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Who Needs Local SEO?

3.5 billion users search Google daily, more than 70% of all internet searches. As a company on Google’s first page is important. Getting top of the search rankings will boost revenue exponentially, this is the ideal opportunity for business owners to attract organic traffic.

With attention spans continually diminishing, instant knowledge is crucial. Long gone are the days when people would browse through phone books or listings websites, when the same details can be found instantly with easy Google searching.

Local searches provide a large customer base for most companies, with visibility and interest in your local search field, you can increase your organic traffic.

Regional searches are highly weighted to mobile, users can use their smartphones or tablets to assist in decision-making. Research have shown that 50% of customers performing a local smartphone search would visit a store within a day.

Google My Business (GMB) Listings are the most impactful way to improve free local SEO efforts. Despite 60% of American adults using their smartphones to check for what they need, GMB is an important Local SEO resource.

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What is GMB & Why is it Necessary for Your Business?

GMB is a local business directory Google provides every day. Google uses your location to provide the best results, finding and discovering the information you’re looking for easily and efficiently. 80% of users won’t go past the first page, with 60% of all clicks heading to the first three search results.

GMB listings allow your business details to appear before the first search result when potential customers search your goods or services within a specified region.

If used correctly, GMB is a strong method to push your way and conquer Google’s first page quest.

When someone searches your name, your GMB listing will appear next to the top search results, with an picture and a map showing your location. This also shows the opening hours, contact details, and customer feedback.

If a individual performs a locality-specific search for a product or service, GMB listings may change. Let’s say consumer styles google search the word ‘Florida cafĂ©.’

The top three optimized GMB listings appear on top of the page. Until viewing any website results or clicking any link, all operating details of your company can be given to a customer.

Capitalizing on Google’s digital supremacy will help the company succeed online. The ‘three pack’ on the GMB lists will push traffic to your website or people to your physical location.

When your rivals don’t use GMB pages, you’ll get a strong advantage. By improving your local and mobile quest, customers see your listing and trust your company more.

Providing valuable impact to your local SEO efforts, GMB offers you the opportunity to instantly highlight your business. Providing valuable insights into customer behavior purchasing and direct interaction through feedback.

Google My Business listings will improve your organic traffic and sales production. GMB, like all SEO strategies, needs continuous management and strategic implementation.

Top 3 Benefits of GMB & Local SEO

Customers Will Easily Find You

GMB listings provide companies with massive organic traffic. When your company shows its name, address & phone number information prominently, customers are much more likely to visit your website. Using Google Maps, GMB provides customers with company photos and directions. This simplicity helps people to schedule their visit to you easily.

Prominent Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a business lifeblood today, 85% of customers trust online reviews. GMB lists clearly show customer ratings with a five-star rating system. A high average score will influence your GMB rankings and your chances of breaking into the dominant ‘three pack.’
GMB positively supports the customer input.

Consumer Behavior Insights

Google can provide you with valuable, in-depth consumer behaviour. Analyzing this data will help you with the details they’re searching for. Google My Company offers details about how customers discover your company, how consumers take action on your listing, and where you’re located.

We are the Local SEO Experts Who Get Proven Results

Getting a strong digital presence will position you where potential consumers search for your product, experience or service. Google My Company allows essential company knowledge to be readily accessible to customers, notably.

We’re obsessive marketers, second is not an choice for us, we’re working relentlessly to outperform competitors. We’ve developed a flexible, repeatable method for managing every aspect of a local SEO campaign, putting you on the first page and keeping you there.

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