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Learn How to Start a Blog [Ultimate Guide]

by Jay | Updated on December 6th, 2020

CHAPTER 1: The Pros on Blogging and How Cons are Pros

People get into blogging for several reasons. Way back when blogging was considered personal journal, now became a guide to the internet. Without bloggers/writers, we would not have the wealth of knowledge we have today. Personal journals is synonymous to online marketing. Startups uses them to attract visitors, businesses are now seeking out writers to provide their prospect customers the tools they need, whatever that is. 

Whether you want to write for or startups or start your own blogging site for income or hobby. My goal is to provide you everything I know and more. I took the liberty to collect all the sources I had. Learn from experiences and contents from all over the world to write this book. 

woman sitting beside table using laptop

I started blogging as a hobby. I was not thinking about writing for a company. But when the opportunity came to the door, I had equipped myself and well, it all worked out. If your goal is to generate income, your success is the time spent in knowing what to do and write as much as possible. 

Before you start to create your own blog. It is necessary to know what blog really is. I’m sure you can Google or Wiki the word “Blog”. For the benefit of the reader (You), the term blog is actually derived from the word Weblog or Web lob. It was utilized by users to track updates and references to other resources online. Served as journals, and as a publishing tool. Readers of these blogs can leave comments, share their thoughts on just about anything or any article that was written. 

What is a blog?

Blogs are also known as CMS or Content Management Systems. It allow the writers to easily publish and manage content without dealing with codes. 

Times are little different now. But blogging is still the same. The main question is, why should you start blogging? Just like social media, it is means of communication and online presence. Generally, writers are not praised for their work but for the content. You will not be a famous writer, but your content should speak for itself. I started writing because the topic I wanted to learn was not created. Being an INTJ type personality of the Meyer Briggs Personality, I wanted to learn more about who I was. As I researched online, I was not satisfied of the content provided. So, I was started recording my thoughts and actions a typical INTJ would react to and observe every single detail of who I was and what it meant to be an INTJ. 

This topic did not generate any income for me, but it was a passion. Main reason why you should start blogging, is that it can be both an excellent outlet for your frustration, passion or excitement. Profit should also be included. When I first started writing about the thoughts of INTJ, I started to gain attention and followers. The key to successful blogging is to be passionate. But what if your passion dies out and you are time crunched to get your articles completed for it to be publish? The routines and the time consumptions that will make your life miserable. Your passion “I want to write” becomes “I need to write”. When you want to write, your energy is all into it, when you need to write, you have the option of not writing. 

Maybe you have not generated any income and you are getting tired of writing for no reason. At first, you were excited of potential clients that might be interested in your service. I encourage you to never give up. To devastate you even more. There are chances that your competition might provide better content. 

What a way to start this book! I am not going to dumb it down for you. There is competition and the only way to come out of this, is to continue your passion of writing. I have written hundreds of articles, wrote books, courses. I have done all this to be proud of myself. I laid my foundation, but is this the end? I hope not, and to answer that particular question, you should continue and move forward. 

In some cases, blogging can form customer relationship. People will love your articles. Just like TV pilot series, that we love and does not meet the audience demand. We do not want you to go away. My advice to you, is to write for yourself. You will see one, two people liking your articles. You will start building up a following. Remind yourself that what you write is your own, and people will like you for who you are! Customer relationship can eventually lead to lasting trust to you and your product/services. As I became Content Manager for Sendlane, I did not select anyone who has not provided any work. You can call yourself a writer, but if you do not prove yourself and I do not see your passion, you will not get hired. There were writers who were excellent, but when I contacted them, they did not respond at all. 

As Content Manager, it is hard to find good writers. We spend days, weeks, months looking for the next best thing. It might not come when you expected. The opportunity is there as a writer. Especially, when you provide high quality content. 

Blogs have been popular since the beginning of the World Wide Web. The rate is increasing and mind-blogging. Why is this happening? What is everyone wanting to create a blog? If everyone is busying writing his/her blog. Why and when will they get time to search for other blogs like yours and read them? Is it a fad? Will it pass away?

To many, writing and publishing it makes them feel good. Freedom of expression, knowledge you kept for a long time needs to be unleashed. We have a cry to say something about anything we love. I wrote this book, rather than blogging because I wanted to provide a complete book about my passion. Passion can die out. Not understand S.E.O or Search Engine Optimization or know how to send traffic to your site can be frustrating. It is also difficult to make sure that our blog will get one of the top rankings in a search. S.E.O is a big part of blogging, and we will go into that subject later in this book.

