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Top Ten Email Marketing Tips

by Jay | Updated on August 29th, 2019

Email marketing is a basic need if you want to boost sales or just simply flood an enormous amount of traffic to your website. However most people do not even have the slightest clue on how to be a successful email marketer that they tend to forget that it is a letter—just delivered electronically. This means that just like how Romeo wooed Juliet, you have to be an Internet Cassanova, luring leads, clients or potential customers to your casa—that is your site.

Here are some email marketing tips to make sure that you will be able to bait those prospects:

1.No list, no dough.

You have to build a list of addresses first. To who will you send your well-written promo email if no one is there to read it? It’s like entering a raffle draw. The more entries you send the more chances of winning. Be sure to create a huge database of email addresses to send your marketing emails. Some ideas on how to build that list would be:

A). Creating popups on your site for whatever purpose you deem worthy of catching the visitor’s attention that they will be forced to input their email address;

B) Putting links on different pages for an upgrade of a promo or offer;

C) A subscription section on the site which is strategically placed for easy viewing.

2) Subscription should be so easy they can do it in their sleep.

Of course they can’t do that, since they might be typing in the wrong email address. But make sure that options to subscribe to your newsletter would be gentle nudges here and there from your social media accounts, and even in the most visible areas of your site like at the bottom of the homepage. If you have a separate subscription page that the user has to navigate to, don’t expect that you can rake in that email address.

3) Anticipation is everything.

Ever wondered why film previews and movie trailers leave us going ga-ga over what’s going to happen really soon? That’s because we’re wired to expect what we don’t know but are given a chance to know. Expectations are hard-wired to us as human beings. Give your client something to anticipate, and he or she will surely give in. For instance, right below the subscribe button, put some sort of an ad that says, “Get ready to become financially free in 2 days!” – that is if you host a financial education website.

4) You want a thank you’? Say welcome’ first.

Before your subscribers can even appreciate what you’re doing for them, you have to let them know that they are welcome. Send a welcome email. Make them feel that they are part of something great, an exclusive family that of course makes you more money than them, but they do not know that. Subscribers are more likely to stay loyal if at the onset they are sent an initial email right away thanking them for their patronage. A catchy headline will also get you a wow’.

5) Wear the right clothes.

You cannot expect your date to be proud to be with you if you don’t look great. The same goes with your newsletter. Make sure that aesthetically, it matches that of your brand. Your campaigns should complement the feel of your brand. It should be unique and not just an obvious template you got somewhere. Popular brands know that image is everything. Build it. Your newsletter’s theme should be memorable.

6) Feed your subscriber’s ego.

The famous Steve Jobs said that Apple dictated what people wanted, and that customers do not know what they want. But face it, you are not Steve Jobs. So stop trying to reinvent the wheel and go with what works. Find out what your subscribers want to read. Study the demographics of your list and make segments and list groups so that you will be able to target a group of people for a specific purpose. If your business has XBOX games on sale, you don’t want to be sending the promo codes for that to an email audience of ages 70 years old and above.

7) The world is small, make it smaller.

Lazy people think of ways to make hard tasks easier, and that’s a principle you would want to apply if you want to make your brand viral. The content and links of your email newsletters should be shareable. Let your subscribers do the work for you. If the content is great, the only distance between getting stuck in their inbox and your success is a share button.

8) Phone versus computer.

If you still haven’t realized, more people may have access to a smart phone probably the entire day than on their laptops or computers. Some may even have a smart phone but do not have a computer. So if your campaign is not mobile-ready, you might have lost the marketing war even before the battle began. Free email marketing services like MailChimp display email content very well on a mobile device. If you cannot afford a paid email distribution service just yet, you may want to consider going for MailChimp.

9) Spam is food, not friends.

Anyone who uses email knows very well that things that get into your Spam folder are basically trash just waiting to be dumped. So in order to avoid tarnishing the name of your brand by falling into the Spam category, it pays to be knowledgeable on the CAN-SPAM act to keep your integrity. Also, even if it is basically against your heart’s desire, be professional enough to include an unsubscribe link in every email that you send. But remind them as well how they were included in your mailing list.

10) If you don’t have anything to say, shut up.

The internet is already filled with useless content that takes up too much space in the cloud. Do your subscriber a favor by sending useful, relevant content. Your emails should always have a purpose, and good business always fosters from ensuring that what you do will be beneficial not only for you, but for your client as well. Email marketing tricks will get advance you to a level at some point, but sincerity will give you success.


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No need to hire SEO experts anymore to fix your site technical SEO issues