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How to Quora Marketing in 7500 words

by Jay | Updated on March 31st, 2020

I started a small experimental project with one of my affiliate marketing business. I was determined just how much traffic Quora can generate in sales. After 5 months of digging through questions to answer, and adding valuable content where I felt it was needed, I’ve gained over 2,000 views in the last 3 months.

I’ve sent these views to couple landing pages, since Quora does not allow affiliate links. These landing pages were made with Beaver Builder drag & drop page building plugin for WordPress

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How to Quora Marketing

The fourth month is when I started to generate sales for only one affiliate program. 

While this might be good or not enough, my goal was to see how well Quora marketing will perform given any product I chose. With the test, came strategies and understanding how powerful Quora really is. The answers posted few months back still drove traffic to my landing pages. While I have not tested traffic quantity of a question that is a year old, visitors from Quora are seekers of answers and will continue to seek answers until they find the right one.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer, small business, startups, web agencies, etc. I hope this book can provide some resources to help you understand what Quora is all about and how you can benefit from them.

quora desktop view

Quora Marketing – Building your Brand on Quora Explained

Quora is one of the best marketing networks available today. This forum-type platform has grown exponentially in the last few years, enabling users to interact with top influencers and experienced marketers, receiving clear and concise answers to their questions. At the same time, marketers and business owners have been able to build their brands and get the attention of prospects. 

From content ideas and content marketing to building up your brand and establishing you as an authority in your niche, Quora has a lot to offer. Let’s dig deeper and discover how you can use Quora in your advantage as a marketer.

What Actually is Quora?

Quora is an easy-to-navigate platform, similar to a forum, where people ask various questions and they get answers from experts. Quora has feeds, trending questions, top stories, recommendations and connections. Similar to Twitter, you can follow people on Quora and can easily connect with influencers in your niche.

Using Quora is simple and straightforward. As a user, you can ask a question such as: “What is SEO and how can it help me in 2019?” and you might get answers from reputable marketers such as Rand Fishkin and Neil Patel. Even president Donald Trump may hop into the thread and come up with a unique answer, in case if you are asking what is his role at the White House.

Below the surface, Quora offers precious insights and tools that could prove invaluable for you as a business.

On Quora, in addition to asking or answering questions, you can:

  • Target your question to a specific member of the platform, which includes influencers and public people
  • Publish your own content on the network, similar to LinkedIn’s Pulse
  • Spend credits in order to get your question in front of your target niche
  • Search for specific queries & questions and follow them in order to receive notifications whenever someone posts a similar question</li>

Why should you Use Quora as a Marketer?

If the four above features of Quora haven’t convinced you that this is one of the best marketing tools available for building up your brand, then here are some stats that might convince you to give it a try.

In US alone, it is estimated that over 775,000 people ask questions, respond to queries or build their brand on this network every single month. The audience includes knowledge seekers and experience>d marketers that need the most accurate answers to their questions. More n>than often, small companies have managed to find business partners on Quora and est>ablish successful joint ventures.

As a marketer, you should use Quora in order to:

  • Gain exposure and promote your brand to over 750,000 people in the US and millions worldwide
  • Build authority and credibility in your niche
  • Improve your understanding and skills in your area of expertise
  • Learn from industry experts and stay up to date with the latest changes in the industry
  • Answer questions about your products and services
  • Interact with potential customers on a personal basis
  • Find out what people are actually asking about in your industry or regarding your products and services

Do not expect to gain ROI straight from Quora. However, building brand awareness on this network can help boost your business in the long run and can help you gain access to a wider market. The long-term benefits could exceed your wildest expectations.

Why Use Quora for Marketing?

If you are still reluctant to use this goldmine of a platform in order to drive targeted trafficpan> to your website, you need to take a look at the astounding benefits of marketing on Quora.