For the past few years, clickbait headlines that brings tons of clicks are not being worthless. Contents are dying because people are so focused on clicks rather than quality of the content. Businesses are realizing that content is what is going to save their business and not just amazing headlines. Readers are crying out for quality content and hate being the victim of clickbait schemes. Are you going to save the world with amazing content?

If writing is your passion, be proud that you can start publishing your own content. It sounds stupid, but take into consideration of how people long ago dealt with publishing their own works. We live in a digital age and while people are taking advantage and provide crappy content, be proud that you will be the few who will revive it.

Blogs are popping up everywhere. Your favorite website has one, everyone has one. It shows you how much people love reading. While bookstores are declining, online, articles, ebooks are in huge demand. You will probably not find one company not using blog to reach out to their prospects. Companies may have several blogs on its website, each one dedicating and catered to specific audience: customers, customer concerns, product updates, inbound and outbound contents. In addition to being helpful to their current customers, these blogs bring in more traffic with prospects looking for help. Depending on the traffic, the more traffic usually means more money. Outbound blogging is growing, this is where the money at. 

Just how exactly do blogs bring in more traffic? Businesses use Google AdWords to reach out to potential clients. If you want to get hired to write for a company and your content brings prospects and increase engagement and sales, you are golden. If you are writing for yourself, Google Adsense ads provide bloggers means of making money with their blogs. The more traffic you have the more choices of advertisement you can select for your blog. Reach hundreds of thousands of people and companies will beg you to have their product displayed on your page. 

While this is everyone’s hope and dreams. Let your main focus be, providing quality content and write what you are passionate about. 

So, what are you going to write about? You can start looking for popular topics, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Health, and etc. 

Writing is both science and art. You need certain formula to provide you guidance and art to be creative. Choosing the words that would best fit your article and your audience. Describing feelings, sentiments, wishes and desires. 

CHAPTER 2: Creating your own Blog

Whether for business or pleasure, you want to create your own blog. If you want to write for pleasure you need a platform. If you are wanting to get hired as a freelance writer, you will need a platform and previous work or portfolio to show your potential clients. 

You will need to start asking yourself the science part of blogging.

Here are few things to get started:

Consider your audience. If you are writing for personal reason, you will have no limit to what you want to write. However, take into consideration who your audience is going to be and provide consistency. If you are going to write a bunch of articles to show your potential clients. Find few topics you might be passionate about and provide a spectrum of works. If you are only going to write about health and fitness, you can also write about how you research them or how to write your passions. So, instead of only focusing on health tips you have a range within your portfolio and help your potential client see what you are capable of. You can even write about a whole new topic on Biotech or Gaming. 

Stretch your limit, you are not passionate about one thing, but many. See how far you can go with a topic of your choosing. Learn to research and go above and beyond. Clients love new and creative articles, something they haven’t seen before. That could be your personality and/or creativity. 

Pictures speaks a thousand words. Blogging is not only about words. Pictures provide meaning and story telling. It helps your audience understand. Written communication has its limit, to help remove those limits, whether it is your tone or words you use. Pictures can say and bring out personas and understanding. Using (Free) or (Not Free) can help you visually guide your readers and make your articles enjoyable. 

If you stick with your passion, chances are, you will not generate any income. Of course there are exceptions. But when writing for yourself, you want to keep this in mind: Would it be beneficial for your readers? I get that you love to write and you want to write what you like. This means, is the topic marketable? Is it too technical? Are you using highfalutin words? Starting your first few blog articles can be a daunting task. How do you write? What do you write about? 

Bear in mind that most people who uses the internet usually scan through headlines and speed read articles. Also, because of the low quality content, many are writing lengthy engaging articles rather than short to the point articles. You want to have both articles on your blog. Typical 500-3000 word articles. 

Make it interactive as much as possible. Content is not only written but visual and audio. If you are afraid of creating video content, try using .Gifs. You might also try audio, Podcast style added to your blogs. Change things up so that people will feel excited. Comment is also interactive.

