Link Building Services

Do you have the time to build links?

For most SaaS companies, local businesses, you have the product team, customer support team and the marketing team, but not a link building service team.

The product team is responsible for building your SaaS, and the marketing team is responsible for creating great content because, let’s face it, most freelance writers suck unless you use our content marketing service.

Besides, you might not have read our “What you need to know before hiring an SEO Agency” article and hired external help, which didn’t work because the transparency and results were just not there.

These low-quality SEO “experts” would spend (billable) hours doing things but never provided any real, quality results. In some cases, they use grey hat or black hat strategies and you’re not aware of what’s going on before it’s too late.

Your great products/services deserve to be found.

“But SEO is a long term game, Can I afford SEO?

We’re convenient cause we have different SEO packages. 

We provide a full SEO service that comes with content marketing service, link building service. Or you can choose to work with us for content marketing or link building service a la carte.

All your budget can be used to build links to your existing content, if you choose our full SEO service or our link building service.

Here’s what we do

  1. We manually reach out to relevant websites and find the right way to pitch them your link placement.
  2. We work with your existing content, no need to write extra articles for guest posting. We write all the articles for our guest post outreach or reach out to existing articles out there to place your link.
  3. We come in as your link building team and take over all the work so you can sit back, relax and monitor your growth. We provide full transparency and provide you report each week.
  4. We focus on QUALITY > quantity = Less emails, more personalised = better results.

Here’s our simple method, explained:

First: We design the strategy

Second: Find & qualify the prospects

Third: Run & manage the outreach

Every single project we work on begins with the following 2 steps.

Initial Analysis

Content Analysis

We take note of your existing content and ask ourselves:

  • What pages are ranking what and what needs the most attention to rank higher
  • How many links does your content have?
  • How many links does your content need to rank higher?
  • How many articles should
  • How many links does your competitor have?

Backlink analysis & strategy

We take note of your existing links and decide what kind of links we need to acquire (based on the content you have). Once we have an ideal amount we should build out per content we can start analyzing, plan, implement, experiment and evaluate our strategy. We want to determine if you need 5 or 20 backlinks for your content type to rank no.1 so that we don’t waste our time and yours. Other services out there won’t do the backbone and want to collect their fees. We want to go above and beyond any other services out there.

How Do We Choose Our Targets?

At the beginning of every campaign, when we have an idea of the content you have available and the type of links we should acquire, we divide our targets into three main “content types”:

  1. Your main landing pages(homepage, use cases, case studies, white papers)
  2. Blog articlesthat are on the verge of getting significant traffic(bottom page 1, top page 2)
  3. Linkable assets(infographics, research articles, ultimate guides)

These will be our targets throughout the entire project/campaign.

Link Prospecting

Link prospecting = gathering all of the prospects (websites) that we are going to send our outreach emails to.

This is, in our opinion, the most important part of the entire link building process. For this reason, we are constantly improving and perfecting it to gain maximum efficiency and results.

We use several tools, both paid and free tools to help us manage and implement our link building strategy

Here are the main phases of the process:

  1. Generate Search Queries
  2. Scrape Search Results
  3. Clean the List
  4. Scan Pages for Keyword mentions
  5. Scrape Competitors’ links
  6. Get Website Data & Filter List
  7. Get emails and names
  8. Verify Emails
  9. Move to Outreach Management Sheet
  10. Add Personalization
  11. Create template + send

What You Get

  • 6-15 Links per month (depending on the DA)
  • Links from real sites with traffic, no PBN or Web 2.0, social bookmarking sites.
  • Moz DA 20+ to 60 (we use metrics as a way to pre-qualify but it’s not the only criteria).
  • Google Sheets where you can monitor the live links and see everything we’re working on daily.
  • We also help promote your newly published articles to help gain extra eyes and possible backlinks. As long as your content is great, we should see a decent viral effect.
  • Weekly check-in reports.
  • Ongoing monthly strategy and analysis. We will determine where we should focus each month based on the results we received from the strategy. We keep optimizing, reoptimizing, and stop over-optimizing so that we can work effectively and efficiently to bring real results and not just hope for any results.

We are a good fit if

  • You produce great quality content consistently.
  • You understand the value of quality link building over time.
  • You understand that links don’t take place overnight.
  • You understand and trust our link building process.
  • You are fast and responsive.

Our monthly retainer includes the cost of our expertise, time and effort to design the strategy, find, audit and qualify the prospects plus sending and managing outreach emails. We handle all of this for you so you don’t have to.

We do, we have an entire set of guidelines. We look at Domain Rating (DR), Domain Authority (DA), Ahrefs traffic estimates, Ahrefs keywords ranking and more. We also run a deep topical audit to make sure the sites we work with are real, updated regularly and topically relevant to your business. We also invest in sites where we see growth in their domain rating, and potential for wins that help us place our links at 20 DA and see their site grow to 40+. This is why we can lower the cost, implement faster and better results. Note: It’s not all about getting those 60+ DA links, it’s about creating a natural, effective, future proof approach to help your site rank higher.

Manual work takes time. The first links usually start coming in by the end of month 1/half of month 2. By month 3 we should be able to consistently get 6 to 15 links. Some of these sites are based on providing guest post articles, so some of them can take a while to get these articles published.

Our minimum agreements are for 6 links per month. Depending on a variety of factors (content quality being the most important), we have been able to build up to 20-30 links per month.

Sometimes. We hide nothing from our clients. The fact is, most sites ask for a publishing, advertising or admin fee. If it’s a good opportunity, we have no issue paying. We DO NOT buy links on private networks, PBNs or websites that do not meet our quality guidelines.

How much does our link building service cost?

$4,500 per month

But before you want to hire us

We take pride working with our clients and in no way want to jeopardize our relationships. So please contact us first before wanting to use our service so we can make sure we can work with you.

So, are you ready?

lets get started!

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