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5 Content Types to Improve Social ROI

by Jay | Updated on March 31st, 2020

It is our duty as marketers to create the most compelling content that will attract the consumer’s eye and engage them as they read or watch the video. For you to achieve that, you need to know the most compelling content.

Let’s go:

5 Content Types to Improve Social ROI (3)

Imagery and infographics

social media

Social media has become incredibly visual. You will see that many people prefer clicking on a link with an eye-catching photo compared to a standalone link. Posts with images will attract more people and score higher engagement.

Focus on building custom brand images, and consumers will experience a better brand recall on all social media platforms.

Infographics are an excellent technique of illustrating complicated info and multiple data points to become easy-to-read as a visual format. Infographics will help you earn 3 times more success scores on social media.

Blog posts


Blog posts are the cream coat of your content strategy. Blogging will quickly help you achieve these goals:

  • Build a platform for your audience
  • Pull more traffic to your site
  • Illustrating through leadership

Ensure that you integrate your promotional methods to pull more audience from sources other than organic traffic search. Tag experts in your industry who you have interviewed or referenced in your content. Post your personal page, company’s page, and your LinkedIn groups to showcase expertise in your company. Social media is an interacting and engagement platform, and you must encourage your readers to pose questions and give their thoughts.

White papers and eBooks


You must ensure all your marketing strategies are adding value to your business. Create eBooks, white papers, and downloadables to help you generate leads. These are the most influential pieces of content useful for your business.

White papers stand at 89% as the most regularly asked shared marketing vehicle. One to three respondents share their whitepapers with at least 3 of their colleagues. You can encourage leads from your follower base by utilizing conversion pages if you have integrated with CRM. Alternatively, promote an ad on your conversion page to speak to your target audience.



90% of users report that product videos are helpful in the decision process of the buyer’s journey and have seen a direct impact of video marketing on their business. Facebook’s algorithms now favor posts with custom images and video content. You can make videos to:

  • Make videos series to demonstrate different products
  • Use animated videos to explain the specific services that you offer
  • Post customer testimonials to build trust and pull more potential clients

Case studies

A study by BrightLocal shows that nine out of 10 people will first look for product reviews online and posts on social networks before they proceed to make a purchase. That makes case study a powerful tool to showcase your success to prospects on the internet who are potential clients in the future.

You can convert all these prospects to your customers by clearly stating the success of your case study instead of using a generic message. Make case studies like “how we helped a blog achieve 10,000 visitors monthly”. That will attract more clicks and engagements than “how to get 10K traffic visitors on your site”.


Build content that is relevant to your audience. Create different content to help you generate more leads, drive clicks on your site, and achieve your goals quickly. Remove filler content from your posts.


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No need to hire SEO experts anymore to fix your site technical SEO issues