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Top 3 Lies About Success that May Hold you Back

by Jay | Updated on December 20th, 2018

We all want to achieve success in life. Whether you are an affiliate, an entrepreneur, a freelancer, an employee or just a regular person, success is or should be our topmost priority. However, as you get older, you notice that you could have become much more successful if you hadn’t listened to certain individuals, including you, who have LIED to you.  

Yes, these lies that no one dares to talk about, are the main reason most of us become unsuccessful in life. If you want to be a winner, you need to become aware of what other people are saying to you and of what you are saying to you. You need to pinpoint those lies and remove them out of your life once and for all.

Without further ado, here are the three biggest lies you hear on a daily basis that can prevent you from attaining success.

 1. I Have Tried Everything, Still I can’t Succeed

No, you haven’t. This lie is so common that we don’t even realize we are lying ourselves, or that someone else is lying to us. You might think that you are just born with who you are, with flaws and all, and that no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to get over your limitations. Let me contradict you here.

As a flawed guy, just like you all, I was always predisposed to gaining weight. Everyone else seems to be happy with that, except me. Everyone told me not to worry, that it is in my genes. However, deep inside, I knew that I could somehow lose all those extra pounds. Of course, I tried every diet possible, but nothing worked. However, once I started changing my mentality and I began believing in my power to change, my body literally began to shape as my mind would say.  

From my own experience, and from thousands other experiences, you can change your body without any secrets or tricks. Much of it is about psychology and about correct thinking. Even though the medical issues come as a barrier, once you remove them, you will be able to change your body and be that person you’ve always wanted to be.

 This doesn’t apply just to losing weight, but also to getting that promotion you’ve been struggling to get for years, that new luxury car, that position, that girl, that man, and the list goes on. Remember, the world wants you plain, mediocre, just like most of them. Rise above the ordinary and start controlling the outcomes in your life.

2. I can’t Open up to People as I’m an Introvert

Being an introvert has nothing to do with being bold. This is one of the LIES that I’ve been seeing more of lately. People claim that they just can’t walk up and talk to a stranger, give a speech in public or dive deeper into a discussion. The problem is that this mentality of “introversion” prevents people from attaining success, both in their personal and professional lives. 

We live in a day and age where interactions are the cornerstone of any type of success. For instance, if you want to have success in your career, you need to be able to interact with people in real life, not just online. You need to be able to showcase your skills and establish long-term partners. The same goes true for entrepreneurs who want to land a good joint-venture, or for singles looking for a partner. 

Even if you were born as an introvert, keep in mind that studies prove that introverts PREFER quiet environments. That doesn’t mean that introverts can only thrive in quiet environments. If you struggle with this lie that introverts are not capable of interacting with other people, check out this amazing Ted Talk on the Power of Introverts:

3. I Don’t Earn Enough Money in Order to Start Saving at the Moment

You’ve probably had this too. Regardless of your social status, saving money is a top priority for most of us. Whether we’re saving for a bigger, better house, or just for that cheap laptop we can’t afford to buy at the moment, saving is quite a difficult task, especially when you deal with this common lie of not having enough money.

The truth is that EVERYONE can save money if they try. There will always be people who earn less than you and are still able to save money. It all boils down to prioritization. What do I buy? How much do I spend on my hobbies? What are my priorities in life?

As a business owner, saving money is even more important.

Without this skill, you will never be able to manage your business like a pro. Moreover, if you struggle financially in your personal life, chances are that will also struggle in your professional life. 

Of course, getting started might be difficult. No one expects you to save after just a few months of running your business or landing your first job. However, in time, your savings should go up, just like your revenues. Start with something, even if it’s just $10 a month. Put that money aside and add to it every month. After one year, you will notice that your savings account has grown quite big.  

Personally, I try to save around 25 percent of my revenues every month. As my revenue goes up, I will try to increase the amount I save. For instance, let’s say that you make $4,000 a month, and you are saving $1,000 at the moment. If your revenue increases to $5,000, try to save more than $1,250, which represents the same 25 percent. Even if you end up saving $1,500, you still have $500 more money left than what you were earning before the increase.

Starting an online business or growing in your career is definitely not easy

However, if you want to enjoy long-term success, it is imperative to remove these three lies from your life as of today. You can always reach your goals if you believe in yourself and in your power to save money, change your body, build long term connections and ultimately thrive in everything you do.



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