Drive Real Content Marketing Results with These Expert Tips

by Jay | Updated on March 31st, 2020

Every business needs a content marketing strategy to grow. If you do not have online content or you are not getting the results you expected, it is useful that you try some tips that will work for your business. Employ strategies that aid in achieving your business goals.

Create a successful native advertising campaign

google adwords

Native campaigns help you reach more potential customers, which is natural and organic. Read on tips from Content Marketing Institute by Megan Morreale for more tips.

Use Facebook engagement strategies for promotion


When promoting your content of Facebook, ensure it gets more engagements. More engagements mean more people will see your content. Here are useful tips from Smith for content creators.

Build a content experience framework to drive engagements and revenue

What type of experience do you wish to give your potential customers? Randy Frisch outlines various ways to create content experience frameworks and how it will benefit your business.

Rank new content faster

SERP on mobile

Creating high-quality content will rank faster and attract more readers. Neil Patel gives the most essential things on this topic.

Audit your site with alternative SEO tools

Site Audit SEMrush-min

For better ranking of your sites, use SEO audit tools like those included on the post by Williams. Also, check out BizSugar.

Flip the content experience switch

When creating content for your business, always keep the customer in mind. Most marketers tend to overlook this part. As Caitlin Burgess, elaborates, a shift in perspective brings the difference.

Fill your editorial calendar with relevant topics

content calendar

When creating content for marketing our business, you need a full calendar cycle on how you will be producing your posts. Elise Dopson discusses how to find such topics.

Refresh your image as a business

Your website helps you provide content and brand your business differently. Using tips from Janice Wald on blog posts is very useful. Also, check for ideas shared on BizSugar.

Understand the intent to boost SEO


400;”>SEO is about getting your content in front of searchers. When creating content, think about what people search for and other related topics. Syed Balkhi discusses this concept and how it impacts your SEO.

Drive repeat customers to your business

How do you retain and drive sales to the same customers? Repeat customers are essential for the success and growth of your business, as explained by Ivan Widjaya in the SMB CO post.


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