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How to Get Advertisers on Your Blog

by Jay | Posted on December 6th, 2020

Everybody wants to make money blogging from beginners to experienced writers, but it’s a tough task to draw advertisers to your website. Even if you have strong domain authority or big traffic, having advertisers pay for your blog also becomes a problem.

When there are thousands of sites in any niche market, affiliate website, and marketers can use a network such as Google AdWords, BuySellads to find many websites where they can advertise cost-effectively.

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But, once advertisers know that you are running behind blogs with a strong subscriber base, great social network fans, have influence and have developed themselves as a brand, they will come knocking.

Here are 5 ways that can help you draw advertisers to your blog.

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1. Banner placements

You need the banner/site/ connect “Advertise with us” on your website. Apply it to the sidebar and the footer. Decide the ad rate based on statistical analysis for all banners. You will negotiate for more money for ads above the fold and less for advertisements below the fold.

Showing an ad that says “your ad here” and attaching it to the pages and articles section is a good idea. If you want to automate this, you can use a banner ad for a WordPress plugin.

2. Advertisement Page

The website needs to have a page containing all the details about:

Website niche

Updated blog status such as domain authority, period, web space traffic rates

User mode

Include a contact form

3. Be very niche specific

Advertisers are constantly trying to hit their target audience by subscribing to a single specific page. To draw advertisers to your website, you need to publish high-quality articles and review your blog frequently. It’s also a major benefit to use a specialization forum over a multi-niche platform.

4. Present relevant ads

Having relevant ads on your website is the most critical point. If you have a website with a technological niche, it may be software or applications for watching advertisements related to technology. This looks bad if you post financial advertising on a web page.

One reason AdSense is extremely popular to bloggers is that it shows specific commercials, which is also important for good CTR.

5. Better blog design

Advertisers are always attracted to a good blog layout. Seek to choose the professional look of your post. Black, brown, or gray blend themes offer a professional look to your post. Although depending on the niche, you can play with colors.

It also helps a lot by having a popular ad spot to draw advertisers.


To sum up, it’s more revenue-efficient to have specific ads on your blog. It may seem impossible at first, but if you put all the right things in place, such as your promotional site, ad spaces, and draw advertising buyers on your website, you are more likely to earn more than others receive from AdSense or other marketing.


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No need to hire SEO experts anymore to fix your site technical SEO issues