SumoMe and other plugins are available so that your pictures can be shared with your audiences social media platform. By highlighting text they can send their followers tweets of that specific highlighted text along with the link of your article. People like to share the whole article, and some like specific words, quotes, pictures that love the share. It is critical for your blog to be social media friendly. More important provide visibility of those sharing features. You want to look into several plugins and find the best feel for your site. Social Sharing should be located on the top, side, and bottom if you can provide all three location. If they go to the main page of your blog site, with all your content. You want to provide quick easy shares before they click on one of your article to start reading. 

There are few blog platforms you can use:

  • A quick primer
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Posthaven
  • Ghost
  • Kirby
  • Medium
  • Svbtle
  • Postagon
  • Jekyll
  • Contentful
  • Anchor
  • Silvrback
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • Scriptogram R.I.P.
  • Tinypress

In most cases, WordPress is the dominant one. Most Domains Hosting companies like BlueHost have one click install with WordPress. All you have to do is go sign up for the WordPress hosting, get your domain, sign up, install WordPress, choose a theme and your pretty much done. 

Other platforms provide you the opportunity to transfer your domain to their platform. Whether or not you want to use WordPress or explore other platform, that is up to you. Be you and do not follow others. These platforms are here to help you best fit your needs or feel of the site. 

One thing to consider. If you are wanting to generate income with affiliate marketing and or Google Adsense. You might want to select the platform that offers the options to add Ads and do not restrict you from placing it anywhere you want. Rule of thumb, do not place ads all over the place as the ads will get annoying and reduce the quality and speed of your site. Many popular sites have ads and people understand, provide dedicated section of your page to have those ads in place. 

CHAPTER 3: How to Blog Approach 

Blogging is a great way to share knowledge and gain knowledge. I started my blogging with a question, “what is an INTJ?” If you are curious about certain topic, you can start raising questions and awareness. It is also a great way of self-expression and self-promotion. Whether you want to speak your mind, give opinions, or tell stories. You are basically campaigning to get the word out about whatever you want to write about. 

When I was searching for writers for company I worked for. It was tough. People claimed to be writer but did not show any work. Those who rank the highest when searching through Google no longer were in the business. I did not look outside of my own research and this is where you can thrive. Content managers are always looking for writers. Using their social media platform of their choice and search engines. It is a great way to meet new business partnership.

Another great way of using your new blog site is to approach small business and help them create their own blog. Add that to you blog site portfolio page! 

When approaching your blog site, you want to make it simple enough to let your visitors know what you do and the service you offer. If it is all for hobby, then let people know. It is all about broadcasting who you are and what you do. 

If you are using WordPress for your blog site, you can start looking at ways to improve your S.E.O, learn about new plugins and as you start building your own blog site, you can help small business make their own. 

Why does a business need a blog? It not only provides credibility, but be the go-to for the industry. It can be simple as plumbing blog. You want to provide yourself, but if you are the business that helps people solve everyday problems like, “tips on keeping your pipes clean”. You can rest assure that if they have a problem they will turn to the person who helped them before. People are attracted to blogs for information, insights, tips, tricks, etc. If you are going to approach business, let them know what you can do for them and your writing capabilities. It would be better if you have your own domain and a running blog site as well.

You will also want to approach building traffic and list building. All the visitors that you have coming in, you want to capture their emails so that you can send them information or have them click on your recent blog posts to gain more traffic. Not only is this effective but this tool is proven to make sales for businesses. Blog sites are not seen as your basic website or sales page. Most articles are informal and entertaining. They have the potential to be effective with accuracy. Establish you or your business as an Expert who will build trust between you and your readers. 

You will need an Email Marketing Software like Sendlane or Aweber to start collecting your visitors emails. If you are using WordPress, you can search their plugins so that you can easily add an optin form for your visitors to easily add their email addresses. 

Leaving comments and sharing is one thing. It takes effort to build a list and maintain that list. But the value with this is going to help you. If you are a freelance writer and was hired to write an article for a company. Or interviewing for one, you can mention that you have X amount of visitors and X amount of emails that you have. If you have couple hundreds or thousands, you will probably be first in position to get hired. Companies love writers who knows what they are doing and loves those who go above and beyond for their readers. 

CHAPTER 4: How to Build Traffic

Your blog platform might provide potential readers to search for your blog site. Using tools like Tags and Categories, phrases in your title can help you acquire traffic. You can also submit your blog to search engines. Some are free and some are paid but this will get your blog out to search engines. The more the merrier. 