Here are some of the most vital for your business:

  • Prospects can discover your brand: a vast and dedicated community such as Quora includes a lot of experienced, savvy users who know when to trust a source of information. If you get your brand out there and build a strong layer of credibility around it, you prospects will naturally want to connect and interact with you. All it takes is for you to demonstrate your expertise and establish a voice of your own.
  • Quora feeds rank organically in search engines: you might have not known that, but Quora has a very high authority score and is considered very important by Hence, it ranks very high in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. By ensuring that your questions and answers are relevant, and by adding some keywords here and there, you might appear as high as the first few results for important search phrases.
  • Learn more about your target audience: Quora is not just a great place to bring targeted traffic to your site, but also a platform that allows you to get a deeper understanding of your audience. By knowing your audience, you will be able to focus on creating questions and giving answers that solve their problems, and this is the key to win them over.
  • Connect with industry influencers: this benefit of using Quora is priceless. You can easily connect with the top people in your niche and learn from them. Connect with your niche influencers by commenting to their questions, replying to their answers to your questions, conducting an advanced search of profiles and then getting in contact with influencers and ultimately tag (or mention) them into your questions or answers.
  • Drive prospects to your site: Quora is an excellent platform for getting all that valuable traffic to your site or blog. Discover how to do that by reading below.

How to Build your Brand on Quora

Here are some basic tips on how to build your brand using Quora’s marketing potential.

  1. Fine-tune your profile

The first thing someone who likes your answer will do on Quora is to check your profile. As with anything else on the internet, branding and authenticity sells. Make sure you have a branded profile picture and a proper profile description that drives people> to your website.

  1. Take advantage of topical description

Quora offers you something truly unique. It allows you to pre-select your areas of expertise and then create a brief description that showcases your qualification and experience in those subjects. Leverage this potent feature and establish yourself as an authority on various topics and subjects.

  1. Showcase your experience

;”>In case you have experience in an area, do not hesitate to offer your precious advice. People will notice you, follow you and then they will become interested in what you have to offer.

Topics such as business (8.1 million followers), movies (8.4 million) or marketing (3.4 million) are gan>old-mines for your brand. Questions in these topics will get a lotn> of answers. If your answer rises to the top, the payoff for your success will be immeasurable. 

  1. Do not overwrite

When replying, it is important to keep in mind some rules. For example, do not write more than two paragraphs. Your reply should be short and concise. First, no one will read a long bunch of text without paragraphs. Second, short answers prove experience and authenticity.

Of course, if the question is a difficult one, do not hesitate to create a compelling answer spread over several paragraphs. However, do not stray away from the subject. You don’t want to be bored and you don’t want to make people uninterested in what you have to say.

  1. Ask great questions

Voltaire said that you should rather “judge a man by his questions than by his answersspan>. You will be rewarded beyond measure by Quora’s savvy users.

Tips on How to Get more Upvotes and Views on Quora

Quora is more than your average social media network. On this platform, which is quite similar to a forum, local companies, “>ation”>entrepreneurs or affiliate marketers can improve their brand’s presence, outreach a bigger audience and ultimately drive more traffic to their blogs and websites. 

Quora is perfect for:

    • Bloggers who want to establish themselves as an io/wl01158/entity/business”>8874591f045″ class=”textannotation”>>authority in their s=”textannotation”>niches 
    • Marketers and business owners that sell products or services, anything from SEO tools to apparel
    • Websites that sell information n”>services or products.
    • Affiliate marketers, ad publishers or content publishers that rely on traffic

If you want to learn the basics of Quora, read this article (note: link here to the first article I wrote for you, the one with 101 Quora). If you already know what Quora is and how it can benefit your business, keep reading below. You will discover precious information on how to reach a bigger audience and get more views and upvotes to your questions and answers.


Why do you need more Upvotes and Views?

The more upvotes and views> your questions have, they may stand out of the competition and may grab a precious spot in Quora’s feed. Once you are there, you will get a lot of free traffic to your site or blog. The same applies for your answers. If they are accurate and high-quality, you will make people interested in your brand.

If you have thousands of potential customers on Quora, bringing them to your website might just give you the traffic you need in order to meet your quota or even exceed expectations. However, to get there from here, you need to know how to spike their interest by formulating attractive, complete and insightful questions and answers.

There are several unique ways to get more upvotes and views on your Quora questions and answers. Here are some of the best.

