10 Skills Every Great Content Writer Needs

by Jay | Updated on March 31st, 2020

Content writers enjoy great flexibility of working from anywhere. You get to pick topics of your interest and get your work published, generating high value. You must invest in your skills to become a successful content creator. So here, we give 10 critical skills suitable for every content writer that will help shape their careers.



A lot of content can falls flat simply because the tone and style used don’t suit the purpose of the brand. Know your target audience on every page to know the tone to use in conveying your message. Practice and perfect many writing styles that will make you an excellent content creator. For example, a landing page must persuade the reader to take action, whereas a white paper must contain more details explaining complicated stuff. 

Strong research skills

Carry out intensive and extensive research to add value and credibility to your content. Use reliable online sources of information and experts to create content that will be helpful to your readers. 

A solid understanding of SEO


Premium quality content persists at the top of SEO trends because readers can easily find it. Use SEO-friendly titles, keywords, and descriptions that will keep up to changing the dynamic of Google algorithms.

Organizational skills

Use a calendar to keep track of your deadlines. Send assignments timely to your clients to give editors enough time to proof your article. Ensure that you prioritize activities depending on their urgency.

The ability to get focused

It is not easy to find focus on writing. You must get rid of all distractions before proceeding to work. Start with easy to do tasks before starting with larger projects. Find an activity to relieve your stress when tired. 

The ability to meet deadlines


Create high-quality content and deliver it timely to show professionalism. Time management is crucial here, and it helps you sort assignments to accept and reject in time. See more writing and productivity hacks here if you struggle with time management. 


You cannot afford to give excuses in writing for not getting in touch with your client. Maintain professional and formal communication with your client, and they will remember your courtesy for good ratings.  

Edit, edit and edit again

Your first draft is barely perfect. You must reread looking for grammar errors, redundant points, and filler content. This skill requires patience and great self-discipline. Don’t be amazed that you spent more time editing than writing.

Deliver quality


Invest in creating quality, unique, engaging, grammatically correct, and easy-to-understand content. Make yourself known as the unmatched quality writer that delivers content in time. Consistency in conveying excellent work will also increase your pay.

Staying on demand

Keep up with your high-quality consistency and stay up-to-date with trends to remain relevant. You can join freelancing communities, do cold emailing, and showcase some of your work on social platforms. Staying on social platforms will get you new jobs and valuable contacts. Share content with your network to access a wider audience of potential clients to hire you. 


You need more than well-written work to become a successful content creator. Keep improving your research skills, stay current, improve your adaptability, and improve your SEO knowledge to become a good content creator. 

Invest in your skills through practice and patience. Eventually, you will become consistent at delivering compelling content to read, and that will put you in demand. 


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