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How to Write Quality Content Quicker with This Booster Hack

by Jay | Updated on November 25th, 2020

It is never an easy task to prepare epic blog posts. It takes time to have a blog post that is ready for your audience. From conducting keyword searches and finding relevant examples to uploading and promoting, everything adds up to one big task. A giant task that is worth it if everything is done well.

How you prepare your blog posts is very crucial. You follow a sound plan, and nothing stops you from creating engaging content quickly. On the other hand, if you don’t have a plan, you will always find it challenging to prepare better blog posts.

How to Write Quality Content Quicker with This Booster Hack (1)

Spending your precious time creating blog posts and ending up with content that is not attractive hurts. You maybe be forced to think blogging is not your thing while it is just a small mistake causing all the troubles. We know how it feels to end up with low-quality blog content but worry not because you are not alone.

This article takes you through the content booster hack, a tactic that will help you write better content more quickly and more often? Ready? Let’s get started.

What great writers do to prepare epic content?

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Let’s start with a simple scenario. Imagine you are a small business coach, and a potential client wants your support in helping put together a one-year strategy document. Your task now is coming up with an epic blog post that steps the client through the entire process. That is, from the star to the end.

You decide the title will be “The Ultimate Guide to Espresso Brewing Guide

Now, why do you start?

The answer is straightforward; you start combing everything you have written or created about strategy development and transferring all the relevant information to a master document.

Once satisfied, you have exhausted everything you have on strategy development; it is now ok to expand on your thoughts by finding out what others have written on the topic. This means you have to make Google your friend.

Once on Google, you type “espresso brewing guide” Multiple articles pop up, and after scanning them, you gather a list of subheadings that are interesting and relevant and include them to your already gathered content.

You can also try other platforms such as SlideShare, BuzzSumo, infographic directories, and YouTube to see the content they have about this topic. The more you research, the better.

Make sure to use similar terms when researching like:

how to make good espresso

espresso to water ratio

espresso brewing tips

how do you brew espresso

and so on.

Use related terms until you have a good list of sub-topics to add in your post. Try using SemRush to find these related keywords.

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If happy with the list of sub-topics, finalize your research and restructure the list to create a nice flow and narrative. By the time you get this far or at this stage, you have put together all the resources you need. In other words, you have a tangible blog post.

But you are not yet done unless you want to be average. If you are going to put together a resource that is better than anything else already out there, you need to focus on boosting your content.

How to boost your content

By now, you should be having a blog post structure nailed down. Going back to our example, the subtopics or subheadings you have researched form the structure of the article.

Now here is the thing, instead of searching for the main topic as you did before — this time, you use each of the sub-topics to find relevant content. For example, let’s imagine that one of our sub-topics was “defining your potential customers.” You will use this sub-topic now to search for fresh and unique content.

To be unique and to come up with better content, make sure to dive deeper than anyone has before on all the subtopics. The more you dive deeper and use the content hack for all sub-headings, the more you will accumulate massive relevant content, and this will help you write something better than anyone else. Not to mention that you will eventually have an epic piece that will be easier to promote and one that will boost your search engine rankings over time.

Example of where content booster hack works well

fast seo results

Killer introductions

To help you understand how you can create one-of-the-kind introduction for your blog post, let’s use an article from Keto with Amany. We will focus on the introduction part of this article.

This article “The Ultimate Keto Guide – Beginners Information to Get You Started” it has a very engaging introduction. The introduction highlights pain points, benefits, and common challenges. We have highlighted some of them.

From this article (introduction) you can pick 1 or 2 points that make it POP.

Now, if you save bunch of these “Points that POP” in your “Introduction,” then it will be easier and fast to write your own introduction.

List posts

Here we’ll focus on creating a listicle or list post. Now let’s take an example of a blog post, “26 Business Ideas You Can Start for Free Starting TODAY” Coming up with such a list is possible but also requires proper researching. Going back to what we have been talking about. That is, coming with a list of subtopics will definitely make your work better and unique. In other words, you will apply the content booster hack to make each of the 40 income-generating assets appealing and unique than anyone has before.

Additionally, the more you research on each subtopic, the more you get fresh ideas on how best to shape your unique opinion and position on the topic.


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No need to hire SEO experts anymore to fix your site technical SEO issues