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What to Look for When Choosing Blog Content Planners

by Jay | Updated on August 29th, 2019

Contemplating using a content planner? Many people and businesses have hailed the idea of using blog content planners in recent years. Most of those talking good about blog content planner have leveraged on them to remain some steps ahead of the rest when it comes to content management.

The most important reasons why you need this tool is because it makes managing content a hassle-free process and in line with your goals. For example, if your task is to upload content daily, a blog planner plays a significant role in helping track what you have done every day, what is pending and so on. Typically, you will find a planner to be very helpful.

What to Look for When Choosing Blog Content Planners

organizing tasks

Other reason why you need a blog content planner

You will need a planner to make sure your content aligns with your goals. A good planner helps you stay on top of the game by helping you prepare the right content. For example, if running a marketing campaign, you can count on your blog to help you develop the right blog post. Besides, a planner helps in aligning your content strategies with your goals.

It is easier to know whether your efforts are paying off or not. Your planner can help understand which areas to invest most of the time in. Consider when creating content to target a specific group. A good content planner not only helps prepare well-personalized articles but also focus on content that is paying off. This means you don’t have to waste your time doing something, not benefiting your business.

When working as a group, let’s say a team of editors, a blog content planner is one tool you will find very helpful. Sound too good to be true? A planner makes sure you and your team are on the same page. This makes it possible to concentrate all your energy in one thing and most importantly, it becomes possible to streamline the editing process for the entire team. Besides, it is possible to bring everyone up to speed on current issues with a good content planner.

Choosing a content planner

Picking the right planner is very important and something you need to consider very seriously. There are many planners in the market, and you may want to make sure the one you settle for is right for you. With that, below are some key things you need to consider when choosing.

  • Content-type

A good planner should help you manage different kinds of content. Even when your focus is managing blog content, sometimes the need to manage other content may arise. For example, think of when you plan to prepare eBooks, white papers, or infographics. Typically, a good planner should not limit your ability to manage various types of content.

  • Status

This is a very crucial feature as it helps monitor, and see the current state of blog posts. If working with a group of writers, this means you don’t need to call or each to confirm progress. 

  • Attractive blog title

Well-optimized content pays off. The title of your blog means a lot. The words you pick should connect well with the content you have prepared to facilitate ranking and retrieval. With that, consider a planner that helps in making compelling titles.

  • Content creator

Who is responsible for the content? Knowing who facilitate the creation of content is very important. 

  • Publishing date

Imagine having access to all dates when different blog posts were posted! This makes it possible to structure your work well, and in case you need to make changes, it is as easy as 123.

  • Content brief

A summary in a book or report gives you a quick sneak peek of what to expect. The same way, a summary for a blog post allows you to find out what the content is all about quickly. So you may want to remember this when selecting.

The above are just some of the key thing you may want to consider when contemplating getting a content planner. Depending on the content strategies you have, the features to look for can vary. Need more information on things to look for when choosing?  Click here now to learn more.

Best content planners

Below are some of the best content planner you will find helpful. Feel free to evaluate each planner into detail before deciding to use one. Here we take you through major features. For more information, visit the web to learn more.



Here are the main features of why Asana is an excellent content planner.

  • A user-friendly dashboard 
  • Ability to list actionable tasks
  • Drop-down menu navigation
  • Ability to created associated notification 
  • A section for stakeholders to leave comments
  • Free version available and other paid versions.

hubspot calendar


This is yet another excellent content planning tool. Below are reasons why you need it.

  • Spreadsheet-like functionality
  • User-friendly 
  • Excellent spaces for topic, title, call to action, persona and more

kanban_view airtable


  • Key features; 
  • User-friendly
  • Slot for title, topics, call to action and so on
  • Ability to link to completed work
  • Provide an excellent way to monitor progress.



This is a perfect tool for a highly detailed team. For a simple unit, Wrike may not be the best option. Here are its main features;

  • Excellent drop-down menu functionality,
  • A table listing actionable tasks 
  • A message board
  • Free, professional, business and enterprise versions available 


  • Below are the reasons why this is the right planner for your business.
  • Best user experience
  • Provide an easy way to manage different content 
  • Ability to ping different messages
  • Free and paid versions available. 

content strategy trello board


Here are some of the reason Trello is an excellent solution for your business.

  • Freedom to invite collaborators
  • User-friendly interface
  • Freedom to add comments
  • Ability to categorize access according to certain levels.
  • Free, business and enterprise versions 

The above are some of the most reliable content planners you can use today to make your work easier. A quick tour online will definitely reveal there are other planners suitable for your business. You are not limited to trying them. Feel free to try them and see whether there are also resourceful. Remember you don’t have to use what this post has recommended.  

The right time to use a content planner

Today if you want to remain on top of the game and fully leverage on various content marketing opportunities available, a good content planner is one tool you will need to keep closer. Luckily, today there are many options in the market with some planners allow you to access full features for free.

The need to have a reliable content planner become more noticeable when you have a lot of content to manage. The more your content increases, the higher you are likely to get confused in the process. Today, not having a proper way to manage your content is the last thing you should think of. The moment you lack a better way to handle your content,  marketing becomes a major challenge.

Content is king today, and the more you are able to relate and manage your content well, the better it will be for you when it comes to content promotion. Why then not make your content management easier with a good content planner? Why still use the old way of content management while there are betters ways to do it? Switch to the best option and notice the difference 

More ideas on content planner

You should aim to leverage on every idea about content planners to manage your content on the best way possible. For example, consider a planner that suggests the best topics for you. Today optimized articles win in marketing. There is no shortcut in this. Well-optimized content starts with choosing the right topics before preparing engaging pieces. The ability of planner to suggest best topics will, therefore, make your work easier. 

Mapping content to your target audience is very important and something you need to always keep in mind when preparing different types of content. Always let your audience come fast before starting the content creating process. In other words, know who is your target persona and how your planner is helping. Best content planners always include a place for specific personals.

In conclusion

It is never too late to get started and revamp your content plans. No matter where you are today, it is possible to catch up with the rest of the world once you know your plans very well. One mistake you should avoid is getting started without a clear direction of where the next step will be. 

A good content planner not only gives you the direction to go, but also make sure everything you do is right from the start. Imagine knowing all your content strategies are in place because of a simple decision you made — that of buying a content planner. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this piece. Need a hand in picking the best planner for your business? Go here now to learn more.


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