Running Out of Blog Ideas? Here’s 15 Things to Blog About

by Jay | Posted on March 30th, 2020

Anyone can be a blogger. It does not matter if you run a business or you are a novice blogger. The big dilemma and confusion come when determining the idea for your next big post. If you are stuck, here is a list of 15 fantastic ideas that will help you get a topic for your next blog:

Product reviews

Write about “the hottest thing” in your industry that suits the desire of your readers. For example, if you run a blog about car technology, write about the latest hybrid cars to be released.



Conduct interviews with notable people and write a blog post about it. Extend your friendship to authors in your field and build beneficial relationships.

Start a video blog

People would now rather watch a video rather than read plain text. Make an excellent video blog using Skype, Call burner, or Google Hangout.

Conference wrap up


When you attend conferences, create wrap-up sessions of the conference so that your readers will know what transpired in the event they were not able to participate in.

How-to advice

Create content on “how-to-do something” in a stepwise format to earn go-authority and become a resource in your industry.


question mark

Take frequently asked questions by your clients and create blog content to answer them. You are going to help many people with similar questions.

Round Ups

You make a round-up post by reaching to experts in your field, ask them questions, and compose all their answers in an expert post. That helps you get likes, shares, and comments that build your audience.

List Post

For example, create a list of “Top 10 hottest gadget release this month”. Find something your clients might need to know in your field and make a list to deliver high value.

Book reviews


A portion of your clients enjoy reading. Share your perspective, new signings, and releases with your clients.

Case studies

Teach your readers to do something using real-life examples. Ensure that you clearly explain the challenges faced, the path to getting a solution, and what is learned from the case study.

Twitter post 


Put together all your favorite tweets of the week. See how you can convert interesting tweet chats into a blog.


Many readers enjoy debating valid points from two credible sources. Create a debate by posting questions from two sources and let them give feedback to you. Many readers are going to complete your test.

Cheat sheets

Make shortcuts for your audience on how to get your things done. You make your clients know, like your blog better, and build trust in you.

Income reports

income reports

Make blogs on how to make money online and income reports. You can share the amount of money you earn from your blog, sources of your funds, and your monthly expenditures. Click to see how Tom Ewer left his job and his financial growth.

Weekly challenges

Engage your readers in weekly challenges where they take small actions. Examples of challenges are, “how to start on low-carb diet” or “21 days alcohol-free” etc. challenge your audience and put a prize for the winner. 


Blogging is all about providing the best information and method possible. You can literally read a refrigerator manual and make it interesting. The point is that providing valuable information is key and not just blogging to fill in your content calendar. If you need help increasing your blog posting per month, let us help! Contact us today.

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