SEO Audit Tool – Coming Soon

Developing an SEO audit tool is being postponed. I am currently working as a co-founder for SiteGuru, an SEO audit tool. Please check this tool out for the time being.

Coming Soon!

We use several SEO tools to help with our auditing process, optimization, implementation, planning, strategy. There’s no one tool you can use to help you with the process, we’ve been there. However, what we plan to do is create an SEO tool to help remove most of the obstacles that many SEO agencies go through, time.

Some of the SEO Tool features will include:

SEO Audit tool – An advanced auditing tool that checks for all your typical technical SEO audits

Content Audit tool – Is your content optimized for SEO?

Data storage – We keep track of all the changes you’ve made and refresh the new data and results. Compare the results of your implementation and how it impacted your rankings. You make the changes, we record it and test your SEO strategies and experiments.

Keyword Tracking Tool – Select the keyword(s) you want to track for each individual pages and see their daily performance. The keywords you can add or select from Google Search Console query index.

Alerts and Notifications – We keep track of your average performances, anything you want to alert that falls off the average performance, you can make the changes as soon as we detect them

We want to create this tool so that it does all the work of gathering all the data you need, sort them out, so you have the time to interpret the data and implement. The other part is to help you keep track of what you did and help you see the performance improvements so your efforts are always measured to help you maximize your SEO strategy to the fullest. Want to change the title tag and have us check the previous clicks, impression, CTR and compare it with the new? Did the ranking improve? Did you get more clicks?

We hope to get the beta ready 3rd quarter of this year and launch the software before the years end.