6 Tips to Get more Quora Views and Upvotes

  1. Try to get people with large followings to vote and comment on your questions and answers.

The algorithm Quora uses is similar to Facebook’s. If someone likes a post from a person, it will get more posts from that person. If someone likes your comment, they willn> see more questions and comments from you. If you manage to establish yourself as a on”>topican> specialist and you get plenty of endorsements, people with large followings will begin to upvote your answers and ion”>interact with your questions.

Practically, you need at least 150 quality answers to a topan>pic and around 50 good questions. You also need to add photos, videos and references when commenting. Your answers need to be upvoted by at least 3&nbsp;people per answer.

You should also start following those people in your niches with large amounts of followers and then try to interact with them on a personal basis. The approach you choose should be something unique. You can either ask them to review your profile, tell them a new stat, promote yourself or simply tell them that you respect them and wantan> to learn more from their expertise. Normally, if you have something valuable to offer, you might make some good friends on Quora who will “bless” you with their upvotes.

  1. Show skill, but go broader 

For starters try to write incredibly useful answers and prove your skills and expertise. However, do not limit yourself to just commenting in one niche. You need to show your skill in other niches where the huge numbers lie in wait. In niches such as mental health, marketing or dating you will find many more users than in niches like commerce or nature.

  1. Follow a lot of people

another great way to get a lot of upvotes and viewspan> on Quora is to follow lots of people. As a rule of thumb, people feel obligated to follow back – this is quite similar to Twitter. To do that, you need to spend a lot of time on Quora, researching and looking for followers that might bring you a lot of upvotes if followed.

Again, follow as many people as possible, but try to target those “influencers” who have a huge base of followers. They are the ones that can skyrocket your presence on Quora and bring you that traffic you crave for.

  1. Improve your profile

This goes without saying. If you have a properly-designed, appealing profile, you will have more chances to get a huge follower database. Profiles that include an image, description and other details look much more credible. Spend some hours if necessary fine-tuning your profile and you won’t regret it.

  1. Capitalize on the power of social media

A key element in growing your reach on Quora is the use of social media. Share your answers and questions on your social media accounts to boost traffican> to your Quora feed. You might get views and upvotes from people you didn’t considered before. Do not neglect the power of social media and you will be rewarded.

  1. Know how to pick the right questions

Choosing the right question to answer is an art. If you want to get the maximum possible upvotes and views, you need to pick your questions well. For instance, if you are first to answer a question, you will get the most exposure. If yoon”>ur answer is up to the par, most people entering the thread will upvote your answer.

You should also pick questions that have high interest. Questions about fitness, motivation, self-esteem and sex are some of the highest rated in all the platform.

Bonus: How to answer a question

Finally, we want to give you some insightful and very useful tips on how to answer questions on Quora in order to get maximum exposure.

First off, try to include a photo or a video related to the topic. Break down your answer in chunks and use bullet points whenever possible. Try to stick to 3, maximum 4 paragraphs of 2-3 sentences. Insert the answer with a personal story and add some stats or facts, together with the reference. At the end, proofread your answer and make sure it has no grammatical errors whatsoever.

5 Tips for Targeting the Right People to Drive them to your Website 

Quora is a highly underutilized marketing platform. Thus, it represents a gold mine for marketers who want to target their audiences and bring more customers to their websites. Using Quora’s simple question and answer format, you can easily determine what your audience really wants and you can discover how to meet their needs and be appealing enough to drive them to your website.

Quorapan> might be your best bet towards entrepreneurial glory. As both marketers and customers are looking for something new, they are slowly setting their eyes on Quora. Once this network explodes, expect to find your brand thrive like never before. Moreover, if you learn how to target the right people and you are able to reacannotation”>h your audience, your website will never lack traffic and your remarketing list will always be full.

How to Find and Target your Audience on Quora

You want to make sure that you target the right people with your answers and “textannotation”>questions. You don’t necessarily want someone who is not interested in your products to access your website. In the end, you want to use Quoraation”> to grow your customer database and increase your profits.

Here are 5 unique methods to target your prospects and drive them to your website:

  1. Do not look like a Salesman

Prospects, especially in the digital world, hate salespeople above all else. You can’t pose as a notation”>salesman for your company and expect people to engage with your brand and access your website. As a marketer, you need to dissociate yourself from selling your products and services. Quora is not the place for that. Instead, try to look like a regular user interested in helping others and offering precious advice.

