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Are you doing SEO the right way?

Anyone can update your title tag and meta description, stuff in keywords and call it a day. Is that really SEO? 90%+ of SEO experts today are in this business to make money. It’s a lucrative business and many rather outsource the SEO work and get paid to do nothing. Just search for “how to create an SEO agency” and how many people are providing the same, typical, average SEO proposal.

Why we have the best SEO service

Finding a freelancer or an agency means one thing: Who is passionate enough to go above and beyond and not just do the normal routine. There are people like Nikola Tesla, who keeps inventing and thinking about electricity and inventions, experiment, research, implement. And there are those who are stuck in their routine and spin around in a circle doing the same thing as the rest of the crowd.

Implementing keywords is not enough to get you ranking number one. Here are a few reasons why we have the best SEO services, ever.

Here’s a perfect example of how search results are getting smarter and smarter:

Hey Google

What’s an apple?

… ok, the definition is:

searching "apple" on search engines to see what comes up

Here, Google shows the actual fruit definition and just below shows Apple the company.

If you asked Google “what’s Apple”, it will show Apple the company as the first results versus the definition:

searching what's apple and semantic search shows the company and not apple

Here’s my point:

  1. What’s an apple, what’s apple is defined by semantic web structure. As a webmaster, your job is to define who you are, what you do, what you are writing about, when, where, how and why. Without providing enough information, these search engines will have a hard time determining what you do and why you should be in users’ SERP.
  2. SEO is not one time. Currently, many SEO agencies are stuffing in keywords, do one time on-page SEO and that’s it. SEO is about defining and redefining your site until Google can know EXACTLY where to rank you. This can go horizontal and vertical. Whether you get indexed for the right keywords or want to rank number one.
  3. YOU CAN RANK NUMBER ONE WITHOUT ANY LINK BUILDING. That’s correct, with semantic web comes data readability for crawlers to easily identify each content pages/posts and be able to deliver fast SERP for any users of the web. Obviously, we do want high quality sites referring and building credibility, trust, and rapport of your site!
  4. The more you define your definition, the better you rank.

How do SEO RANK SERP Agency fit in?

We help in 3 ways:

  1. We do website architecture build-outs with semantic web framework.
  2. We build out content strategy to help you rank number one for each article you post
  3. We maximize your CTR for each page/post and help search engines pinpoint your goals

Semantic Web Services

We believe that more data that is thoughtful for crawlers to identify, make your site indexed, categorized and ranked faster than others. Think about a machine learning and A.I the more data you give them, the more and faster they are able to work and be more relevant. If someone types in X on search, search engines can easily identify their intent and know who gets to be on SERP for that keyword.

We go through Microdata, RDF, Schema, page architecture, interlink, external link, sources, LSI, NLP, etc. To form our semantic web services for your site

Content Strategy Services

To rank no.1 is no walk in the park. And even today, people are ranking no.1 using grey and black hat strategies. Will people trust you just because you are ranking no.1? How long will it take for people to question your site? We believe in creating an authentic, authoritative, trustworthy approach to SEO. That means, content needs to be at the highest level, better than any of your competitors combined. Articles aren’t just your typical fillers, the goal is for you to be seen as authoritative, someone who knows what they are talking about.

We believe in building Trust, Credibility, and Rapport. It’s the only way to do SEO.

We believe you should be writing articles that are the most relevant, and most useful. We take Skyscraping technique to a whole new level. We help guide you and your team to write a specific section, geared towards X audience and help build a semantic structure to each new content.

The time when you spend $10 for an article no longer exists in the web 3.0 world. If you want to rank high, be SEO friendly, and show up on SERP, you need to talk with us.

We go through the most extensive keyword research, competitor analysis, and reverse engineer their strategy and accumulatively see an opportunity that you need to take for you to rank high on SERP. We can also help write out your content as well as manage your writers.

Here’s a thorough view of what you should expect:

Our Keyword research process

  • Identify all possible keyword relating to the site
  • Identify all competitors (direct, indirect) and go through their keyword ideas
  • Use NLP for main homepage content analysis
  • Google Search Console keyword retrieve and keywords associated with each individual pages (excel)
  • Use a keyword tracking tool to see where we are ranking with each keyword we are focusing
  • Focus on 2 main groups of keywords at a time.
  • Identify top competitors within those keywords and see if we are missing any competitors and gather their keyword strategy by using NLP process and keyword consistency for more keyword ideas.

Once we’ve identified what keywords we are looking to target and if we decide to create article(s)

  • Identify what content we are missing, so we can cover all aspect of that particular keyword(s)
    • Keywords are grouped as follow:
      • In general what’s been written (scope of the keywords)
      • Iteration, Latent Semantic Index (LSI), Google Auto Suggest relevancy
      • Is the keyword seeAlso or sameAs relevant?
      • What, When, Where, How, Why
      • Competitors article ideas if we missed out,
      • Finding low hanging fruits, if the competitors haven’t built their full content cluster, we can make sure to prioritize what they are lacking
      • Use WooRank site audit to parse NLP for specific content page/post
  • Once we have our main focus for content
    • We outline every single subheadings (based on keyword and needs adjusting from writer)
    • What to discuss to write about
    • Go through competitors article as a reference and see if we can write it better
    • Find all related articles we’ve written and associate with the new article

We lay the top funnel keywords we want to rank for and create our SEO strategy to help with building your brand’s reputation and organic traffic.

  1. Create fundamental articles – this will help search engine crawlers and potential customers who’s starting to nibble at the idea of using your software. These fundamental article serves as getting all the keywords indexed so that you can explain more and more with new and unique content. These are your: what is, how is, why is, articles. This will establish your existence.
  2. Competitors scraping – Going beyond the fundamentals is to establish yourself as the number one compared to your competitors. If your article is better than your competitors, who would they choose down the road? If your article is better than others, and if they are receiving backlinks organically, why wouldn’t they choose yours instead? This will establish you as trustworthy, authoritative.
  3. Expertise and Unique – You’ve been in the industry for quite some time, your expertise, small insights, research from data. All of these needs to help you become the leader of your industry.

content strategy trello board

The difference lies in how well our content strategy is compared to others. Each article we want to produce, we make sure that none of your competitors has written a better article than ours. We can work with your team of writers or we can write these ourselves. We work with many startups and we only want to provide the best there is. If someone writes a better article, we will make sure we do a better job. 

Maximize your CTR

SEO does not end once you finished writing. Google and all search engines, algorithms, machine learning and A.I still need man assist to help drive towards the end goal. You might have seen it in your Google Search Console, where you started to rank for intended keywords and weird keywords.

What we do is play ball with search engines and help them refine through more optimization (when necessary), link building effort to increase intent.

We don’t want to focus too much on crawlers and more on user intent. However, some keywords that search engines rank us for might not fit the bill. What to do if we start ranking for “What’s an apple” when you’re Apple the company? Not all keywords are created equal and we want to target the right keyword for each content and focus heavily on user intent which will increase your overall CTR.

In the end…

Whether you are starting your business/company/startup or have an existing one, we want to help you understand that there are different levels of SEO optimization. We want you to know just how much there is to do and what it takes to get there. There is no white hat, grey hat, or black hat techniques to rank number one. You need to focus on how search engines understand your site and user intent.

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