SEO either organic or paid is another alternative method to increase visibility as people will search based on the words you use and add keywords to your article. If you are using paid like Google AdWords, you can add multiple keywords and target your audience this way. 

More on this topic later in this article.

Back to the introduction. Can you make six figure income with Blogging? Once you tap into the world of Blogging and Writers, you be amazed to find out that people are out there making their living as bloggers, writers, copywriters. 

The main goal is to bring traffic to your blog site or if you are hired freelancer to promote the article you wrote for them. Although, most companies will pay to advertise their blogs, it shows how proactive you are. 

Since making a living as a blogger boils down to trying to get more traffic to your site so they can click on ads or your partnership with companies who wants to promote their products on your site. The best thing to do in this care is cover a wide variety of topics.

Keywords, keywords, keywords

Blogs like or BuzzFeeds are success stories people look up to. Yet, dreams can and do come true. The more keyword rich your content is the better. But you do not want to add bunch of keywords on your article and make it horrible for people to read and enjoy. The idea is to few keyword friendly sentences so that when someone goes to a search engine and types in a keyword, your site will come up. 

You can use tools like: 

Google KeyWord Planners that provides lists of keywords based the on the word of your choosing. It will provide helpful insights and the volume of searches and listings. It would be better playing around and experiment. You can uses keywords with less competition, or more competition, or based on volumes and local searches. 

Obviously, you cannot have articles on everything. You can researched few keywords and create your blog that way. If you are into Health, you can target Fitness, Workout, Diabetes, middle age workouts, bikini workouts, food, recipes, juicing and etc. Each topics have general and sub categories. 

If you want to go on this route and make money with your blog site. You can hire other freelance writers to post more content. More contents per week equals to more visitors. But if you plan on writing all your articles you can do so. It would be wise to provide fresh tone and voices for your visitors. 

Although this may seem simple to do, it can be quite difficult. The layout of your blog, advertising boxes, speed, color can affect the way your visitors feel and they will react accordingly. In truth, there are no best places to put your ad. I would only recommend you put it aside so your visitors can enjoy your articles. If you are writing an article about a product you can provide a call to action at the bottom and promote a product that way. 

For colors, you want to look into the psychology of colors and how they make people feel. You want to learn about this so that the tone of your article matches the color of your theme. Your goal is to continue your research and change if necessary to provide your visitors the best environment. Facebook, although not a blog site had multiple changes. Some of them weren’t liked as much as the other, but it was necessary. 

CHAPTER 5: Learn How to Express Yourself

Whether you work wearing your PJ’s or not. You must understand the tone and feel of your blog. How are you going to write your articles, casual or professional? Who is your audience or what type of audience are you wanting to gain? Take into these consideration before you start your blog site. Expressing your thoughts in written words, is not as simple a task as it may seem to be. People read differently and how you write or guide them is how you are going to communicate with them. Use pictures when possible. Going back to color and the style of font or size of your font. Are you capitalizing all your headlines? Grammar is essential part of communication. If you are not grammar savvy, I recommend you keep practicing. 

Perfection may be necessary if you are looking to write for a company or audience of scholars and grammarians. If your goal is to attract and make money with Google Adsense, then grammar is not as important, but still important. 

Check your spelling, buy books on grammars and add vocabulary. But do not use words to impress your readership. Keep in mind, even professional writers who write for hours everyday are seldom completely satisfied. Even they make mistakes. That goes for editors as well. I have read countless of articles to help understand the essence of writing and even popular magazines, books, newspaper sites made their mistakes. It is forgivable, as long as you are trying to get better. People can actually see improvement and see the growth within your writing. 

Do not get frustrated, take a break and go back to it when you are ready to write or correct your mistakes.

One of the challenges of blogging is to come up with good articles that interest readers and keep them coming back. You might started out writing about your passion, but if you want to be successful, you need to please the readers. My advice on originality, is to be yourself. You can read bunch of articles that might interest you. You can either spin it or add more value to an existing article. If you are creative and can come up with original content, that will just hit the ball out of the park. 

Second challenge is the time to blog. You will need to manage your time effectively and efficiently. 

You can use some of the methods on “Be Action Oriented Business”, after all, this is going to be your business. 