Share your knowledge without any visible interest and within months you will be approached by a good number of people for advice, Eventually, your relationship will move beyond the regular and they extannotation”>will become your website visitors, buyers and potentially partners.

Practically, try to never promote a service or product you own directly. Do that indirectly, through comments and suggestions that offer a solution. For instance, if you are a marketer for a hosting platform, in a thread like: “Do you know any good hosting companies around?”, you could say that: “I have worked with “ABC Hosting” (add your company name here) and they really rock. Almost 100% uptime, reliable customer support, etc”.

  1. Establish Connections

prospects connect with you through messaging, do not hesitate to respond to their questions and come up with your personalized solutions. On the other hand, do your own part and contact potential customers and then try to engage them by offering buying advice or unique products that would meet their needs. However, during all this process, avoid being salesly and remember that people do not want to be sold something, they just want their problems to be solved.

  1. Ask Questions

The key to finding the right people to target is to know what your niche is looking for. Thus, ask a lot of questions about what your prospects actually wantan>. Pick your topic strategically and try to engage with your niche by using the mention symbol. You see, in addition to mentioning people, you can use the “@” symbol to mention topics.

Try to go where your prospects are going for answers. Once you know what they want, pick those niches and questions they are interested in. For instance, if you are selling PPC services, do search on Quora using terms such as PPC marketing, PPC specialists, PPC agencies, good PPC server, influential people in PPC & SEM, SEM advertising, PPC & SEM tips, and the list goes on.

  1. Establish yourself as an Authority

Lastly, but probably most importantly, define your specialty by showing your class=”textannotation”>prospects that you are knowledgeable in your niche. As a leader in your field, you will be able to use your expertise and technical knowledge to solve people’s problems and drive them to your website to get access to a complete solution.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Compelling & Eye-Catching Quora Answers 

As a content marketer, affiliate marketer or business owner, you have probably already realized that you need something more than your competitors in order to get the attention of potential customers and drive them to your site. You need to outsmart your competition if you want to create a powerful brand, capable of generating long-term income and stable enough to drive your business forward.

One of the best tools you can use for that is Quora. As a cost-effective and time-efficient marketing tool, Quora is a simple Q & A platform that connects marketers with influencers and prospects in a secure, professional environment. While you can grab prospe>cts’ attention by optimizing your profile, by posting regular questions and by contacting users directly via the message box, the most effective tool you have in your arsenal is writing compelling, eye-catching answers.

By answering questions like no one else in your niche, you secure yourself a top spot in your target niche that spends time on Quora, and trust me, you have a lot of potential clients interacting on Quora right at this moment. Below, you will discover a complete guide on how to find the right questions to answer and how to create a compelling answer that grows your brand’s reach and boosts your presence on the platform.

Deciding Which Question to Take on

Before thinking of what to write, it is crucial to determine which question is worth your interest. You see, not all questions could bring you the traffic and exposure you crave for. 

As a rule of thumb, you should look to answer three main types of questions:

  1. to which you are capable of offering high-quality answers, often interlaced with tion“>personal experience or examples.
  2. Questions that your prospects find to be extremely relevant to them
  3. Questions that can be found in your industry for example, if you sell SEO products, do not go in the emotional health “textannotation”>niche and try to answer questions you find interesting. That will never work.

<The best place to find questions is to search for topics or to conduct searches by keywords. You could also find annotation”>the right questions by looking at what influencers are posting. Additionally, take a look at what is trending and try to stay ahead of the pack by checking on Twitter for the latest trends in your industry.

One more bit of advice. Try to be the first one to answer a question. This way, you will get the maximum exposure you can get, as everyone else who is commenting will see your answer.

Pre Writing Tips

Once you have found an interesting question and you decide to write a compelling answeran> that convinces potential customers that you are a good source of information and you might be a good buy for them, you need to think of a type of approach you want to have.

