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Identify The Ideal Target Audience and be a Marketing Pro

by Jay | Updated on August 29th, 2019

When promoting your business, niche, emails and landing pages. You want to make sure you are targeting the right audience. Whether you have a shoe-string budget or want to market wisely, what better way to write your emails when you know exactly who your audience is going to be?

Many new marketers write emails first, and then start promoting, purchasing, advertising their landing pages and see if anyone will purchase the product. With this simple tips I am about to give you, you will start narrowing your focus to one primary group of people. Target your words that can help these specific people.

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I believe in agile system and find the best ways to go about things. Give your business structure and you will be less frustrated.

Once you narrow your focus, you start to realize the problem and you are able to find the solution. You become an expert, you get to know them very well and can provide understanding, empathy, develop or suggest additional products based on their needs.

Whatever the offer is that you want to promote. You want to look for products and ask these few questions:

– Think about the type of people who can benefit from what you have to offer.

If the product is general like “lose weight”, you want to select few specific groups and spend your advertising money wisely. You can start by selecting the gender, age, work, salary, and etc.

You can target middle age women who are single, currently working at an office so they are not as active as other people. You can then start suggesting quick workout hacks they can do 5 minutes a day, or health plan delivered to their door or office.

– Your headlines will start pinpointing to this specific group,

“Don’t have time to workout?” “Can you spare just 5 minutes to start a healthy life?” Once you start targeting to specific group, there might be those who may come to you. Whether you want to continue with one specific email series or start building another for different group, that is up to you. If you have specific group and email series, you might be able to ask your List if they rather receive emails on a different series and build interaction and willingness to help

Writing your headlines, emails are really going to stand out and get your audience to feel they can understand and trust you. This is the easiest and quickest way to build their trust. You can easily map out the possibility and create if you feel this way click on this, if you feel that way, check this out. You definitely want to ask them questions and engage with your List. But providing them your understanding and expertise will bring your marketing to a whole new level.

– Think about who you would most enjoy helping or working with.

Sincerity and willingness goes a long way, if you enjoying helping everyone, well that is all good. It would be a lie if we liked everyone in the whole world. There are few people who we are willing to help more than others. If that is the case, make sure you hedge your marketing with those you love to help. If this does not matter to you, then by all means go target everyone. What made this tip so special was that my stories attracted the audience better than trying to reach every single prospect.

If you are taking a test and you have all the answer, you might pass the test. Understand and know who you are going to target, finding and planning your email series first will only help you get their attention. What are your best practices and how are you targeting your audience?


I've worked for WooRank, SEOptimer, and working on a cool SEO audit tool called Now I have build Linkilo and SEO RANK SERP WordPress theme. I've been in the SEO industry for more than 5 years, learning from the ground up. I've worked on many startups, but also have my own affiliate sites.


No need to hire SEO experts anymore to fix your site technical SEO issues