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All You Need To Know About the A.I.D.A. Copywriting Formula

by Jay | Posted on December 26th, 2019

Today, majority of people use the Internet whenever they want to find a product or a service. They do this using devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. This behavior is promoted by easy access to resources such as WiFi hotspots in shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, colleges and other locations of social gathering. If you are selling products or services online, you need to know how to get the attention of these people. You can do this by providing high quality content for your webpages and social media posts too. How can you ensure that your content is always eye-catching and attractive to readers? You can do this by using the A.I.D.A. copywriting formula.

aida model

What is A.I.D.A.?

This is one of the most commonly used copywriting formulas today. It is standard and commonly utilized for content marketing purposes. A.I.D.A. can easily be used for landing pages, sales pages, tweets, social media pages, social site posts and even direct mail. A.I.D.A. is an acronym that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. These are further explained below.


Gain the attention of the reader. Use the words in your content to attract them and give you some time out of their busy lives. In the A.I.D.A. method, attention is where you use an interruptive medium to attract readers. It is the first activity to perform in this formula.


This is the second activity to perform in this formula. This is where you provide the reader with information which is fresh and interesting. It should appeal to them and encourage the readers to go to go through more of your website. This information should be counter-intuitive or unusual in nature. This makes it captivate the reader. Once you generate their interest, it is time to move on to the next activity.


This is where you move to capture the heart of your reader. This makes them want what you are offering. You can do this by indicating the benefits of your product or service. Moreover, you can prompt desire by posting testimonials which act as proof of your pledge or promise.


In this step of the A.I.D.A. formula, you can proceed to ask your readers to perform an action. This can be buying your product or service. It can also be subscribing to something that you are offering in your website. This step in the formula is the last and most important since it makes the reader commit to you fully. It also generates some revenue or some other benefit for you.

Why should you use A.I.D.A.?

A.I.D.A. is a copywriting formula that always gives rock-solid results every single time. It is recognized as the traditional, standard method of attracting online readership and generating leads and revenue for your website. Before applying A.I.D.A., you should understand a fundamental factor on how to use it.

How to use A.I.D.A.

Before you generate some creative marketing content using A.I.D.A., you should first of all make sure that you comprehend your potential customer fully. You should direct the content of your posts and webpage content directly at the individuals who are bound to purchase your products or services. By doing this, you can increase the chances of success with A.I.D.A. If this formula is perfectly matched with your database of potential readers, customers or clients, then it will work perfectly. Thus, it is important to perform some research about your target demographic and analyze its psychological tendencies in terms of affinity for accepting offers from websites. Investigate the behavior of your target clients, define it and use it to guide the content and structure of your website copy or content of your social media posts.

Examples of how to use this formula

You can apply A.I.D.A. when you are coming up with advertisements for the products in you website. An example of such an advertisement is:

SEO Professional Suite

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By applying this software suite in your website, you can stay ahead of your competition by attracting more viewers, gaining more revenue from the sales of your products or services and ranking higher in the search engine results.

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The advertisement above is developed using the A.I.D.A. guiding principles. It begins with the title of the product which is SEO Professional Suite. After that, it captures the Attention of the reader by telling them what the software does. In addition to that, the advertisement generates Interest in the product by indicating what it can do for the reader. The reader’s Desire is then generated through indicating the benefits that they will get if they invest in this software product. Finally, an Action is prompted by encouraging the reader to start a trial of the product.

The A.I.D.A. formula can also be used to create social media material such as tweets. An example of a tweet created using this formula is:

“Sneak Peek! The latest version of our SEO software is out! Get faster Google Analytics and dedicated customer service. Want to experience it? Click”

The first section of the tweet gains the Attention of the reader by boldly informing them to take a sneak peek. The second section generates Interest by informing the reader that latest software version is out. The reader’s Desire is generated by informing them about the benefits of using this latest version of the software. Their Action is then encouraged using a prompt to experience the software by clicking on a link.


From the examples above, the A.I.D.A. formula is effective and versatile. Not only can you use it for advertisements in your webpages, it can also be utilized to structure some social media posts and tweets. The formula helps you to get the desired message to your target audience clearly. Due to is nature, it has a reputation for success and is recognized as a solid formula to use for content marketing today. A.I.D.A. is versatile. Hence, you can apply it in your website, blog, social media pages and posts too.


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No need to hire SEO experts anymore to fix your site technical SEO issues