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Most (81%) of US online shoppers  trust in blog advice and information, while 61% of the consumers have bought products basing on a blog’s recommendation. There’s a definite correlation between your sales and content marketing. In fact, a more significant percentage (56%) of bloggers with consistent business blogs claim that it has helped them in establishing their positions as thought leaders within their industries. 50% of online marketers agree that content curation has boosted the engagement of their buyers.

With SEO, search engines wants to understand your business so that it can provide relevant information to their users. With 53%, content creation ranks as the only most effective SEO technique. Besides, if your website features a blog, then you gain a 434% more chance to rank better on search tools than those who don’t. 

If you are not using any form of content marketing and relying or expecting SEO to work, you might want to think twice. Content marketing is the heart of SEO and conversion. The better information you provide to your user, the more informed decision they can make to purchase your products or services. 

In the end, we want to help guide you from understanding what content marketing is, and how you can start implementing it today.


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