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Is It Ok to Invest in SEO For High ROI?

by Jay | Updated on August 29th, 2019


Are you contemplating investing in SEO? Scratching your head and asking yourself why you should invest in SEO? Investing in SEO is totally different from investing in paid traffic, and especially when your focus is on SEO for high ROI. Often, if you are thinking SEO, your focus should be long term as compared to when thinking paid marketing channels.

Is It Ok to Invest in SEO For High ROI?

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The difference between SEO ROI vs. PPC

The moment you consider investing SEO as a long term project that is when you start to see your SEO ROI begins to pay off and not when you think it as a short-term investment. Paid traffic works well when it comes to short time investment since you see real results almost immediately.

One notable advantage of paid traffic is that it is possible to earn the same day after investing your money. For example, it is possible to put a few dollars into a Google AdWords right now and get multiple clicks on the next few hours. This is not the situation when it comes to SEO. You can invest today, but it is not possible to see positive results immediately, maybe after a month or two.

Often, you may be forced to wait for weeks if not months to get the first returns. The good news is, once your SEO investment starts to pay off, it does continuous at an increasing rate. The wait may be painful, which is common, but once you think long term, it is effortless to shift your mind and wait until that time when your investment starts to pay off.

Investing in SEO is more like joining a school. You work hard for years to get that paper on your final year. Each year you continue to make an effort from one level to the other until you complete. The same happens when you decide to invest in SEO. The process may be notoriously slow, but the outcome will be admirable. Ideally, you need to be patient.

Monthly recurring traffic

This is a bit you are rarely told when contemplating investing in SEO. Often, most people and marketing agencies will show how to make quick returns through paid traffic and other means. Well, it is no offense to go for short term investment, but when seriously in making a huge impact, a long terms investment in the real deal.

Without further ado, let’s get down to the meaning of monthly recurring traffic. In simple terms, monthly recurring traffic is qualified, targeted, and ready-to-buy organic traffic coming to your business’s website every single day, week, month, and year.

In other words, monthly recurring traffic means once SEO starts to pay off, you will be witnessing high web traffic at an increasing rate. This further means you never have to worry about getting paying customers anymore, or getting royal clients for your business. That long term investment you started a while ago, let’s say five months ago is now paying you back warmly. 

The best thing with recurring traffic is that it makes your business consistent, stable, predictable, and easy to scale. Imagine now never having to worry about ballooning your paying audience or worrying about the steady flow of ever-increasing returns. That is how investing in SEO while thinking long terms pay off well.

Revamping inbound customer acquisition

Let’s face this together. Nothing annoys like that cold call you did not expect while busy trying to settle other pending issues. Well, cold calling works but not always the best approach as most people don’t like talking to strangers. It is also possible you hate the idea but sometimes is the only way to reach a targeted group.

SEO marketing makes it possible to leverage inbound customer acquisition without allocating resources for other marketing channels. Ideally, SEO makes you feel like a farmer who has planted, weeded and now waiting to harvest his admirable corns or wheat when the dry season arrives.

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Relationship between monthly recurring SEO and ROI

Most people and businesses who claim SEO is not a worthy investment get it wrong here. The fact they cannot connect the dots result to them remaining in the dark, and a good number end up disassociating themselves with SEO investment. Well, if you are like most people who are sitting on the fence and not sure which way to go, here is a simple example that breaks it down for you. Quickly, let’s have a look at this example.

So, let’s assume you are ready to splash out $20,000, and your business is prepared for SEO investment.

Let’s focus our attention in the next six months.

First month:

Let’s assume in the first month no return on investment. Note that this is possible because SEO is naturally slow. You need to be patient.

Second month:

You also get no return on investment. Still, you need to be patient.

Third Month:

Let’s assume here you get your first ROI, and you record a return of $ 3000. Now I can see you have started to smile. Relax, this is just but the beginning. You are yet to show your last teeth.

Fourth to six months:

Let’s assume here you are earning an additional of $ 4000. So, it means a return of investment of $ 12, 000 for the next three months. Adding this to what you earned on the third month, you get a total of $15, 000. 

From the above figures, six months down the line no profit. In fact, it is -$ 5000. That looks horrific, right? If you don’t give this a more in-depth look, you may be forced to conclude this is not a good investment and compared to paid traffic; you may be tempted to switch.

Thinking long term

Here is the deal. 

First two months, no return, and from the third month, you start to earn, and this goes on and on increasing. If we decide to keep adding $ 5000 until we get to one year, this means you will have made more money and doubled what you invested and the cycle continuous. 

Once an SEO cycle starts, it is never disappointing, and each time you are assured of getting monthly recurring traffic. That how lucrative it is to invest in SEO. You may not see the beauty part of it in the first few weeks or months, but once you start to earn, you will always have a reason to smile.

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Comparing ROI for SEO and paid traffic

Now that you understand what exactly it means to focus on SEO as a long-term project let’s see which option is best for your business. Well, all options are excellent, but if you want an investment that does not cease to pay you, then SEO is the way to go. 

For paid traffic investment, once you stop spending on it, that marks the end of earning. It is that simple. In this case, your input is directly dependent on your output. This is not what usually happens if you invest in SEO. Stopping to spend on SEO does not cut your earning, and when you top up your initial budget, this help in boosting your ROI.

Note that both options, at some point, pay off. But are ready to spend all the time to earn? Or are you prepared to invest once, boost your investment, and continuously earn? It is your turn to decide. Do you need more information to make a decision? Click here now for more examples.

The question on whether to invest in SEO or not should not give you sleepless nights when you know what exactly investing in SEO means. Of course, you have the freedom to decide which path to take, but today, SEO is the real deal. You may have your reservations, which is ok, but a closer look at how to invest in SEO can help you get an idea of why thinking long term pays more than thinking short term.

Get things right

One mistake most people do is trying to implement something new using old ways. You want to excel in SEO and earn, then be ready to do what is right. First, make sure you have a sound strategy. In marketing, a strategy is the main backbone. So, make sure from the start, you have a solid SEO strategy.

Next, make sure to allocate enough budget. Although not always possible to tell the much you need to get started, working with estimates is a plus. Doing your homework well here will help reach an informed decision. You can even get quotes from different marketing companies before reaching a decision.

Last but not least, consider working with professionals. No one is perfect, and that is why we join hands. Doing it alone is also a good idea, but there are chances you may flop if you have little knowledge about SEO. Consulting SEO expert you are confident will not disappoint is very important at this time. Luckily there are many of them in the market you can bet on. You can learn more here on how to find a reliable SEO expert today.


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No need to hire SEO experts anymore to fix your site technical SEO issues