As I have mentioned, you can spin off articles or if you are into traffic, you can copy articles from other sites. You must give the credit along with the link to the original author. You would want to contact the author or the blog site if you can post the article and give the credit along with the link they wish to redirect the visitors too. If you establish a relationship, you might have chance of having your own article posted on their site adding your credibility and page authority. If you are writing about one topic, you can start adding on different views or sub-categories and get more ideas to generate articles. 

If you still cannot think of any articles, just browse the web and blog surf your way till you can come up with ideas. 

CHAPTER 6: How Should Your Market Your Blog?

If you have your own domain, this is probably the best way to market your blog. No successful blog has for their url. They have their own and people recognize the url as If you are promoting your site it is easier to promote the domain versus the whole link. You can easily get a domain and WordPress site from GreenGeeks. If you have a website like this coffee site you can either put your blog in front of the website or create a dedicate blog site like

Rather than having the same old blog theme like everyone else. Go blog surf and find a theme that separates you from everyone else. Make your blog unique and interesting to look at. Make it easier to identify your blog just by looking at the layout of your blog. 

SEO, keyword planning is another way to market. You need to remind yourself that chances of people finding your blog on its own is not possible or probably. You need to go out there and make it happen. 

Build relationship with other blog site and connect with each other. Backlinking is an effective strategy that works. It will help your page authority and pagerank based on linking your articles from other sites. 

Ping your blog frequently and every time that you update it. This will let all of the blog directories know that you have added something new to your blog. Old but still effective method. 

Add RSS Feeds to your blog site. Platforms like provides readers to gather all their favorite blogs and put them in one platform. Whether you like this or not, it still provides your readers to engage with your article on a different platform. This is no excuse to not get your blog to be the best looking. If your blog attracts the eyes of the reader, they might just go to your website and not add it to their feedly platform.

As you can see, you must be proactive with your blog otherwise you will see mediocre results. Blog marketing is pretty much the same as any marketing. You are promoting your articles and your blog site. Being familiar with other marketing strategy is a great way to get your blog out there. 

Blogging has become the primary traffic generation tool for many businesses. While money is in the List of email, there is a certain element of truth in the concept that people favor the blogs. Both blogging and list building compliment one another. Blogs contain one powerful concept – interaction. With content marketing or blogging, you will find that people are more interested in what you’re saying. People can leave comment on your blog, good or bad. Feedback is vital to any business and you must accept them. By providing your readers the opportunity to say something is true engagement and rewards you with loyal customers. 

Study successful blogs which focus on similar subject. Learn and experiment to best fit your ideas and ways of wanting to use your own blog. Write down all the little details, writing style, blog design, font type, sizes, colors, etc. Track their performances. You can use free tools to track other blog sites visitors count and page rankings. Follow their social media platforms and see how they promote their blogs. 

Most blogs fail because they did not give it a good title or good introduction. This is where decisions are made if the reader wants to read your article or not. But do not skip the body. Content is king and you need to learn how to attract the audience and provide quality content. Although you want to update your blog site with articles every week. Your main focus is to write based on quality. There will be days when you will have writers block and you can’t do anything but wait and push yourself through. But do not back down on your quality and provide them meaningless content. 

Remember be proactive. Not only do you have to write articles, post them, promote them. You will need to go above and beyond. Go to forums that talks about topics from your blog. Follow other writers and bloggers through social media and be the first to share their content and see if they say hi or thanks. Build relationship with other successful writers and join the club.

Here are few amazing ways to promote your blog. If you register with you get to have million viewers in your belt. You need to pick a few tribes to join and start building your relationship with the members. At first, you will need to earn your way and share people’s content, then you can become a member and provide your own. Help them, and they will help you. Quora and Reddit are also amazing platforms to get yourself busy and contribute. Social Media has its power to attract millions of people. 

It is important to have your blog in the high rankings of a search engine. The more you practice what I have mentioned, the better rankings you will start seeing. This is not a one day event but a gradual process. Once you make a habit of following best practices, you will see organic visitors coming to your site. Basically, it is free advertisement for your blog. 

When you add pictures to your blog, you want to tag your pictures and use SEO best practices with them as well. If you go to Google and type in a keyword, you can also select “images” and search relative images that the keyword search generates. This is another way to get your blog noticed. Video is another way. You can provide YouTube channel and add your video to your blog, making it a vblog. Video content is a great way to add amazing content if you are having a writers block or change things up for your readers. 

