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Top Business Listing Websites in Canada

by Jay | Posted on December 8th, 2022

The Canadian business landscape is made up of both small, independent operations and large, international conglomerates. It can be difficult to know where to start when you’re looking to get your business noticed.

Fortunately, there are a number of top business listing websites in Canada that can help you reach the right audience. From directories that specialize in local businesses to those that list companies on a nationwide scale, there are a variety of options available to get your business seen.

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Whether you’re looking for more customers or need to boost your professional profile, these top business listing websites in Canada can help you achieve your goals.

Types of business listing websites in Canada

Here we have listed the top business directories in Canada that will get you the visibility you are looking for. But before going through the list, let’s see the different types of business directories available.

Basically, there are three types of business directories in Canada:

Free business directories

  • Limited access to your business panel
  • Listing approval takes longer. For example, 2 – 3 months
  • Listing approval is not guaranteed
  • You will not be able to customize your business
  • Only one link allowed to submit


  • Full access to your business panel plus 24/7 support
  • Listing approval is guaranteed
  • Short review period. It takes about 48 hours to get approved
  • Access to additional fields like logo, banner, SEO profile and more

Featured listing

  • Approval guaranteed within 12 hours  
  • Sub URL and subdirectory allowed
  • Ability to maximize your business to other portals
  • 24/7 support
  • Freedom to convert users from these directories to your website
  • Generate affiliate links for your business and publish to their partners’ websites
  • Access to SEO benefits plus offer your business more visibility

Top free business listings in Canada

  • Google My Business (GMB)

Want people to find your business on Google in just a few clicks? Start by listing it on Google My Business. GMB also allows customers to leave reviews. This means you can ask happy clients to leave reviews.

Note that Google uses GMB as a major source of information relating to your business. It therefore mak sense to get listed here.

  • Yelp Canada

Yelp Canada has a WooRank score of 66.4 and is the 139th most visited site in Canada. Using Yelp, you can communicate with your customers, both publicly and privately. Additionally, this site allows you to add vital info about your business and track user activity on your business page.

Considering the popularity of Yelp in Canada, there is no doubt getting listed here is worth it.

  • Bing Places

Bing Places also puts your business on the map just like GMB does hence giving your business enough visibility.

  • Profile Canada

WooRank score of 71.5 and is the 13,632nd most visited website in Canada. You list your business here for free and enjoy high traffic this site gets.

  • Kijiji

Kijiji is primarily not a business directory but a free classified ads website for the local Canadian businesses. Posting your ads here is free. Kijiji’s good social media presence makes it popular among Canadians. Kijiji has a WooRank score of 66.6 and is the 11th most visited website in Canada.

  • Yellow Pages Canada

WooRank score of 81.9 and is the 353rd most visited site in Canada. This site boasts of the high amount of user traffic both on the mobile app as well on the web. Yellow Pages shares its data to partner websites hence boosting your brand visibility.

  • WebLocal

WooRank Score of 68.3 and is the 2,707th most visited website in Canada. WebLocal allows businesses to post pictures, videos, menus, price lists, business descriptions, and more. Been a local search website, it enables users to share experience about purchased products from stores it has listed. It also allows users to leave ratings based on their experience at certain local services.

  • FourSquare Canada

FourSquare is a geo-targeted smartphone check-in app that allows you check-in to a place and leave a recommendation or tip accessible to anyone who checks-in to the same place. These check-ins can be shared via social media. Listing your business here allows you to tap onto this potential user base and build your brand effortlessly.


Has a WooRank score of 73.6 and is the 475th most visited site in Canada. boasts of its high amount of traffic and receives more than 500, 000 searches every month. It provides industry-specific information and analysis.

  • GoldBook

WooRank score of 64.5 and is the 5,269th most visited site in Canada. GoldBook is similar to Canadian yellow pages. As a local search business, it services all business niches in Canada. Unlike most local search businesses, GoldBook receives key demographic of traffic that allows for your prospects to connect with your business.

  • MyStore411

WooRank Score of 61.4 and is the 8,447th most visited website in Canada. This is an online directory for store hours and store locations. Like most sites we have talked about, MyStore411 receive a good amount of user traffic. Additionally, it provides a feedback form that can be used to recommend a local Canadian store that is not currently listed.


WooRank score of 81.5 and is the 1,898th most visited site directory in Canada. When you list here, you have access to a full-page interactive profile with maps and directions to the physical location of your business. You can use this site to see who is visiting your business page and to ask users to leave reviews. 

  • Hotfrog Canada

Operating in 38 countries across the globe, Hotfrog has a WooRank score of 77.1 and is the 11,921st most visited site in Canada. This directory boast of its high traffic. It registers about 14 million page views each month and more than 668722 visitors. When you list here, you have the freedom to add images, business description, and even create coupons that will display to the web traffic specific to HotFrog Canada.

  • CanadaOne

Started way back in 1998, this directory has continued to support local businesses in Canada. Currently, it has registered more than 20,000 businesses. It has so far published more than 900 business articles that contribute to the huge traffic it receives. The site also offers free online tools.  

  • Cylex Canada

WooRank Score of 65.2 and is the 7,91st most visited website in Canada. Here you can upload a price list, brochure, video, product catalog, or menu. It is free to list on Cylex Canada, and you will benefit from the high amount of user traffic in Canada.

  • CTI Directory

WooRank score of 60.8 and is the 22,140th most visited site in Canada. CTI is one of the oldest local business directories in Canada and receives about 200, 000 visitors per month. If you list here, you will have the opportunity to post a description of your company, contact details, and a link to your website.

  • Canadian Business Directory

WooRank score of 48.5 and is the 12,741st most visited website in Canada. It is a free and simple directory with a considerable amount of traffic.

More free directories in Canada



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