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5 Big Mistakes That Bloggers Make

by Jay | Updated on December 6th, 2020

So, you want to blog eh?

Blogging is a great way to provide content for your viewers and gain their attention. Whether you just entered into the blogging world or you’ve been blogging for some time. You might notice some obstacles, it will be worth your while to spend some time understanding the common mistakes that bloggers makes.

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Mistakes that make it hard for people to enjoy and provide them an amazing experience.

These are the five common blogging mistakes (Newbie or Amateur and Experience… well Everyone)

  1. Face Forward
  2. Goals beyond reach
  3. Focus
  4. Copy & Paste
  5. Ignoring what is important

Dive! Dive! Dive! Many bloggers are so anxious to get started that they dive in FACE FOWARD rather than dipping their toes first. Its a mistake going in uncharted territory we call “Blogosphere” i

Target your audience, Find your blog. Focus what you want to provide your audience. Most importantly, focus that reflects what you know and what you can do for your readers. Topics that are out of your range would not provide any insight and you might as well just talk out of your ass.

We are all mature adults, unless you are 13 years old who wants to make money for a living. Here is the honest truth…

There will be no censorship here. I am merely protecting the quality of content that and it is my passion to dissolve crappy ones.

Due diligence is key. You need to take the time to read millions of blogs (blogosphere) and do some note taking. What colors they use, graphics, layouts. What attracts you and what can you adapt? Make your blog as comfortable for you, as much as you possibly can. Your tone, visual presence is also what attracts your audience.


Establish your blog. Get a domain. Free or not, you do not want to change your address. Few readers will be annoyed by that and you’ve just lost their interest. Choose carefully what you are going to use. Some have more features than others, some features you might not want, and some you might need but not  right now.

You might want to use your own name or brand name. There are many factors for your decision. More important thing you need to know is how you want to be identified publicly. How your opinions or information is presented and how you want your readers to feel.

Everyone falls for “Get Rich Quick” feeling. If you come to blogging expecting instant results, too bad. There are thousands of blogs in the blogosphere that caters to the same audience. You need patience and tenacity. Write well, find a unique niche, create appealing headlines, promote tirelessly…. and then… possibly… they will come.


You might lose your focus and want to give up. You’ve lost focused and the particular reason why you created one in the first place. Readers will come and they will either be interested or won’t be. They might leave forever, or might come back. Do not change your tone because of the results you’ve witnessed. Stick to it and provide continuity.

Back to “Get Rich Quick” mentality. Creating more than one blog might spread you thin. If you can handle it, go for it. If not, well you just screwed yourself.

Copy and Pasting A.K.A Plagiarizing. Give credit where credit is due. Many bloggers are willing to share their hard work, give them what they deserve. If you are crediting yourself of an article that someone else wrote, that is not only illegal but inconsiderate, idiotic…. (Add all the synonyms, bad words here*)

Last but not least….

Go back to your focal point. If you’re plan is to get people to read your blog and make money some way, some how. Ignoring your reader is a no no.

Some people who read your blog will leave comments. Today, there are spammers everywhere. You need to keep on a lookout and give your audience the attention they are looking for. Your readers are gold. They will either praise you or ruin you. Whether the comment is negative or not, use it and take it into consideration. Respond to your readers comments; thank them, be appropriate and engage with them.


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No need to hire SEO experts anymore to fix your site technical SEO issues