CHAPTER 7: The Six Figure Blog

Blogs are sweeping the digital world. There are few bloggers making six figure income with just one blog. Secrets will probably remain that way. But take a look at Crackberry. They also have Android Central, iMore, Connectdly and Windows Central. They gain huge visitors traffic and with different niches. If one person purchases an android and later decides to upgrade to an iPhone, chances are they will visit iMore for their information. 

Creating multiple blog site is probably the safest way to make your six figures with blogging. It also provides backlinks and if one gets a high page ranking, so does the other. Just like any other entrepreneur, having multiple business is like having multiple streams of income. You might outsourcing some works to others and build yourself an empire. Yes, it does require money and if you want to play it safe and create one blog at a time, you can. 

If you are running multiple blog site, you must know how to maintain them. You can either delegate and hire people to help you run your business or do it all yourself. Just know what you are getting yourself into. 

Create a plan. New article posting should be regular and on schedule. Regular visitors will see when you post and expect another one to be at the same day or time. Incentivize them with regular posting. If you change things up, when should they come back? How would they know if they should come back or not? Create anticipation of new postings and use your List to announce new postings. 

The length of the articles can be 500-3000 words. You have social media for 100-300 words. You want to attract those who want information and insights. If you are providing less words, it would be better to just email them your articles. 

I have suggested you make changes to your site. Always evaluate your changes and the effects it will have on your traffic. Too many changes and it can affect your blog, make no changes and it can stop your traffic.

BONUS CHAPTER 8: How to Speed Write

Identify your Voice, Tone and Own it

It’s hard to find or write about a certain topic if you do not know how to begin. It took me several months creating different blogs and pages and wrote about interesting topics, just so that I can give up on that particular niche. Once I discovered how I wrote, what words I used frequently, the tone I more likely use. The more I understood how to write better. Your voice and tone of your article will cover more than 20% of the word counts. By eliminating 20%, you have only 80% to complete your whole content.

This is the 80/20 principle

The quality of your content is based on you. People read because of who wrote it and how they react to the content. Unless you are anti-social, which can also be a benefit. You can discover this easily by talking to someone and asking them for feedback. Write content like you are sharing it with your friends. Personal or Formal, you understand this concept and eliminate the dryness. As you write based on your own voice, you will most likely attract readers who like you and it’s not just about content but you will be basically selling yourself.

Write as if you are writing or talking to your friend and remove pressure

Read it out Loud

Simplify your words unless you’re a vocab guru.

Do not focus on adding big words

What can you do better?

Cheat Sheet Directory

There are over 4 Billion pages on the World Wide Web. That means there are tons of articles out there based on what you want to write about. Good or Bad, you can determine that by comparing it with your unique voice and what fits it.

The Bad:

It’s not so bad if you come across an article you thought might be interesting, yet disappointed in the end. Light bulb should be lit up and you should start thinking about what ways you can improve it, add your own unique perspective, voice and tone.

The Good:

If an article you come across is good. You can start collecting these sites that produces them or follow the actual writer. As time goes by, you will collect several cheat sheet directory and brainstorm your way to new ideas and gather intel.

You want to organize your Directory by amazing “Headlines”, “Content”, “Topics”, etc. This way you can browse through these sites quickly and effectively. What makes you want to read Buzzfeed? Their subject headlines are amazing and attracts millions of user, see what you can learn from those headlines and see if you can apply it to your own content.

Ideas are based on what we read, feel, comprehend, curiosity and so on. Your brain is the machine that can help you. By adding more to your cheat sheet and organizing it properly, you start to realize how quickly you can gather information and come up with new ideas.

Your goal is to absorb content and then filter what’s good for you. Organize your directory for easier access.

Start from the beginning.. Write for newbies, intermediate and then advance

Predict the Future – Write down

Whether you are comfortable using a tablet as your note taking instrument, smartphones, laptop, desktop or even actual paper. You would start having amazing ideas.