If you do not have a personal experience and you can’t answer the question naturally, you need to do a bit of research. Your colleagues, the Internet, the media or the TV could mislead you, so you have to make sure that you choose your sources carefully. If you have found enough evidence from at least three sources, you can post the information. However, do not forget to add the sources at the end of the answer.

In case the questionan> has alrea>dy been answered by a number of users, it is advisable to read all other answers and see which one has the highest number of upvotes, comments and shares. Rephrase the ideas shared in these comments and try to come with something unique, a spin of your own. Elaborate on the best answer and you will certainly be appreciated. However, make sure tonot copy all the ideas just as they are.

Writing Tips for Perfect Quora Answers

Now we have reached the fun part. Once you know how to pick the right question and you consider the above pre writing tips, it is time to formulate a complete and professional answer that will help you gain the attention and interest. A good answer might even position you in the top stories section or on the trending feed.

  1. Space your text out: formatting your text is imperative for giving a good answer that will be appreciated by the Quora community. You have no idea how many people skip answers that are presented in big chunks of text. Add a new paragraph every 2-3 sentences, use bullet points and headers, and make use of proper punctuation.
  1. Proofread your text: after you include your best ideas, tips or advice, it is time to proofread it. You might not enjoy this part, but rest assured that in 99% of cases you will find at least one mistake. That one mistake could cost you a few upvotes, comments or even potential customers.
  2. Add a bit of humor: if you are a talented writer and you know how to play with words, use some humor. This has the same effect as adding salt and spices to food. The whole “>answer will “taste” much better.
  3. Addphotos, video and links: all of these resources make your answers more eye-catching. People “>ation”>will notice videos and photos much better than plain text. You can also add quotes, code, math formula or mention a user or a niche. You can find all these in the “show more” tab. If you are good with code, you can personalize your answer and make it stand out of the crowd.
  1. Statistics, references and integration: the last but not least, you can create compelling, eye-catching answers by making a habit to integrate as many statistics and references as possible. A good idea is to add a link to your blog so that people can read more. This makes your answer more eye-catching and also sends free traffic to your blog.

You are now well equipped to research your niche on Quora, finding relevant questions to answer and being able to create eye-catching answers that stimulate prospects to engage with you and become your brand ambassadors.

An Incredible Simple Way to Promoting your Business on Quora

Yes, Quora might seem like an unapproachable network, especially from a marketing perspective. This Q&A platform might seem a nebula for small business owners and inexperienced marketers. However, even the most inexperienced entrepreneurs can actually use Quora to build their brand and promote their businesses online.

Quora, the easy to use Q & A platform, soared in popularity as of late, being able to attract a multitude of journalists, lead executives, experienced marketers, entrepreneurs and industry insiders. Due to the increase in popularity and authority, Quora questions and answers have started to appear in the first pages of search engines. Thus, in addition to being a great place to promote your brand and find unique opportunities and potential business partners, Quora is an amazing keyword research tool for your SEO research tool for your SEO” keyword to the article I’ve previously wrote for you about finding long-tail keywords on Quora).

You can do a lot on Quora. From getting content ideas and long tail keywords to establishing your brand in front of potential customers, getting viable partnership opportunities and discovering what the trends are, Quora has a lot to offer to both experienced and inexperienced marketers and entrepreneurs. 

First off – Why Quora?

Here are a few good reasons to start using Quora today to promote your business:

      1. You can get exposure to over 1.5 million monthly visitors from all over the world on a monthly basis
      2. You can easily demonstrate your expertise and build a huge database of fans and loyal customers
      3. Discover priceless insights from experts in any industry 

Uncover the needs and wants of your core prospects so you can target them better

  • Rank high in search engines 
  • Send targeted traffic to your site and share content from other sites, including your own blog and landing pages

Of course, gaining ROI directly on the platform should not be your number one goal. Instead, aim to spread your insights and knowledge. That will bring you much more traffic in the long run.

How to Promote your Business on Quora

Now that I’ve raised the bar high enough for Quora and you are ready to test its marketing potential for your business, it is time to dive into the most important practices for business promotion.

