, write reviews about them and more. The posts will be valuable to your clientele but only for the moment or for long as the products are a part of your offer.

After your products are exhausted your blog posts become obsolete because you have fresh offerings to make to your clients.

The option of continuing to write reviews on your products and encouraging your clients to review the items they prefer to purchase remains open even in these conditions. However, if you are looking for evergreen content you must focus on the requirements of your readers. For example, a fantastic title for an evergreen article for your business would be “how to remove difficult stains from your dining table”.

You must try to find citable topics because it will be beneficial for you. This indicates that regardless of the topic you have chosen to write about you must include within the articles original ideas along with verifiable statistics. Provided below are a few additional tips for selecting topics by examining the websites or blogs of your competitor’s.

  • Identify popular articles surrounding the topic you have in mind.
  • Examine popular highlights and headlines.
  • Inspect the form of content published on the Internet [longform or short form].
  • Get accustomed to what has been spoken about adequately.
  • Identify poorly written content on popular topics.

After you have accomplished this step you will be in a position of power because you now have in your possession adequate information to progress on to identifying topics or subjects that haven’t been discussed online or those where improvements are needed.

  1. Conduct research

Researching every new topic you want to write about is an essential requirement if you intend to write evergreen content. You may be one of the most credible voices within your industry and also have the confidence in your skills and capabilities that make you aware your posts are informative and well written.

However, it is possible that you wouldn’t have all the information in your niche. Moreover, a well-researched article with citations and preferences will provide your clients with a different perception and be considered more trustworthy than just a personal opinion. Begin conducting original research if you have the resources and that time at your disposal. It will help the article to stand apart from the crowd while at the same time attract citations and backlinks which will be valuable.

Remember, the research conducted will become obsolete in some time because people are likely to adopt new technologies as time passes by. For example, research conducted on the penetration of 4G Internet to rural areas presently will not be valuable in about five years as people would have moved on to 5G Internet. You must adopt simple solutions to avoid these issues. If you are unable to avoid them you must at least attempt to rectify them in time. You simply need to return to your article periodically for updating your statistics.

  1. Appropriate and representative visuals will help

Choosing the proper and the most representative visuals for your posts is a challenging task but is not one that should be neglected. We presently live in a world where visuals are valued greatly. The popularity of visual-based social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest should give you an indication of how visuals can support your content.

The social media sites mentioned above all provide visual content proving that it is both valuable than text to a certain section of present-day Internet users.

Getting the visuals you want will be easier if you are planning to write tutorials. You must be prepared to take photographs during the process, make screenshots and more. However, you must also be prepared for creating tutorials purely on text along with other types of articles where you will find a need for visual representations. Given below are several options which you must consider.

Subscribe to a stock photography service and purchase visuals from them. Alternatively, use a premium icon library.

You can search for the available repositories of open images for downloading free visuals and adjust the selected images if they do not satisfy your quality requirements.

Create your graphics, designs, and representations if you have the budget and the skills or hire a graphic designer or an artist.

How many images should you insert in a blog post? The answer to this question will depend upon the information you want to transmit to your audience. If you are writing tutorials you must select separate images for every step you describe. Alternatively, if you are writing a simple blog post you must have at least one relevant professional image.

  1. Your content must be in line with your brand

Your content must be in line with the brand you are marketing. You must understand that if you want to create evergreen content which will also help to expand your brand awareness, make it more visible to online users, and also attract customers the content you create must be appropriate for your fans or readers. It should help your audience remember your brand to associate it with your name with the great content you are providing.

Therefore if you are selling home furniture, for example, you cannot expect any benefits from creating great content in the niche of automobile repair. The content you create should be relevant to home furniture and you must focus on growing your brand and not just your audience. This must be your objective for creating the content.

  1. If necessary update your content occasionally

I have already stated earlier that even evergreen articles which include statistics and studies tend to become obsolete or irrelevant at some stage. Check your articles occasionally to verify whether they should be updated. Incorporate the updates sooner rather than later to enhance the value of the article.

Tools For Generating And Analyzing Evergreen Content

Several tools are available online that provide you different methods for researching, analyzing, and improving your Evergreen content.

Content And Social Media Performance

The tools mentioned below can help you to analyze content performance and identify articles that are socially popular and encourage engagement.

Generate and Analyze Headlines

Coschedule Headline Analyzer is the best headline analyzer tools which can help you to article ideas into Evergreen headlines that look catchy. All you need to do is type your headline into the text field and click “Analyze Now”.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule Headline Score

CoSchedule Headline Score

When searching for your next Evergreen post the chances of finding a good topic are pretty safe if you look for subjects that have a high search volume or an upward trend for a lengthy period. You don’t have to pick a topic which may be too competitive in terms of SEO.

You must make a data-driven decision with help from the following tools which have been created.

