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What are the Different Types of SEO Techniques

by Jay | Updated on August 29th, 2019

SEO is the thing of the present and will be a thing for many more years to come. With successful SEO strategies, businesses are boosted with rapid growth and that is why more and more businessmen are going for the online world to create an audience for themselves that will last forever and will increase side by side. There are several techniques that are related to creating an SEO campaign that will be successful and of mass appeal.


discerning what type of seo is best

What’s ‘Types of SEO techniques’?

SEO techniques can be classified into two categories: recommend techniques based on search engines guidelines, and those techniques of which search engines do not approve.

These different types of SEO techniques are philosophies of how an SEO expert closely follow or not follow the tactics the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

The three different types of SEO techniques:

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Gray Hat SEO

Before you hire an SEO agency for your SEO needs. These 3 techniques clearly justify types of SEO techniques that are currently being implemented and we are going to discuss in this article about how they work, which one most beneficial and the pros and cons related to it.

different types

1. White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is one of the types of SEO techniques in which the strategies are created in order to attain organic SEO ranking based on and within the Google Webmasters Guidelines. In this case, the basic techniques like ethical back-linking, link building, valuable and meaningful content creation which appeals to the mass audience and there are other important things like keyword research and the analyzing of the keywords as well.

On the other hand, it is considered to be the safest and the most virtually legal way to boost SEO and eventually boost up your business in general.

White hats love the challenge of getting big wins and being right. And when you get those wins, it lasts for a very long time. However, getting those wins usually takes longer for a white hat than it will a black hat. But white hat SEO reaps the rewards of their work the gains aren’t usually going anywhere AND won’t get penalized.

There are certain ethical strategies that are followed under the White Hat SEO technique:

Research and Analysis

Research and Analysis, is a very time-consuming work but it will be the most beneficial to you in the long run of your SEO and your boosting of the business. Thorough research is beneficial because this will give you an out and out perspective of the industry and will help you to build up that business according to that and on the other hand there are fewer chances of mistakes.

This will also give you an idea about what sort of keywords you should and how to approach the market. Once this research and analysis are done, you will be able to get a good SEO ranking and this will help you to boost up.

White hat uses data analysis or sometimes wear a data scientists hat to uncover patterns and trends to see how things work. There’s a difference between one White Hat SEO expert to another. There are people who follow the guidelines, and there are those who spot patterns and becomes a leader.

SEO Oriented Websites

Technical SEO plays a huge part in helping search engine crawlers understand and comb through your site better. Site structure, navigation, content. Each page has a purpose and each page must be optimized to the fullest. It’s not about keyword stuffing, but a White Hat expert will try to understand user intent and how one page relates to that. Where is this page going to rank and how should we optimize it so that we can rank better. It’s about transparency and no hidden agenda.

Beware of the Competition

The competition is becoming more and more complex and that is why to make your website successful, you do need to be unique in your own way. If there are 20 articles all writing about “how to do SEO”, who would win?

Good SEO ranking is what makes a website successful and in the long term the ways in the White Hat SEO technique are the most fruitful in general. Certain example of White Hat SEO is that when you rank up and increase your traffic without breaking a single rule.

White Hat spends a lot of time going through competitors strategy, reverse engineer their process, look for patterns and data, analyze, experiment and implement. We need to understand every buyers journey process and break things down so that we can cross-examine the competition and see where we are compared to theirs. It’s about how to build a site that will last long and how to make your site the lead expert in your industry.

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2. Gray Hat SEO

Most people do not understand the concept of Gray Hat SEO and that is why they consider it to be something else which it is not. Gray Hat SEO is one of the types of SEO techniques in which the traffic and the customer base is not built legally at all. But the breaking of the rules and the strategies are not done directly to avoid any type of problem which can occur due to the rules and algorithms that are put together by the search engine. It can be getting traffic through a third party which is not directly involved in the process of the website that is created by you.

Many people avoid this technique because search engine algorithms main objective is to:

  1. Provide relevant searches to their users
  2. Provide the best content to their users.

It keeps on changing and being updated on a regular basis and it’s trying to define what is relevant and what is quality.

There are certain techniques that are used by the Gray Hat SEO in order to get the best out of the semi-illegal trade of online traffic among the website holders;

What Gray Hat SEO technique provides is that they pay a third party to write paid reviews on their website in order to generate more and more traffic and build authority. Most of these link building effort costs around $100-$200 depending on the quality. But quality is not necessarily the content but the domain authority of the site, which is pointless.

Hire a writer $5 for 500 word .10 cents per word, maybe cheaper

  • Hire an outreach specialist to engage and build relationships with websites
  • or build a blog network of their own which they’ve been working on for years.
  • Some of these sites are also known to get paid to post an article. So you’re in bed with some topics that they publish only because they are getting paid and topic relation is important.
  • People are focused on Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA), that they don’t understand the Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (FL). The actual quality or authority of a specific topic might be lower even though their domain authority might be high. They might represent music and entertainment versus your industry which is B2B.
  • Sometimes content is not authentic and is spun around with different words and letters, so they can keep reusing the article and save a buck or two to increase their profit margin.
  • The sole purpose is to get you backlinks, but if people actually read the article, it might not make any sense. That’s the difference between $100 and $100 comparison. Some agencies might spend more on content quality, others might not.