  1. Make sure your profile is stellar: it is pointless to move to the next steps until you have made sure that your profile properly represents your brand. Fill in all information, connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and be sure to include relevant links in your profile that point to your website.
  1. Find and follow topics you are interested in: now that your profile is properly set up and optimized, you want to findn> the an>right topics for your needs. Go on top of the page and type in the search box a keyword related to your interests. For instance, if you type in “analytics”, you will get the following results:

Enter a topic and click the “Follow link” button. Alternatively, you can use RSS to subscribe to the topic. Simply add “tannotation”>/rss” to the URL>pan>an> and use Google Reader or any other RSS aggregator to get the latest questions in your browser.

On each topicpan> page, in the right side, you can notice the Top Answers section. Use it to connect to influential users who might be interested in what you have to offer.

  1. Post your own questions: in order to stir interest, find out more about your target market or simply drawan> attention to your profile by posting strategic questions, you have to go out there and get vocal. To do that, simply go to your favorite topic and submit a question by hitting the “Add Question” button.

Once you start to receive answers, ensure that you upvote each answer (or downvote, if necessary) and reply accordingly. In the reply box, you can insert a smart link to your site or landing page. In case you are not getting answers or you simply want to get answers from experts, ask other people to answer your question. You use credits for that, but that is another story altogether.

  1. Add complete answers: probably one of the best ways to stand out of the crowd and promote your business on this social network is to come up with really good answers. You need to be ready to demonstrate your ass=”textannotation”>expertise and show that people can rely on you when it comes to specific needs.

When answering a question, make sure to ;use image URLs, videos, infographics and also tag other people using the @. This way you can boost interaction and make the answer much more informative and user friendly. Justpan> ensure you do not look spammy and never self-promote your products, services or brand.

The best way you build your business with Quora is by helping the community. The savvy Quora users will eventually notice you and start contacting you for using your services.

  1. Share content on boards: you can also promote your business indirectly on Quora by using boards. Go to your profile and look below your “Followers” category to see the “Create a new board” button. Once created, you can add whatever content you want on your board. You can also enable other users to submit content on your board.</span>

Click the “Add to Browser” button in your board window and then you will be able to instantly add to your board blog posts, images, videos or any other third-party content you find online. Inside the board, you have the option to promote your website and landing pages.

Quora is undoubtedly one of the best places online to promote your business on. Even though the results might come slower than you expect, this social network can easily outstrip Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter when it comes to user interaction. Build a strong presence on Quora by asking good questions, offering complete answers and using all the features offered on the platform in your advantage.

Discover How Influencers Use Quora

Quora is a great place for finding the right influencers for you. While everyone can become an online influencer, your success as a company is going to rely on choosing the right influencers out of the masses. You need to select those few that are already connected with your audience. Influencers are usually found on places of interest, networks where they can showcase their ideas and can receive constant feedback from their fans. One of these places is Quora.

In addition to YouTube, Klout, Pinterest, Twitter, Forums, Reddit and of course LinkedIn, influencers gather in large numbers on Quora. This small Q & A network has been specially built around providing accurate answers to any type of question. This is where influencers came in, offering their precious insights in areas like marketing, business ventures, science, self-improvement, society, technology and sports.

As an entrepreneur who wants to capitalize on the power of influencers, you need to be well aware of how influencers think and act on Quora before engaging with them. Whether you want to connect with influencers in marketing, politics or sports, read on to understand how all influencers use Quora.

How does an Influencer Use Quora?

As a rule of thumb, all influencers or most of all take advantage of one of Quora’s hidden, yet most powerful features. Unless you have worked directly with an influencer, you are probably unaware of what a Quora session actually is. Top influencers on Quora, such as Tim Ferris, James Altucher, Rand Fishkin, Jennifer Fitzgerald, David Autor and thousand others are maximizing the powerful benefits of sessions in order to engage with their audience and increase their reach on this platform.

In addition to sessions, influencers post questions and post replies, mention other users and also thank users for mentioning them to reply questions.

  1. Quora Sessions

Probably the most innovative features ever created for influencers is sessions. That is the main reason the number of influencers on Quora has literally skyrocketed after this feature has been introduced back in 2015. Similar to Reddit’s AMA (Ask me Anything), Enable regular users to connect with their favorite influencers in a safe environment and ask anything they want.

