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We specialize in reverse engineer competitors, analyze and implement what really works so you can be number 1. Give us 6 months, we give you the time and energy to get your competition crying and pulling their hair out.

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We’ll create your very own customized SEO Blueprint to help you grow your business. The problem with most SEO agency is that they perform standardize tasks that won’t get you results. What we do is look at what needs to get done to produce results. This is why our SEO strategy is so effective. You’re hiring the brain not the muscle.

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Our story

How We Got Started

Hi, my name is Jay and I’ve worked for SEO Tool company, built our own sites, and wanted to figure out how to rank no.1 on search engines. After many research, experiments, and helping many clients rank, we decided to start this agency to help people like us, grow their ranking for SEO.

I’ve helped startups, launch over 50 affiliate sites, and work like a mad man. I utillize few employees to help me perform SEO, but majority of the time, it’s just me and my clients.

Our philosophy

Analyze, Plan, Implement, Evaluate

SEO is not a one off, search engines are constantly crawling your site and try to understand where you should rank for you site. It’s a man assisting machine world and we believe that optimization is an ongoing initative to guide search engines to understand your content to determine where you should be relevant and where you should rank

Semantic Web

The internet is a collection of definitions and search engines needs to understand what words you are referring to.

Increase  CTR

We love optimizing and see what else we can do to grow. Changing title tags for maximium CTR and a month later see what other

Expand Your Business

Growing your business is not a on and off switch. You have to understand the market to see where your customers are looking for.

Our Services

Help Your Grow Your Business

Site Analysis
On Page Optimization
Content Marketing
Local SEO & Citation Listing
Link Building
Ongoing Optimization

Our SEO Process is simple, we go through a process of elimination, identify low hanging fruit, do an aggressive user intent content marketing and reach out to build your sites authority. However, we don’t stop there. We revisit each optimization and determine if we need to optimize based on trend, Google’s algorithms and make sure that we are ahead of your competition. We customize SEO based on your NEEDS. If you want results fast, you need to know how to prioritize and what initative to push forward to maximize results.


Selected clients

Finding the perfect SEO agency is about working with someone who is dedicated to SEO in its true form and to work with specific clients and not specific niche. We believe in working with one client per niche instead of being a professional within a specific niche. We dedicate 100% of our effort to making your business number 1.

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Video Explainer Company
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SaaS Ebook & Video Transcription Software
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SaaS B2B Refferal Software - Open Availability to work in this niche
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Financial Advisor, Wealth Management
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SaaS SEO Audit Tool
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Virtaul Reality Arcade
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Coffee Industry
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Local Business Executive Office - Open Availability to work in this niche
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Hosting provider
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Recurring payment software
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Resume site - affiliate site
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Tailor made local business
What our clients say


In 10 months Jay increased our traffic in 3-5 times. What else can I add?
Jay has incredible knowledge of SEO. He personally works and communicates with me. No project manager, no third person

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We Can Only Work with 20 Clients at a Time!


We are still growing. We want to grow, but our SEO strategies are not copy and paste methods. We read, review, analyze every word, every keywords to perfectly match search engines. Think of us as SUPERCAR Konessing. We can produce quality SEO. We review the results, and we reoptimize and make it even better, until perfection.

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Proof is in the pudding


We’ve help a brand new affiliate site launch their affiliate portfolio website. Creating 100% of the content and implementing SEO. We’ve helped rank 40+ keywords to rank #1-10 on SERP

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SEO + Content is what we do. We write 100% of the content. And the goal is 3 things:

  1. Finding keywords
  2. Matching user intent content
  3. Writing content surpassing every competitors’ article
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Technical SEO does matter. We’ve worked with a publisher who did not implement technical SEO. The results were helping them double their organic growth. No content, simply technical fixes.

With search engines focusing on learning about words, text, phrases. Sentence structure, tone, user intent is what really matters. We don’t stuff keywords, we explain it better than your competitors. This is how we can rank better for you

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We aim to be the number #1 SEO agency by helping each of our client be the number 1 company in their niche. Writing authoritative content and implementing the best SEO strategy, we’ve helped this company rank no.1 for their niche. 

It does not matter if we’ve worked in your niche to realize how SEO really works. We’ve worked with over 60 niches and we’ve helped all of our clients succeed. 

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With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.

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