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You’re here because you’ve read our articles, you know our quality and you’ve been searching for the best content marketing service agency.

B2B organizations that have a documented content strategy are far more successful in their efforts. While only 30% of all B2B organizations say they are effective at content marketing, 48% of businesses with a documented content strategy say the same, according to research from the Content Marketing Institute.

Do you want to be the authoritative source for informationin your industry, and need some help building the required systems and processes to get you there? You know quality content is how you can separate yourself from the crowd, but competing priorities and a simple lack of time keeps you from doing so. You might’ve spent some of your marketing budgets and did not see any results, don’t worry we know you have a lot on your plate. can’t keep doing it all yourself!

We like to provide a full SEO service for our clients. However, if you already had technical and on-page optimization. or currently have an SEO expert and looking for more content manager and management services, we’re able to provide that as well. We don’t like wasting your time or ours, so here’s a full detail of what you will receive from us.

There is no proprietary content mapping process, we leverage insights into top-performing content, trending SEO techniques and organic ranking opportunities to inform and polish all assets we produce. Think of hiring the best data scientist to identify where you will thrive the most.

What you will receive in detail:

  •  After conducting targeted customer and prospect research, we identify strategic messaging and content formats that resonate with buyers and move them through the researching and consideration process.
  • Existing content audit to identify messaging gaps and opportunities to repurpose content
  • Pinpoint gaps and potential opportunities to repurpose or update existing content
  • We will create a Trello board or Asana board (your company’s preference) to organize our content marketing
  • Add all existing content associated with the top-level keywords
  • Add all the main keywords we are looking to rank for (we can provide keyword research or go with yours)
  • All the articles we write will be added to the draft/in progress section
  • Research and strategy to find:
    • Find appropriate content researchers and writers that are the perfect fit for your business
    • Map out a tailored content strategy for six months at a time based on the problems you solve
    • Research high-performing keywords to partner this content strategy
    • Pinpoint relevant influencers in your industry that will improve promotion efforts
    • Turnkey content development and management
    • Repurpose – We help our clients get the most value out of their content by refreshing, updating and revising content for different formats, audiences, and buyer stages.
  • Develop content quality guidelines and a personalized style guide, tone, voice for your business
  • Create high-quality content, that means whether it is 700 or 5000 words, there’s a purpose, we do not create article fillers that people will just click the back button. Only the articles people want to read.
  • We’ll effectively promote your content with our proven content promotion process, including; SEO on-page optimization, social media sharing, influencer outreach, email broadcasts, community engagement and paid ads (yes).
  • Keep your content strategy up to date, interlink old to new, new to old articles, add relevant content to add these into existing articles, creating a spider web of article Wiki structure. 
  • Manage your editorial calendar altogether and meet deadlines and expectation.

content strategy trello board

asana board content strategy example


Each article will have their own cards with:

  • Keywords we want to use for interlinking or external linking
  • Notes if the priority was to reoptimize old article
  • Checklist process for each card (article)
  • Articles we interlinked to this article

content strategy trello board

content marketing checklist

With that said….

This will help us identify how many articles each content has, so we can track our performance ranking for each keyword. By having the keywords on each Trello card, we can easily create an internal linking or external linking process where we can use the keywords we want for that particular keyword.

The difference between our SEO Services and Content Marketing Services?

SEO services offer more than content marketing. We go through a content audit process to help maximize every article. A new competitor might disrupt the ranking system or someone skyscraped our article, or ranking has been struggling to break their ceiling. Some audits we do when we optimize existing content if you sign up for our SEO service:

  • Which content gets the most traffic?
  • Which gets the most social media shares?
  • Which gets the least traffic/social media shares?
  • Which content converted the best?
  • Which headlines get the most clicks?

Content marketing service does not monitor any of that or help identify these areas where we can fine-tune the approach as we continue to index our articles. We do not keep track of ranking to determine if we should change, add, remove content. We also do not do link building outreach. Although most of the content will receive an organic link building based on the quality of these content.

Natural Organic Backlinks

Our goal when we create content is 3 things:

  1. Rank no.1
  2. Provide the best content compared to any other content out there
  3. Convert

Our number 2 goal is how we are able to generate 100% organic backlinks. We do not do a lot of link building or guest post outreach. Some of our clients we are able to generate 5-10 guest post links per month. But compared that to the quality of the content, promoting the content, we were able to generate hundreds of links naturally.
Content Marketing Service 1
Content Marketing Service 2
Why spend the energy and time to build links when you should be creating content people are looking for? If the content is better than anyone else, you will be able to generate links that make sense. A lot of these people referring the article isn’t doing it because they were paid to do it, but they also want to provide the best information to their users. In the end, you generate quality links but also quality traffic from these links.

Different content marketing pricing packages

All packages will include the following:

  • Custom Content Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Quality Guidelines and Checklist
  • SEO Optimization
  • Copy Editor on Standby for Optimal Conversion
  • Grammar and Proofreading
  • Top Quality Images, Screenshots, Gifs
    • Featured Image (Unless you have a graphic designer on your team already)
    • Stock images (1-5, depending on the article)
    • Screenshots images
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Email Broadcast Copy
  • Community Engagement
  • Paid Media Promotion
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Calendar Management
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • 4 x Quality Blog Posts = $1300 USD
  • 8 x Quality Blog Posts = $2500
  • 12 x Quality Blog Posts = $3500
  • 24 x Quality Blog Posts = $6500
  • With a 6 month contract, paid monthly or one time with a 10% discount

There is no limitation on word count. Once we have an article idea, we do a full research to understand the user intent, what’s been written, what questions are being asked, etc. It can range from 600-5000 words based on the content needed to become number one.

Why should you choose a content marketing service versus link building?

Our content is about quality, that means more people will want to reference our content compared to your competitors. We are also promoting your content so that more people get to read the content we produce. Paying for backlinks when you can create high user intent content to generate leads and increase your brand awareness is a no brainer. Typical backlinks will cost you an average of $100 for an average quality site. We’ve created content that produces hundreds of links organically and helps you get more sales.

Who should sign up for our content marketing service?

We do need to make sure that we honor our NDA from our current and previous clients. Hope you understand! Besides that please contact us first and let us know what package you are interested in so we can determine if we can work with you or help you find an alternative


Content Marketing Service

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