Normally, in the first part of the session, which can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, the hosts takes in questions from users. At the end of this period, the influencer comes online and answers all the questions that he finds most interesting or relevant.

As a business owner, you can use this feature to interact on a personal basis with the hottest influencers in your industry and get a chance to have your most intriguing questions answered. Even though your question is not selected, you can still find a lot of useful information</s<> for your niche. Keep in mind that there are tens of sessions on a monthly basis in each industry, so make sure you fine tune your questions and be ready for some useful answers.

>Quora sessions help industry leaders become more famous, while at the same time enables regular users to benefit from the expertise offered by influencers. Sessions are broken into categories and subtopics. For instance, on, the official Quora page where you have all upcoming and live sessions, you can find the top hosts in Politics, Society, Marketing, Self-Improvement, Sports, Entertainment and Technology. Once you click a feed on the upcoming sessions list, you go directly to the influencer page

For example, Tim Ferris, innovative NYT bestseller and creative investor, is going to have another session soon enough. On his personal Quora page,, you can take a closer look at his questions and answers on quora, while on his sessions page,, you can study all the answers he has given to users’ questions.

Sessions is a very powerful tool and a mandatory feature that should be used by any influencer that wants to grow his reach on Quora.

  1. Answer questions

The second big activity influencers perform in order&nbsp;to grow their brand image and boost their rs”>tannotation”>presence on this platform is to answer questions. Of course, they are not just answering random questions, but only those questions that might help boost their presence. Influencers are answering trending questions and questions that rank high in SERPs.

In simple terms, influencers take the title of each question in their niche and enter it in google. If it appears high in search engines, they are more than willing to answer it. This way, they will get access to all that unlimited traffic that comes from Google, Bing and Yahoo. Here is the trick – if you want to become an influencer on Quora, you need to do the same.

Another thing that influencers such as Tim Ferris and Rand Fishkin do best is to be the first ones to answer questions. They have mastered the art of setting up alerts, so they know the latest question posted even before it is live. The first answer to a question gets up to 80% more visibility than the third answer, so it is definitely worth being the first one to answer a trending questions.

In addition to all that, influencers mention other influencers or important members using the @ symbol. They know how important a mention is, for both the one mentioned as it is for the members who offers the mention. Top influencers spend hours on Quora trying to be part of every question they get mentioned to. 

Ultimately, influencers use the “Thank” button. In the feed list, click the advanced options represented by “…” and hit “Thank”. You have just thanked the user for the question. As this feature is not that used in the community, it represents a great tactic influencers use to stand out of the crowd.

Now that you know how influencers use Quora, you can dig into that and become an influencers in your niche. Or you can just connect with influencers that are experts in an area and try to get them on your side. To do that, make sure you attend their sessions, thank them for their questions and interact with them as much as possible, using @mentions.

Finding and Hiring a Quora Specialist for your Business/Startup

Whether you have a well-established business or just a startup, you need to leverage the power of Quora and use it to increase your reach and skyrocket your brand’s presence online. For that, you need to find a world-class Quora specialist who can guide you along the way and help you navigate the shallow waters of digital marketing.

Quora is a gold mine for every type of business. Many business owners who are now maximizing their impact on Quora wished they would have stumbled upon this network a lot sooner. Needless to say, ion”>Quora gives you access to a wide pool of influencers, together with industry-relevant stats and latest trends in your niche. Moreover, Quora is very beneficial to your SEO, enabling you to discover long tail keywords that can ease the keyword finding process. To top it all, Quora is an excellent tool for interacting with potential customers , enabling you to drive targeted traffic to your site.

Of course, leveraging the power of Quora for your company requires experience and creativity. As a manager, you want to spend your time doing managerial tasks instead of trying to figure out how marketing on Quora actually works. For this reason, we strongly recommend you to find and hire a Quora specialist.

How can a marketing specialist with experience on Quora can help you? Find out below.

>ht: 400;”>Why Hire a Quora Marketing Specialist?

