5 Ways to Think up a Great Domain Name That’s Still Available

by Jay | Updated on December 6th, 2020

Back in early 2000s. I thought I had lost the opportunity to get all the domains I wanted. Today, I am astonished just how creative people are, and the domain names that are popping up. I am not a mathematician, so I can’t say there are unlimited possibilities. But I can say, it’s up there.

Here are some tips for you to follow..

Help you get your idea and turn it into a domain name!

1. The End Product: Results

What do you want your customers to feel? What is the end result?

Think of Namecheap.com if you purchase a domain from them, you would feel comfortable knowing that you got a great deal. Although, Google Domain is a dollar or so cheaper. But the idea is to provide the customer a name they will feel something for.

Build100k.com for example provides people the opportunity to start building their business and making their first $100,000 online.

2. Puns, Pun intended, Pun not intended, maybe.

We are not in the 90s so don’t be so cheesy. But makes it short and memorable.

That is what millennials are all about.

For instance, the name Throwabanana.com (not taken at the time of writing this) can be used as a Guerrilla Warfare pun. You can use it as a Marketing Strategy company, and make it interesting. You can have a simple domain name, have your logo express the pun, or vice versa.

If you want to create an underwear company called Trunks.com and have an Elephant wearing trunks (please laugh)

More popular: WhatsApp

Be cautious using slang, but it can get the job done. If the word is not widely known, you might not get the attention you want. Check your slangs to see if it sounds derogatory.

hashtags words can be risky as the trends would slowly disappear. But if you can revive it, awesome.

4. Symbol means more.

Do not take this literally. You cannot add symbols to your domain name. Suppose you want your domain name to be geeky one. Pime.com (Pi 3.14) could be something interesting, symbolic and fun.

5. Based on real words.

“Google’s name is a play on the word googol, which refers to the number 1 followed by one hundred zeroes,” says the Press Center of the world’s most successful search engine. “The word was coined by the nine-year-old nephew of mathematician Edward Kasner,” it continues – providing another hint for creative naming: consult a kid.

Bonus Tip.

If .com, .net are all taken, there are some interesting generic top-level domains (gLTDs) are out there.

Happy Naming!


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