How to Set Achievable Blogging Goals That Are Reasonable

by Jay | Posted on March 30th, 2020

One of the ways in which you can earn money is blogging, which is seen as the most profitable online business. You need to build your blog from somewhere and have a solid content strategy. It allows you to create content with the assistance of monetization techniques; hence, you can generate income as high as a full-time salary.

Begin with long-term goals


Starting long term goals increases success chances, so you need to start early because they are harder to achieve. You can set smaller goals such as weekly or daily goals that you start with as they build a foundation.
Figure out how you would like your blog to look like and avoid putting a time limit on your goals and wait patiently.

Long term goals can be as small as you want. Don’t worry when you set ‘impossible’ goals. Setting high goals and ending up in failure doesn’t hurt as setting small goals with disastrous failures.

Annual goals


Once you have known what you want your blog to become, set yearly achievements. The first year is getting yourself set and building your blog to achieve more in the next years.

An example of first-year goals is having fully-developed web design, among others. Monetization of the blog is done during the first year.

Monthly goals

Monthly goals will help you achieve your yearly goals. An example would be completing one chapter of an e-book in a month and finish by the end of the year. Implementing a new monthly monetization strategy is a good idea or other ideas.


Weekly goals

Weekly goals are there to lead you in the right direction and help to reach monthly goals. An example would be to have weekly homepage advertisements.

Daily goals

To avoid problems, you need to plan on what to do regularly and how you will end it. You need to write blogs and focus on other areas such as email newsletters and social media campaigns. Also, you can watch tutorials on how to improve your capabilities.

Work on achieving all your goals and be consistent. Dream big, and stay humble.



Making money through blogging is excellent, but let it not get into your head so much. Keep soaring and find ways to improve your posts. Stay hungry, always!


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