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When Email Marketing Does Not Work

by Jay | Updated on December 6th, 2020

Whether you failed, currently failing, starting email marketing, or considering the possibility of starting one. Heck, this goes out to all of you. It is important to understand that email marketing does not always work. I am not discouraging you, but what I am saying, is that the process you took might not work. This means that despite what you do, how you do it, your effort might not generate the degree of success you anticipated. Or, might not even generate any success.

Whether you believe failure is an option or not. You need to start considering if you are at fault or conclude it to be a variety of reasons. In fact, Email Marketing does work, but many do not take notice what goes behind the beauty of Email Marketing.

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Here are some reasons why Email Marketing might fail:

Lack of interest of your audience
Executing your Email Marketing Strategy
Poor planning

Now, you can view it at it one way and here is another way of looking at it:

Your audiences are just busy, or do not have the money right then and there. Not in the buying mode
Your plan might look good, but you are missing few ingredients
Poor planning, well that is number one reason why it will fail.

So, let’s take a look at some situation and I will offer some advice for dealing with these situations

Your Market Research is weak. You are just generalizing your audience. The “Lack of interest of your audience” should really be “Lack of interest of your targeted audience”. Failure is not black or white. You can find loopholes and get around them. Learning and investing in who you target to will definitely be worthwhile. In my book “Niche Master” and “Learn How to be an Expert Email Marketing” I talk about what ways you can master yourself to get the results you need. Whether you want to hire a consultant to do your market research or do it yourself. Your research should provide specific targeted demographics, information you can use to relate with them and gain their attention.

Are you targeting them using advertising option? Or are you marketing to a specific demographic? How you approach your audience is going to eliminate the failure you have, or going to have. You can generalize your marketing, or get deep into the hearts of your audience. Will your audience likely purchase the product or services you are offering? Why?

Just think of babies crying and not wanting eat when you are feeding them. You do not know why they are crying, and why they are not eating. But once you get to know them, you know when it’s time to sell or feed them.

Do you have a marketing plan? Most people fail because they get into the business right away. No plans, but hope to succeed. This is very important, because even a defined marketing strategies can fail, so why wouldn’t your unprepared marketing plan succeed? When are you sending your emails and why? How frequently are you going to send your emails? How are you writing your emails? How are you going to engage and interact with your List? How do you determine when to talk or offer a product? Cover your grounds and lay your foundation. If you need more help on how to plan and learn how to scale your business, you can get my book “Be Action Oriented business: Learn How to be Productive, Result Oriented, Action Oriented”.

You should have a plan. Are you just sending them an email and offer a product? Are you planning on building an interest before you present the offer? If you are an affiliate marketer, you need to have time based plans. When and where are they going to provide a webinar? You can start building interest with few emails prior to this webinar. Is the product material based? Just how many is in stock? If they have 10 products and you are sending hundreds of people, you do not want them to be disappointed.

If you are seeing failures, look back and see what you are missing. Cover yourself from mistakes or confusion.


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No need to hire SEO experts anymore to fix your site technical SEO issues