Mad Scientist Guide to Warp Speed Writing Hack is one idea

Here are few:

  • 5 Ways to Discover Your Own Voice,
  • 10 Steps on Brainstorming for Ideas.
  • Prevent Writer’s Block With These Few Easy Steps
  • Got Some Ideas You Want to Share?
  • How to Data Mine Your Way to Generating Ideas
  • Follow These Exact Formula for Your Writing Success

All these ideas can be generated by writing, reading, exploring every minute of your daily lives. The more you write down your ideas, the more you can predict the future and how many content you can create. By the end of “Mad Scientist Guide to Warp Speed Writing Hack” I have generated 23 different content ideas that I am going to be writing about. So write down before you forget your next great idea!

You might go through Writer’s Block one day or several days in your life. Predict the future and write down your ideas when you are generating them so future content.

Stick to What You Know and Learn New Thing as You Go

Everyone has a learning curve, so majority of people are stuck with what they know. In the digital age, it is easy to come across something new and learn it. But you do not want to start there. Your brain will generate ideas that you already love and enjoy to write. You basically have that automated. Not to say that you will come across new ideas with new subjects, topics. Write them down for future reference.

By writing about the things you already know, you can add passion, knowledge, insight, quality, motivation, and not get tired of writing. If you love health and fitness, you will quickly learn by adapting these hacks you will start generating countless content, put it into practice and produce case studies, webinars, products and much much more.

Writing can be time consuming, if you enjoy writing about specific niche, subjects and topics. It won’t seem tiresome, as well as, go beyond time and space.

As you go through research, you will be intrigued to venture off into a different niche. As you learn new niche, you will still be able to generate contents you already know.

As you write what you know and love, you can easily generate content within 5 minutes!

Create a Formula and Stick to It

If you plan on going beyond time and space, you will realize that by the time you look at the clock, you have skipped a few hours. New studies shows that a human brain might hold 1 Petabyte of Data. No wonder we can generate ideas and lose track of time.

Having a formula of what to write is going to take you beyond your wildest dreams. For a 500 word article you want to structure the basic formula of what is going to be in that particular content.

Hey wake up paragraph

Sizzle them with this what it can do for you

Here is one or five ways of how you can do something about it

Take action and here’s how

If you want a more professional and structured methods you can come up with these type of formula to give you a start and an end to your contents. You are basically mapping out the ideas in your brain as well as on paper and put pieces of content into one.

Another example:

Paragraph One: Story

Paragraph Two: Ideal Story

Paragraph Three: Climax

Paragraph Four: Moral of the Story

Once you create several formulas, you can pick and choose what formula you want to use for a specific idea. By remembering these formulas and as you write down your ideas, you can quickly add these formulas to your idea phase to come back to it with ease. It will save you time and memory for more ideas. When you are jotting down few notes for new idea you just thought of and have it already there for you. You can quickly add more content to that idea as you have already set the foundation.

Experiment with Time Interval and Manage Space Time

Some people like spending countless hours writing, and some do not. You might have a job and writing is your new business, or you have kids. Whatever the reason is, you want to set aside time to write. You also want to not go over your limit as you have other priorities to take care of. By implementing these hacks, you can easily set aside 30 minutes a day, 1 hour, 2 hours and stop at any moment. You have given structure, you have cheat sheet directory to gather more ideas, you have portable methods to quickly write down your new ideas.

All of these can be harnessed within 30 minutes a day or few hours in a day. Having time to commit is also beneficial as you will dedicate your time in getting things done. Rather than saying you’ll do it later.

Procrastinate as an Editor and Cut Through Time Proofreading

The one that takes more time than any of these methods is editing your content. You will need to proofread and do it over and over again till you conclude that the content you wrote is ideal. In this phase you want to set aside and cram it all in. I am not talking about 5 minute time frame. What I am suggesting is that, you should not proofread your content till you completed it. By proofreading your drafts over and over again, you are spending more time than you should. Dedicate your time within one day of the week or month or so and spend that time focusing on editing your content. You will double your chance of getting things done and adding extreme focus on the editing part. If you write 50 or 100 content a month, set aside few days within the month just reviewing your content and not during other phase.

New perspective on your proofreading is when you set aside your content for a few days and revisit it. You might have generated great content as you were writing it. Most writers will go back to their content and realize there are few or many changes, mistakes that were made. We all go through the zone and we tend to believe our ideas are great at that moment. And we all go through realizing how stupid we looked or that mistakes were made during those moments. Refreshing your brain and seeing it in a different perspective can help you make any changes if any and your rested brain cells can view them differently, and a more fresh way.


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