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Best Ideas for B2B Video Marketing

by Jay | Updated on August 29th, 2019

Video marketing market analysis

50% of the overall number of marketers produces over ten videos every year while in every three big organizations, one of them publishes over 100 videos annually. That serves to show you how the creation of videos has become an essential part of successful companies. With 90% of consumers saying that videos help them in making purchase decisions, then you need to grant them that chance to avoid missing out on so much. You might be convinced further by the fact that 72% of Business-To-Business (B2B) researchers and buyers watch video contents to help them decide on what to buy.

It doesn’t matter the industry you ventured in, video contents can always do great for your brand; over 50% of marketing specialists globally conclude that videos result to the highest return on investment (ROI) in comparison to the rest of content types. More so, over 50% of customers wish to see your brand’s video contents more than any other material.

Best Ideas for B2B Video Marketing

b2b video marketing

Why should your marketing incorporate video contents?

The majority (62%) of business to businesses involved in a LinkedIn survey agreed that videos help to boost your brand awareness campaigns. Additionally, 78% of them agreed that engaging videos helps in the identification of high-quality leads, and 57% agreed that it helps in the overall generation of more leads.

However, according to BuzzSumo, social referrals’ median number dropped to 4 in the year 2017 from 8 back in the year 2015. Obviously, that wasn’t due to the decline in the usage of social media, (in fact the usage is continually increasing it can be credited to two factors;

  • The increase in competition, and
  • The focus by social media platforms to retain the users on their sites instead of directing them to others.

Therefore, if you wish for your marketing efforts to thrive under such rivalry, you should incorporate content strategies. It is not just a matter of creating content, but ensuring it is relevant, reliable, and natures the targeted audience on your social platform. An excellent approach to do that is to create video contents.

Practical content type to use for your video marketing strategy;

  1. Interviewing Experts on Relevant Matters to your Audience

You can conduct face to face or online interviews with experts on topics that relate to the audience. Such interviews are appropriate for structuring social network mediums since the experts not only provide great views, but they also spread the contents on their social accounts and eventually attract the audience to your video content which helps in gaining a significant following and responses.

  1. Screencasting your Product and Service Tutorials

Basically, this involves recording your screen accompanied by narration on what you have to offer. In case your appearance on screens makes you uncomfortable, then this is the ideal video alternative. You just need to ensure your offer is in accordance with the audience’s needs.

  1. Sharing Hacks and Short Tips

Those educating videos don’t consume much of your resources in the creation and are ideal for engaging the audience. They usually are less than one minute in length and comprise of useful but straightforward facts or tips.

  1. Showcasing your other Side of Not-So-Serious

You don’t always have to be educative; sometimes, you need to let your guard off and be a bit entertaining. Hilarious video contents which put a smile on the audience’s face or make them laugh can help to boost your level of audience engagement.

  1. Trimming Web-based Seminars into Clips

One challenge with webinars is that they are live events, which mean they don’t last for long. Although you can share the recordings, they won’t yield much not unless you do a thorough promotion. Moreover, the records won’t have the same taste as live events. Therefore, to engage the audience and showcase to them what the in attendance is costing them, you can consider trimming the recordings in shorter
clips and sharing to them via social networks.


Ways B2B marketers can attract more leads with video

In this year 2019, 80% of the overall internet traffic will result from videos. Besides, 53% of organizations make use of video contents for nurturing leads.

So, the following are some ways you can consider for the growth of your business as well;

  1. Case Study Videos and Testimonial

Case study videos can help to illustrate the way your brand has been addressing the consumer needs while testimonials are great for reassuring the leads about your stand as the best option.

  1. Explainer Videos

These videos are ideal for attracting and engaging leads since they help to describe and clarify how your products can address their needs. When coming up with explainer videos, apart from focusing on awareness creation for your brand, you should also aim to engage the audience and provide answers to their questions. Here’s a list of explainer video production companies if you don’t want to create your own explainer video.

  1. How-To Videos

Video contents giving clear guidelines on how to handle specific problems are suitable for the attraction and conversion of leads. For instance, you can consider gating the material with a landing page and add contact fill-in forms.

  1. Product Demos

There is four times the number of buyers who prefer to view a product’s video more than who prefer to read about products. A majority of the users are reluctant to sign up for a new product or service without prior knowledge of how they perform. Therefore, those demos help to illustrate how your product or service delivers a solution to the audience’s problem.

