Setting up Uptime Monitoring on WordPress with Orbit Fox (and minimize Downtime)

by Jay | Posted on December 6th, 2020

Execution Time: about 3 minutes

Table Of Contents

  • Goal: To set up 24/7 Monitoring for your website and be informed of any downtime.
  • Ideal Outcome: Uptime Monitoring set up correctly.
  • Why this is important: Setting Up monitoring for your website will allow you to keep track of any events that may disrupt your website’s online state.
  • Where this is done: Your WordPress site
  • When this is done: Ideally as soon you put your website online, only once.
  • Who does this: Owner of the website or the person in charge of analytics.

Download Orgbit Fox Plugin

  • Go to Plugins>Add New:
adding plugin on wordpress
  • Type in Orbit Fox
  • Go to Orbit Fox on your Dashboard and click on “Activate”:
  • It will ask you to add your email address and you click “Got it!”
  • Enter your email address:
  • Click “Save”
  • You will get an email notification if your site is currently Down:
  • You will also get notified when your site comes back Up:

Mission Accomplished! from now on, you’ll be the first to know
when your website/server is down!


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