This is another very common Grey Hat strategy. People buy old domains which have been released by their previous owners or they buy old already built websites which have to have some modifications in order to become a little modern and attract more audience to their website. They can built or redirect to your site domain. To get away with this, they purchase different proxies and try to avoid any relations between you and the purchased domains. This way, search engines think that its a totally different site, own by a different owner, so technically this is not a bad thing because of this one grey area. Some will go as far as building a duplicate of your site, change some words, redirect when needed, which then becomes a Black Hat technique

Automating the Social Media, Buying the Traffic and Followers

This the most common thing that is being done to create more and more traffic towards a website or a social media account which has taken many people to become social media influencer. Buying the traffic is impossible. Places like Fiverr offers sites traffic increase, saying that these are humans. But in reality, it’s a gimmick to show data on Google Analytics. There is no traffic coming to your site, these are false pings. While it seems like your site increased in traffic, when viewing Google Analytics, it’s only there to help that SEO agency show you that they are doing their job and increased the number of traffic. Look at the Behavior Flow and you will see that no one goes beyond the first page. Unless the traffic is actual human interaction with the website, it is of no use in the long term speaking in general, only to wow you and woo you.

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3. Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is one of the types of SEO techniques in which the unethical and unfair means to increase the ranking, as well as the traffic, is used. The technique is very aggressive in nature in terms of how to handle the ranking as well as the traffic. The Black Hat SEO technique does not follow any rules and strategies that are used in the White Hat SEO technique.

This technique also breaks the search engine rules which are set by the search engine itself that this is the reason why to achieve their desired goal in terms of increasing the rank, as well as the traffic, is doomed. Search engines like Google have very strict rules against these type of rule-breaking techniques and the SEO campaigns that found for the same are suspended that very moment.

There are some techniques which are followed in the Black Hat SEO which leads to certain rule breaking and creates a complex environment:

Keyword Density

There is a certain type of difference between adding the keyword and just filling up the keyword in general. This technique is used in the Black Hat SEO and which should not be followed in order to be a White Hat SEO oriented website or web page. The keyword should be used a proper and meaningful amount which even makes the content meaningful and it should eventually follow up with the rules and strategies. The website might have words like:

“Phone Systems California, Small Business VOIP, Small Business Telephone Systems, Small Office Phone System, Business Phone Service Provider, Business Internet Phone Service, Business Phone Service, Small Business Phone Service, VoIP Business Phone System, VoIP, VOIP, Business Phone System, Business Phone Solutions San Francisco, Business VoIP, Voice and Data Cabling, Cabling, Fiber Optic Cabling, Wireless Site Survey”

Stuffing in every possible keyword they want to rank for.

Unauthentic Content

This is the type of technique which is widely used in order to increase traffic and rank up. What these people sort of follow is to copy the valuable and authentic content and just paste in on their website in order to make it appealing and generate some sort of traffic on their own website. This is the breach of authenticity and the breach of basic rules and ethics of SEO.

This is the main particular reason why plagiarism checking tools on the internet came into existence. The tools eventually help to remove any sort of plagiarism from your content and makes it authentic in its own way. High-value content is what should be on the website that you have created and what appeals to the mass audience which will create the traffic on your website for you.

Hidden Content or Hidden Text

Putting up the content or the text which is not at all authentic and not eligible as well. This is usually done by adding the content to the web page in which the content color and the web page color is the same. This is illegal in all terms if you consider the basic rules and ethics of the search engine optimization. This is done in order to add illegitimate content to attract the traffic towards your web page or website. This should be avoided in order to be able to follow all the rules and ethics of basic search engine optimization.

Doorway Pages

These are sort of pages are added into the website by creating interconnected links in order to improve the search engine ranking as well as the traffic on your website rather than the creator of the original creator of the doorway page that you have linked. Most of these doorway pages are not properly managed and are not included in the normal navigation of the website or the web page.

=> The only thing that is important after getting the information related to the technique of Black Hat SEO, if you want to run something in the long run and want to build a customer base for yourself, you should go by the rules that are the related to the types of SEO techniques.

In conclusion

While concluding this entire thing, the thing that is right and will help you in a long term with immediate effect is the one you should go with as it is the best option to have a stable graphically uprising SEO ranking and constant traffic to your website which will help you build an audience for yourself.

Another thing which every digital marketer should keep in mind is that nothing will help you run the business and the website for a long time other than the rules and strategies that are followed in the White Hat SEO technique. It is the least complex and the most stable technique that you can use. It will help you to build a base on your own without any artificial help. You know the reason why you need SEO, now you know the quality of SEO to help filter out the bad ones from the good.


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No need to hire SEO experts anymore to fix your site technical SEO issues