  1. Webinars

Web-based seminars enable you to discuss numerous topics that relate to your leads widely. Through the frequent invitation of guest speakers, you can build the right image for your brand alongside converting leads into consumers.

  1. Whiteboard Series

Although they are much like explainer videos, they go to the extent of providing an in-depth exploration of a specific topic. In these videos, you can extensively describe a particular product’s feature or benefit, among others.

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Formulating your B2B video marketing strategy

71% of customers watch video contents online more than it was one year ago, and 62% of business to business marketers tend to believe that the underlying platform for every creator should be video. Therefore, you can never ignore the growth of the video’s popularity.

Fortunately, the formulation of a video marketing strategy has never been made this easier. If you still don’t know where to begin, then we got you the appropriate ways to do it;

  1. Identifying and Defining the Target Audience

Through the identification and definition of your target audience, you can be able to figure out their needs and therefore, design videos that relate or address those needs. That way, your video will have a personal touch hence build your brand trust.

  1. Being Brief and Straight to the Point

You need to make sure your content is short but contains the vital details to remain useful. 56% of published video contents are less than two minutes in length, which is enough for you to engage the viewers, present the need, address it, and prompt them to act on the CTA.

  1. Being Straightforward

Ensure you are clear on the goal of the video content you intend to create. You should give the visitors a reason to watch your video.

  1. Creating Event Videos

You can come up with videos regarding the events you hosted or attended. It is advisable to connect with the participants before the D-day to plan for successful interviews.

  1. Incorporating CTAs

Your video ought to incorporate a CTA directing the audience on what they should do or where to seek further information. It should be presented in a manner that prompts the viewer to click on it by selecting the right colors and surrounding.

  1. Producing Video Contents that relate to every Conversion Funnel

Video contents need to be centered on the audience to take account of each conversion stage; hence increases your chances of succeeding. Every person undergoes all the conversion stages from being a visitor to turning into a faithful client.

  1. Publishing your Native Videos on LinkedIn

80% of business to business social network leads emanate from LinkedIn, which is 277% effective in generating leads more than Twitter and Facebook. Hence it is an ideal platform to locate your targeted audience.

  1. SHHHHH!

With a loud message, your video won’t need sound. In fact, about 85% of B2B video contents are watched mutely on Facebook. Therefore, your video should be catchy and engage the viewer, even without sound. You can decide to include captions or subtitles.

  1. Using Video Hosting Stages

Picking the correct stage to host your videos significantly affects the outcome of video marketing endeavors. That stage help in providing you with a harmonious place for the management and assessment of your marketing exercises.

  1. Writing Scripts

Scripts help to engage the viewers from scene to scene, eventually leading them to the call-to-action. Useful transcripts help the reader to relate to the video by empathizing on their problems hence deciding to take the desired action.

  1. Measuring the Outcome

A properly designed strategy will help you to assess and evaluate the success of your video marketing efforts. That will provide grounds for improvement areas for the other campaign.

Examples of B2B marketing videos that work

  1. Blogs to Video: Consider recycling older posts through the production of a video that features the essential elements. You can then share the video on social media to drive your followers back to your blog or upload on your YouTube channel for search engine positioning enhancement.
  2. Corporate Brand Videos: Such videos need to be focused on the promise of your brand and what makes it unique from your rivals.
  3. Educating Videos: 61% of customers wish to learn something from social media videos. Therefore, educating the viewers is ideal for marketing your brand.
  4. Live Videos: You can go live on Facebook to pass your message visually free of charge.
  5. Promo Videos: You can create high-quality videos promoting your products and services to represent your business effectively.
  6. Promoting CTAs: To improve on conversion rates, you can add an influential feature to your video to push the audience to make the intended step.
  7. Testimonial Videos: Satisfied customers are perfect examples for showcasing what you can do since people tend to trust whatever you say less than how others view your business.
  8. Webinar Replays: With tools such as Uberconference and GoToMeeting, you can do recordings and transform them into webinar replays which are ideal for the gated approach and can as well be shared on YouTube.

In conclusion

Always keep in mind that business to business prospects prefer watching to reading the internet. So, consider the above best ideas for B2B marketing videos to ensure you reap the best out of your marketing efforts.


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No need to hire SEO experts anymore to fix your site technical SEO issues