AMP & Instant Articles Tool List

AMP & Instant Articles

AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages. How’s it affected you? Well, AMP-format web pages and advertisements have dramatically better efficiency and interaction levels than usual – they launch almost immediately, offering the consumer a much smoother experience. If your site takes a long time to launch, the quality of your content won’t matter, most users would exit before they see it.

Our list has all the tools to bring you to a new AMP nation. You’ll know how to publish AMPs — there are a couple items you ought to look out for — and you’ll get instructions explicitly designed to build AMP webpages.

Our page includes information on “Instant Articles.” That’s just how they look. They’re the latest way to post immersive news. What you need is: a website or forum, links to your HTML code, the logo of the company, a Facebook profile and some professional know-how. We hope you’ve got what it takes. Don’t miss this moment.

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