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Word Press Hosting: How to Choose the Best One

by Jay | Posted on November 18th, 2020

Are you fed up with the fact that the server that hosts your website leaves you lying? Or, having trouble choosing a WordPress host best for your business but don’t know which one to decide? If you haven’t answered these questions affirmatively, this post is for you.

Here, we will reveal some of the essential features that a good WordPress hosting must contain to have your website always ready.

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WordPress Hosting vs. Other Hosting: The Reliability

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Hosting is a service to store all kinds of data such as video, images, text documents, applications, webmail and CMS to offer them over the Internet to other users or machines that wish to have access to them.

The aspiration and objective of these servers are that your data is always available for any user in the world.

WordPress is the CMS (content management system) par excellence and therefore there are many web hosting providers to choose from. In this regard, it is important to comment, that whatever the chosen hosting, WordPress is the perfect and most reliable choice to start an online business and have a CMS of guarantees and scalable (one of the best options that exist to control, manage and position a page).

However, when it is about choosing a WordPress host with the most reliability, the choice is not simple, since there are many suppliers to choose from with very similar prices and services, especially if you do not know much about the world and the differentiation between one another.

The key is, you know the features that make a WordPress hosting good and the things that make a WordPress hosting bad. Therefore, below we give you all the keys so that you don’t make mistakes when choosing the hosting that suits you best.

The Basic Features of a Good WordPress Hosting

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If you wish for a competitive website for your organization, it is essential that you use a good WordPress hosting since not all hostings serve and can create many headaches if you don’t get the right one.

These are the keys that a quality WordPress hosting should have:

An automatic installer for WordPress

In this way, you save the trouble of having to install it manually. Most hosting resellers have this option, so if you find one that does not offer it, you will be giving many reasons not to choose it.

PHP and MySQL support

WordPress is developed with the programming language called PHP and uses the MySQL database it is necessary that you choose a provider that supports both things in the correct versions. Using a version of PHP less than 7 slows down the loading of the website, so you better keep this thing in mind.

In any case, for WordPress to work the server must have PHP and MySQL 5.6 or higher. Like the automatic installer for WordPress, this is an essential option that any WordPress Hosting should have.

Balanced memory and process consumption for PHP applications

The applications, plugins or widgets that use the PHP database consume memory, and the more functions and more complex they are, the more resources they will occupy. Usually, this type of elements such as plugins is the cause of memory consumption.

The most common is that a WordPress blog has between 128-256 MB of PHP memory. Regarding the processes for PHP applications, it is hard to establish which ones are needed. The more processor power, the less recurring process capacity is required. Generally, between 15-20 processes is a reasonable figure for a WordPress website as long as you have a powerful processor capacity for the server.

Number of Queries

Query strings when carrying out an interaction with a database, or in other words the part of a URL that contains the data that must pass to web applications such as CGI programs. So, you must consider the aspects such as the query, since the ideal for a plugin would never consume more than 5MB of RAM as per request.

Web space and monthly transfer

Usually for professional blogs using WordPress consumption is around 1GB of web space (although it will depend on the number of content that exists and is introduced over time) and between 90-100GB monthly transfer. Some providers limit both the web space and the monthly transfers, so make sure that they offer you what suits your needs, always looking at how much space you need and how many GB’s of transfer you consume monthly.

Good self-management tools

Depending on the providers, some administration or other tools will be used. To be considered good, the software used for the administration of web hosting must have the following features:

  • Allow to manage the files: this is essential for the installation of PHP applications.
  • Possibility to configure the domains to link the website and email to the domain that they want to use.
  • The possibility of managing email accounts: creation and maintenance of email accounts with own domain.
  • It allows managing the MySQL database.
  • It allows allocating resources such as disk space, monthly bandwidth consumption, etc.


A good hosting for your WordPress page must be scalable. That is, it can be expanded as many times as necessary at a reasonable cost. To check, you better see the plans they offer to increase the space contracted.

However, if they have other web hosting services such as dedicated hosting, hosting in Virtual Servers or VPS or personalized reseller plans, it means that the provider has enough infrastructure and variety as to be able to make the changes that were necessary for your project without having to execute a hosting carry in the future.

Test environment

If you have an integrated test environment, it will always be a decisive factor if you plan to manage a complex and large project.

Technical support

Technical support should be essential for you, without going any further if your business or visibility on the internet depends on that web you have hosted you will not want to have it fall hours and hours after a solution, trying to communicate with someone in another language and with long waits in unprofessional attention.

The technical support should look like:

  • Quick
  • Customized
  • Professional
  • Responsiveas much as possible

Bad WordPress Hosting! My Personal Experience

The first thing I did when I decided to create a blog is to look for the low-cost hosting, with massive storage, a lot of bandwidth, free domains and if possible, they would scrub my plates already. And now I say to myself: poorly done! Because what I got was:

  • Poor technical support
  • Poor bandwidth
  • Limited database
  • Poor overall quality

When you’ve been with your hosting for an extended period, you realize that you’re hardly going to use 40% of all the resources that sold you so cheaply: that’s why they sold them to you.


Choosing a WordPress host that is best for your website or blog is a crucial and relevant step as you can it involves considering many aspects.

Indeed, when you start to value what is offered by one company, another may be dizzying, especially if you only look at the prices.

My recommendation is that you flee from those offers of hosting that offer plans at ridiculous prices with many benefits, you better remember that the price they are offering is saving you in some aspect that may be key to your project.

If you really want my recommendation, I would recommend, this site is also hosted on their server and it’s the most affordable, fastest, reliable WordPress hosting I’ve used.


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No need to hire SEO experts anymore to fix your site technical SEO issues