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How to Take Advantage of Google Related Searches?

by Jay | Updated on October 21st, 2019

What is google related search? Today if you often visit the web, you have used Google related search to make your work easier. If you not, it is still possible you have seen how this very crucial feature function. The primary role of Google related search is to display search suggestions at the bottom of Google’s search results.

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This is how this feature works. Anytime you visit a browser, let’s say Google chrome and start searching or querying the web. For example, you type ‘SEO Agency’, at the bottom of Google’s search results, other options such as ‘SEO Services’, SEO agency USA’ will pop up. That is what this feature is designed to do. To predict the next query to the last query entered. And this feature work because it uses semantic search. Further, semantic search is driven by the following factors.

  • User’s context
  • Recognition of the entities comprising the user’s keyed in search phrases
  • Understanding natural language
  • and the user query context as well

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Google related search almost works the same as Google autocomplete. The only difference is that autocomplete is designed to guess and complete relevant searches while you are typing, while related searches are based off of your query.

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These Searches Related to SEO Agency helps users find the right answer that they might not have thought of. Are you looking for the best? Understand what an SEO agency does for your site?? Looking for services or want to create your own agency? Related searches is here to help define your query so that it can provide the best possible answer.

There are many ways you and your business can leverage related searches today. This piece takes you through some of the ways you can use Google related searches. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

  • Keyword planning

This is one of the apparent benefits. Once you have the search results, you can copy the phrases, and by using keywords tool like Google Keyword Planner, it is possible to see keywords your competitors are using. Besides, it is even possible to tell which keywords are more likely to rank by using this feature.

  • Getting to know user intent

Every business is looking to remain on top of the game. It is not easier to stay at the top, but it is possible when the right steps are taken. Related results help you see the kind of information people are looking for, making it easier to understand the user intent. Once you know exactly what is the user intent, it much easier to tell where a gap exists and eventually offer a longer-lasting solution.

  • Improve your Click Through Rate (CTR)

The results of related searches can help you modify your meta-title and meta description to match what your users are searching for. For example, if offering IT services, you can add phrases like ‘free’ or ‘best’ to boost your CTR.

  • Optimize for google images

Naturally, most of the related searches are long-tails, which means less competition. Check for related searches that are also displaying images as part of the universal search. You can use this idea to diversify image alt text and filename where applicable.

There comes a time when the need to influence Google related search may be higher. For example, consider when keywords likely to hurt your brand showing up on related searches! That is just one of the scenarios. Although it is not possible to influence related searches as Google determines everything, there are ways to improve what pop up in those searches. Here are two suggestions.

  • Consult a reputation management company

There are reputation experts who can analyze your online reputation and get you out of any form of trouble. Ideally, these companies perform an in-depth analysis and after which they journey with you until your online status is back to the right place or even higher.

  • Use online reputation management tools

If not ready to hire a reputation management company, then you may want to consider using online reputation management tools. There is a variety of them. In fact, some of those tools are used by leading reputation management companies.



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No need to hire SEO experts anymore to fix your site technical SEO issues