A marketer with Quora expertise can become your greatest asset. While most marketers already have plenty of experience on other social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, Quora marketing is slowly becoming an evergreen area of expertise. A Quora specialist has become more important than a Facebook or Twitter specialist for two main reasons: Quora is growing faster than any other network and the number of Quora marketing specialists is much lower than the number of marketing specialists on any other social platform or online tool.

>A Quora specialist for your business can help you tap into the huge power of Quora and can make your business or startup stand out of the crowd. Moreover, he can get your brand connected with top influencers in your industry, which is in itself the biggest accomplishment you can have online. Once connected, your brand can be featured on high-authority blogs, podcasts and on forums where millions of potential customers lie in wait, waiting for someone bold enough to stir their needs and exceed their wildest expectations.

A good Quora marketing specialist can help you gain new perspectives, opening your horizon on the vast opportunities that wait for you on this network. You can also gain some fresh ideas, especially if your Quora campaign is stalling. 

Moreover, an experienced marketer gives you more space to grow. The degreean> of flexibility a new marketer brings to the table will help you focus on important tasks and take the marketing burden off the shoulders of your employees. A social mediaan> manager who is well-versed in Quora marketing could prove invaluable in the long run.

Tips on Hiring a Quora Marketer

Now that you know how important is to hire a marketer with experience in Quora, let’s find out how you can make sure you hire the right man for the job.

Find a True Marketer

You don’t want to hire someone with no vision or no marketing skills whatsoever. Thus, look at his previous experience. Is he well versed on driving traffic to the website? Can he create appealing messages that stir interest and go viral? Is he able to create a long-term strategy? What about a flash sale or week-end advertorial? 

While anyone can get involved in social media, not everyone can understand the marketing needs of a company and can align those needs with potential clients’ perspectives.

  1. Get a Creative Thinker

Once you have found a great marketer that stands true to his name, make sure that he is a person that thinks twice before doing something. Good marketers analyze, brainstorm, test and balance outcomes before taking risks. When marketing your brand on Quora, it is imperative to get a creative thinker who can come up with unique ideas while at the same time balance risks and choose the best time to act.

For instance, find someone who knows how to engage with influencers on Quora. This is “textannotation”>key to your success. More practical, your new marketer needs to know how to find the right influencers in your niche, keep track of their actions on Quora, subscribe to their sessions and create a list of questions that will be send to the influencers during the sessions.

Your new marketer will also need to devise a strategy on how to bring traffic to your site by interacting with Quora users. The options are limitless here. The marketer you hire needs to have the right mindset to find the best opportunities and to capitalize on them.

  1. Find a specialist who is familiar with your industry

Ultimately, you need to hire a marketer for Quora who is well-versed in your niche. The better he knows your niche you are in, the easier it will be for your new partner to interact with clients. For example, if you sell baseball caps, you have a narrow niche. Your customers have certain expectations and use a certain lingo. If your new marketer is not experienced in this niche, it will be almost impossible for him to interact with prospects at a deep level.

The Bottom Line on how to hire a Quora Specialist

A good marketer with experience on Quora and with enough understanding of your niche is exactly what you need in order to capitalize on the power offered by Quora. Of course, a good marketer needs to know the difference between CMP, CPC and ROI, but he also needs to be aware of the ecosystem on Quora and needs to have exquisite social networking skills. In the end, you want someone who can connect with influencers and drive targeted traffic to your site.

Final Words – The Last Chapter

Growing with Quora is like learning how to identify human behavior patterns. You need to understand why someone asked a particular question before trying to provide an answer. If you only provide an answer, your answer might not connect as well to your readers. I was fortunate enough to work on this experiment with a colleague, were we bounced ideas off each other and asked if the answer we’ve provided was the best one. While the clock is ticking, it is better to wait and see if the last revision is one you want others to see you as. 

I’ve worked in the customer service, support and success industry for 13 years and listening is how you can understand their tone and create that empathy, trust, credibility and rapport. To sum the whole Quora marketing is to take a step back and see it on a multi-perspective angle. Open your answers to critics or asks for comments and build that community of bouncing ideas off each other. Helping people can be either selfish or selfless. Reread your answer to see how help you are or as I just wrote, is this a selfish content or is it really help them?


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