  • Ahref’s – The lowest plan being $99, there are affordable option available.
ahref keyword explorer

ahref keyword explorer

  • KWFinder. (Disclaimer – Affiliate Link)


  • SEMRush – Alternative to Ahref, same price.
  • Google trends– While this is free, it does not help you identify how difficult a keyword might be to rank for like the rest of the tools

Types of Evergreen Content

Can you publish any topic as evergreen content? What kind of posts and visual data can be categorized as Evergreen? As I reach the final part of this article I will list some of the most important categories of evergreen content.

  1. Tutorials And “How to” Guides

Many types of perineal content will be available in this category. However, tutorials related to technology may require updates from time to time.

For example, if you are writing a tutorial on how the background of a portrait image in Photoshop can be cut your article will probably be valuable for your audience for several months or even years. However if a major update the software is released with significant changes in the layout, the menus, and the tools they can make your tutorial inaccurate. It will, therefore, need to be updated.

  1. Problem-Solving

As an online business if you are selling products or services that are beneficial and/or solving a problem you will benefit by trying to identify the kind of problems people are encountering and use the information you collect to develop fresh Evergreen problem-solving content. In doing so, you can turn your audience into leads.

Consider visiting the following sites for a particular question or keyword:

  • Quora.
  • Stack Overflow.
  • Yahoo Answers.

When you look for great questions that need to be answered properly begin writing great content around them while also providing a link the article within the answer. Using this method you are not only solving a problem but also building a backlink simultaneously. Undoubtedly finding content ideas that are viable by using Q&A websites is an effective method. Check out this large list of Q&A websites if needed.

  1. List Posts

You may either like list posts or even dislike them but plenty of data is available to prove they perform better. Studies of different types have been conducted on CTR, performance in Serps, social sharing engagement, Etc. Conductor performed a survey of headline preferences a few years ago and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that numbered headlines achieved the top position. In fact, they were way on top outperforming the next best contestant with an increase of 71%. Therefore you must understand that list posts have the potential to always make great evergreen content. You just need to understand you may have to update them regularly to keep them current depending upon the topic.

Headline preferences

Headline preferences

  1. Testimonials

Want a great source of evergreen content? Convince your fans and customers to write testimonials and publish them on your website. Testimonials can make your brand more trustworthy, expand your audience and attract more customers.

  1. Brand Books

Several types of brand books have been created in subjects such as educational brochures for associates and employees and even sophisticated books dedicated to anyone interested in your brand, industry, or company. Your brand identity book must be a great example of evergreen content and if you have the means and an opportunity to create it consider it as a blessing in disguise.

  1. Historical Data

Many people are interested in historical facts and if you are active in a specific niche you can write content about the history of your industry, company, and other related information to this field of interest. The facts will not change over time and therefore constitute as another form of evergreen content.

  1. Great Video Content And Podcasts

Podcasts and video blogging can provide you with the content you need for growing your brand and your reputation. You must, therefore, consider creating podcasts and videos which may be categorized as Evergreen. The time needed to produce them will be higher than writing content but it is for you to understand that these are becoming popular with every passing day. A major portion of the present-day audience is valuing audio and visual content more than written content.

  1. Visual Imagery

Graphics and images can be used as standalone posts by professional photographers, graphical designers, and visual artists. You also have an opportunity to use images with text in social media campaigns as a great form of evergreen content. If you are a graphic designer with artistic skills creating memes and cartoons market your brand or the company you work for should not be a difficult task for you.

  1. Glossaries Of Terms Of Phrases

It can be difficult to begin writing your dictionary just because you are a content writer. However, you will always come across specific terms and phrases within your industry which can be grouped into a wiki type website or in a blog category. They can also be considered as evergreen content and may prove highly valuable to all individuals involved in similar industries as you or to people who may be trying to learn more about specific products before purchasing them. Glossaries of terms and phrases can also be useful to students, teachers, and translators.

Other types of evergreen content can also include argumentative essay type content articles, monthly roundups, and Best of articles.


Among different types of marketing strategies, content marketing is one of the most effective. This is a cost-effective method when compared to other types of marketing but it can help you to organically build up your audience and grow awareness of your brand through direct interaction with your fans and customers. On the other hand, evergreen content is the most valuable form of content because it will provide you with a marketing strategy that can last for as long as your website is functioning. I am referring to content that does not age, becomes obsolete or irrelevant.

Throughout this article, I have attempted to pinpoint some of the best strategies for creating perennial content as well as some of the most important types of content that should be chosen. As a writer what is your view about evergreen content? Have you tried writing perennial articles? Has it worked for you and have you tasted success? As a part of the audience do you return for more when you discover websites that are promoting such content?

Consider answering the questions mentioned above because they may prove why evergreen content must be created if you intend to leave it live on your website for quite some time. Also, consider learning why you are visiting a particular website over and over again because you could very well have an answer in your possession to the questions we have raised. Use the suggestions we have provided for creating evergreen content for your website. It could be the difference between enjoying the success of creating the content or searching for new ideas regularly just because you concentrated on trending subjects while overlooking evergreen content. Feel free to contact us for our content marketing services.



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